• K

    There’s a sign on their window that says they’re moving downstairs and plan to open this fall.

  • Andrew

    I think they’re moving downstairs. Bad for them because I’m sure they’ll lose business from people heading towards Amtrak and realizing they would enjoy a drink on the train.

  • Anonymous

    good. they were way over priced. but i never did remember to go to an outside liquor store prior to boarding my trains…so i guess good biz plan.

  • noodles

    How will the party car get the party started now? Oh, the humanity!

  • Wills

    It’s part of the general re-org of the mall inside Union Station … for the most part the new management is placing business in more logical locations. Moving the car rental desks next to the parking garage was one of the best of these changes.

    • Kev29

      Moving the beer/wine/liquor store catering to last minute train travelers far away from the train gates is logical? Now it’ll be closer to the Metro (can’t drink) and the 13 year olds in the food court.


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