Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – H St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth July 14, 2011 at 3:00 pm 20 Comments

This rental is located at 7th St NE at I St NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Spacious and sunny 2-level rowhouse just 1 block from hip-and-happening H Street corridor
Huge eat-in kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, tons of cabinets
Roomy LR for entertaining or hanging out
Large MBR upstairs with ceiling fan
2 other BR and full BA upstairs
Hardwood floors throughout
New windows, tons of natural light
Central heat and a/c
Driveway offers off-street parking for two cars
Large rear deck
Full-size washer + dryer

Great location – walk to Union Station and NY Ave metros, steps to bus lines and future streetcar, close to Capitol Hill, ATF, NoMa, Gallaudet, H Street, Atlas district, numerous restaurants, theater, nightlife. Perfect for Hill staffers and Gallaudet or Georgetown Law students.

Available furnished or unfurnished

$2300/mo + utils (gas, electric, water)
Available Aug 1
$30 application fee/$2300 security deposit + first month’s rent due at lease signing”

$2300/mo + utils (gas, electric, water) sound right for this 3 bed/1.5 bath? Could make a good group home?

  • Kalorini

    Sounds like it won’t last long! If I was looking for a rental, I’d jump on this one–wish it was for sale!

  • Katie

    I want it!!

  • Mike

    Wwwwaaayyyy under market. I wonder if these people might consider bumping up the price once they get a flood of inquiries from people offering to lease it sight-unseen.

  • Django

    I dunno. 3 people sharing 1 shower kinda sucks. “Hip and happening” maybe, but it’s still too close to Florida Ave/Trinidad, IMO.

    • A

      Agree with this – seems like the house would best-suited for 2 people – either roommates or a couple. But I think it’s priced to be in line with that as well.

    • PN

      I don’t like getting mugged either. I’d much rather move to Trinidad and just get caught in the crossfire between gang fights and deal with bullet wounds instead.

      I’m exaggerating, obviously, but I think it’s a stretch to say that Trinidad is markedly safer than any neighborhood. Personally, I wouldn’t live in Trinidad, Petworth, or CH if concern for my safety was my top priority. (And, in fact, it is and I don’t.)

      The house does look great and like a wonderful value.

      • Kev29

        I’d be much more concerned about safety in Columbia Heights than Near Northeast. Trinidad? Not so sure. These things can change pretty quickly, but right now I still think CH is sketchier.

        • PN

          I just feel that both are the types of neighborhoods where you would need to be overly concerned about your safety, regardless of which is worse. If you told someone you were considering moving to one, it might prompt a discussion about crime, safety, etc. If you told someone you were moving to Van Ness or the like, crime and safety would probably be among the last discussion points about the neighborhood. Maybe one neighborhood is more or less safe than the other, but neither would make me feel very comfortable.

  • NE

    that’s a good deal for an entire house + parking! walking distance to NY/Galludet metro and there’s a farmer market at H and 6th on Sat. I checked out The Flats (apartments above Teeter) and 2 beds/2bath go for $3100 w/out parking. parking was $200-$300 extra. granted it’s next door to the metro, but I’d prefer a house with a yard and more privacy.

  • SF

    Very, very good deal.

    “Hip and Happening”– this ad was apparently written by my mother.

    • Dan

      This made me laugh. And yes this is a great deal.

  • parkster

    This is a really good deal. Three years ago, I was paying 2400 + utils for a house on this block with two full baths and everything else the same as this listing, and there’s so much more to do there now. At the time, the H St activity was still further down and this stretch felt a bit isolated.

    There’s a shelter or something across the street. I gave the residents a public show a few times, stupidly not realizing that their windows had clear lines of sight into mine. And I was mugged a block from the house. Oh, the memories of my first months in DC.

  • Curious

    Am I right that this house would surely sell at a price that would require a mortgage payment of MORE than $2,300? If so, does it make any sense to offer it for rent rather than just sell it?

  • oh, i dunno….there are lots of other places, same size, same decor, that go for less than $2000/mo.

    • bs

      i hope thats sarcasm, cause if not i would love to see where.

  • Dizzy Comet

    @PN – While I appreciate your tone and reasoned response, I wonder if you have spent much (or any) time in Trinidad. It is pretty well documented that gang violence is what contributes to CH/Petworth’s crime rate, as well as the crime rate in Rosedale/Potomac Ave area. I’m not saying Trinidad is without crime – I am a resident, and I have witnessed it myself. However, the neighborhood isn’t “gang territory” the way other DC ‘hoods are. While Trinidad has (perhaps deservedly) a certain reputation, I don’t think its fair to make the neighborhood sound like war zone. (FWIW: I looked at Near Northeast, Columbia Heights, and Petworth when I was in the market to buy – and chose Trinidad, in part, because of neighborhood cohesiveness.)

    • PN

      You are correct that I am not personally or intimately familiar with Trinidad. Its reputation has helped to contribute towards that, but at the same time, there isn’t exactly a wealth of commercial activity there that would draw an outsider and seem worthy of a long trip (or at least that I’ve heard about). I didn’t intend to make the neighborhood sound like a war zone, and I hope that I did not come across that way; my initial post was meant to be facetious.

      My point was more that when discussing the neighborhoods you mentioned, I don’t think that ANY really scream, “This is a safe place!” and I thought it was a little silly to argue over which was worse. Comparing Trinidad to Van Ness is like comparing apples and oranges; they’re worlds apart. Comparing Trinidad to Columbia Heights is like comparing red apples and green apples; there may be some slight and perceptible differences, but they’re really pretty similar when it boils down to it. I just don’t feel that either is exactly very safe.

      I am glad that you are happy in Trinidad and that the community is what you wanted it to be. I genuinely hope that continues. I just know that personally, I place safety as probably my top priority in looking for housing, and well ahead of neighborhood cohesiveness, so none of the neighborhoods you’ve mentioned would appeal to me. Not saying I’m right and you’re wrong, but that’s just how I feel. Thanks for your tone and your reasoned response as well; it’s nice to be able to have a civilized conversation about a touchy topic.

    • You coldun’t pay me to ignore these posts!

  • RegO

    This is a great deal. I live a couple block North in TRINIDAD.

  • 1200BlockofFloridaNE

    I am in TRINIDAD and I can say that TRINIDAD is totally fine and I haven’t had any problems. Once again, this is TRINIDAD.


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