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  • Anonymous

    If they don’t have Barry White playing on repeat in that whip then something is wrong

    • textdoc


  • Anonymous

    Nice one, triple up when you get it out of state.

  • Anonymous

    Private detective Frank Cannon’s car in “Cannon” a CBS Quinn Martin production starring William Conrad in the early 1970’s with the first mobile telephone on television.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Conrad was good in that roll.

    Big silver lincoln continental and quite big himself eating haute cuisine in the private eye’s big penthouse apartment.



  • Anonymous

    I kid you not,

    in 1970’s Washington, D.C., I remember seeing guys (pimps) in those huge Lincoln Continentals with their interiors so big they could wear their feathered hats in them.

    They’d slowly pull up around 14th and U Streets and swagger about dressed up much like Cosmo Kramer here:


  • Anonymous

    Beautiful car. My grandmother had that same model. Could comfortably fit four kids in the back seat. We loved playing with the power seats in front (a mini joystick could move them up/down, front/back, etc).

  • Smoove T

    If that car were a dinosaur, it’d be an Apatosaurus.

  • That third photo is a nice shot: shows the clean lines, big proportions, and vast expanses of sheet metal.

    Nice car and all, but I’m glad my next-door neighbor doesn’t own one. It’s hard enough to get a spot in front of my house as it is!

  • Anonymous

    The only thing missing are the “steer horns” above the grill.

  • spookiness

    I’ve never seen steer horns on a Lincoln. Cadillacs yes, Lincolns, no. These things were massive though! Saw one just this weekend and was reminded of it.

  • MichelleRD

    went to the prom in my fly blue rental

  • Anon

    Saw the new owners proudly washing and polishing this beast on my ride home yesterday. Weekend city driving was made for old Dee-troit iron.

  • anonymous

    Sweet ride.


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