Ruff N Ready Furnishings Closing at 14th and T St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2011 at 4:30 pm 20 Comments

It’s no longer speculation. Thanks to all who sent in word. A couple weeks ago we spoke about where we’d like to see Ruff N Ready Furnishings reopen. Word on the street is that the owner is currently looking at 4 spaces “in the neighborhood”. I’m hearing that the last day at 1910 14th St, NW will be Aug. 31st.

  • M

    How much is his rent now in that building? Or does he own it? Does anyone know his story?

    • Anonymous

      Does anyone know if the Municipal Deli down the street is still operating rent-free? I thought they were getting evicted.

      • ReneeB

        Yes. I want to know about this too. If they were truly interested in staying in business, they would be open on the weekends and after 6pm on weekdays.

  • Anonymous

    there’s an anonymous poster here that’s going to be getting 125% off!

  • quincycyclist
  • Bloomies

    The photo of the “eviction” does not seem right. What is on the sidewalk is not even a fraction of what was housed in that place!

    • gk

      + 1,000!!

  • Cait B

    Any news on what their hours will be during the sale? I’d love to stop by after work some evening this week.

    • OrlyNowai

      Ha! Still only weekends 10-6. They’ll be there until August 31.

  • PetworthiaN

    Taylor Gourmet is supposed to be going in that space. So glad to have them in the neighborhood! As for Ruff n Ready, I always felt like I needed a Silkwood shower after being in there so I won’t be missing it much.

  • Ben

    According to a source who was on-hand and spoke directly with the landlord, it is indeed an eviction. I don’t know whether it has been independently confirmed, but that certainly seems to be the case.

  • 5th street n.e

    What about opening a place on H street ?

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        How about inside the original Taylor location? The irony would certainly be more delicious then the hoagies.

  • Anon

    I believe the last day at the Reeves for the Deli and the Gallery will be August 31.

    The no late hours is a building policy that will need to be addressed if the building is seeking new tenants for the spaces. However, I do believe there are hvac issues being tied into the existing systems.

  • Jay’O

    Furnished our whole house with Ruf’N Ready antiques about 6 years ago. Picked up a great, solid oak table with 6 matching chairs for $400. Also got a nice oak buffet, and marble pieces.

    Seems like they have not been able to get quality stuff like that recently. Hopefully, with their new location, they can get some more quality stuff.

    While it had gotten too moldy in their for me, will miss the commercial diversity they contributed to the corridor.

  • esha25

    I could never seem to get in there due to my hours and the hours that the store was opened, but I have been meaning to go in there. I really like the diversity that RnR brought to the neighborhood, and sorry to see it go.

  • Nico Rico

    Spoke with Bill at RnR, the eviction was a tenant from an apartment upstairs from RnR. Some of the stuff on the sidewalk came from RnR over the years, hence the resemblance to shop merch. Bill never owned this building, nor the old T Street Post Office building, he always leased the spaces. No word where he’ll relocate, or if he will. He’s not looking for such a large space next time around. Most restaurants plan and finance the build-out of their commercial spaces, and the property owner is the beneficiary of an improved space whether or not the restaurant succeeds. Taylor Deli has a massive job here. The site may have historic district protection, so restoration may be the only option here.


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