Potbelly’s Coming to Former Up Against The Wall Retail Space at 2301 Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 4, 2011 at 10:22 pm 25 Comments

Up Against the Wall clothing closed back in June ’10 and this prime retail space has been vacant ever since. This whole strip of retail on the 2300 block of Georgia Ave near Howard University has seen numerous vacancies.

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I’m happy to see this prime corner space get a tenant.

  • profchris

    I always found it sad for the students that they have been stamped with these stereptypically ghetto nonbusinesses on that strip, or that McDonalds was a cultural -off campus focal point. Some of that is the University’s fault.

    Hey it’s only a Potbelly, but it’s a start.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      I was disappointed that FUBU didn’t set up shop instead.

    • Jack Momma

      China Wonder will kill them all!! Best Chinese restaurant I know, and I’ve been to them all. Happy to see this though, they need a 7-11 there, they used to have gas stations in the area also, Howard needs to build hi-rise garages instead of those shoddy parking lots and put more retail in with courtyards, then maybe they’ll be on their way to prosperity instead of being a dated University.

  • Tres

    I’m not in love with Potbelly’s, but this is a great development. Don’t see how this location doesn’t make bajillions of dollars. I’ll stop here randomly every once and awhile to grab a quick sub and overhear dimly recalled versions of student hook up stories, I imagine.

  • David

    Potbelly. Not Potbelly’s. (s, ‘s Nazi here. Carry on)

    • NE DC

      Potbelly’s. Not Potbelly. As in, “Potbelly is coming.” It’s a contraction. (American here. (The Nazis spoke German, and apparently did’t know about ‘s rules).

      • +1
        Ruby Tuesday not Ruby Tuesday’s
        Ellwood Thompson not Ellwood Thompson’s or Ellwood’s

        • Kerry

          What about Kabob’s Burgers?

    • Andy(2)

      Plus AP style would forbid using an apostrophe in a headline for a contraction.

      • Hispanic and Proud

        Andy 2 is right.

    • Anon

      Potbellies’ is awesome.

      • OK, I laughed out loud at that one. :)

  • Anonymous

    I wish they’d put a Potbelly and a Dunkin Donuts further up Georgia Ave.

  • max dc

    Is that enar the Target’s and Best Buy’s?

    • Anonymous


  • Jason

    Wonderful news. Georgia needs any and all the development it can get.

    • textdoc


  • Petworth

    Nice! I love Potbelly.

  • Sleepy

    It’s kind of pathetic how DC can’t get a decent college neighborhood going, either in the city or out. Georgia ave is an embarrasment. As is College Park. GW has little going on. Georgetown at best has a few college like establishments scattered among the upscale. I know this isn’t Madison or Charlottesville or Austin, but still It would be nice if one neighborhood near one the area’s universities could look the part.

    • Anonymous

      u street is a college neighborhood.
      used to be very much so.

      h street is also a college neighborhood.

    • Kev29

      Most major cities do not have decent college neighborhoods attached to universities. Nice college towns are usually ones where the university dominates the economy (Madison, Eugene, Chapel Hill, etc). Universities here are just bit players and students can get on the Metro and leave their neighborhoods easily. Who cares about Georgia Ave when you can walk to U St in three minutes?

      • Anonymous

        I agree with all your points except the last one – “who cares about Georgia Ave?” Yes, the campus is close to U St, but Georgia Ave really needs to pick up the pace of development. There is so much potential there for growth and it is a shame that such a well travelled corridor in our city is such a dump. I really don’t think it will remain the way for too long, especially with the development going on around and south of the Georgia Ave metro stop, but I definitely think it is worthwhile development.

  • They have broken ground on new building @ Shaw / Howard Metro. Street improvements are progressing on Sherman. The park has been renovated. Howard theatre renovations continue. Howard should partner up with a developer (like CUA / ABDO) to develop the one level parking lot on Sherman near Banneker Park. They could easily do 3 – 4 levels of parking with 3 – 4 levels of housing on top. That is a great location very walkable to U Utreet. It could be a big spark for GA Ave., the spark the Howard Town center was supposed to be.

    BTW – What is the latest on the Howard Town Center?

  • dcgirl53

    This is great news! Hopefully we will get more great things in the remaining open spaces! Excellent news!

  • The Real Jason

    There is a subway right up the block. Should be an interesting showdown. There was a Five Guys on this corner that couldn’t compete with the student perpetual empty pocket friendly Dollar menu of the McDonalds.


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