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  • Anonymous

    there are no atheists in foxholes…er, metro.

  • SSRS

    “I’ll catch the baby, Michael!”

  • Mt P-ing

    “Dear god, please let the next metro train have AC”

  • Pennyworth

    thank you, based god!

  • Praise Ceiling Cat!

  • kellib

    She prays to the escalator gods for sparing her flip flops.

  • Shawn F

    Now where did that TSA agent go?

  • Praise the lord. Hallelujah. The Dupont escalator is working.

  • Sam

    So this is the debt ceiling everyone is talking about!

    • Anonymous


  • b

    Trust falls onto Metro tracks never go poorly…

  • andy

    Who needs working escalators? Up, up, and AWAY!!!

  • John

    If Boehner and Obama can’t agree on how to raise the debt ceiling…I WILL!

  • JB

    So that’s what a debt ceiling looks like! Whoa!

  • Herb

    Billy, how many times do I have to tell you–no owling in the Capitol!

  • Me

    This vertical planking isn’t so hard

  • MJ

    Impromptu trust fall in the metro.

  • anonimouse

    The excessive heat seems to have impaired my Spider-man web slingers. How in the heck will I get out of Foggy Bottom metro?

  • DubyaStreet

    The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you! I need an old priest and a young priest!

  • srex

    Breathe arms up to the sun now exhale slowly to downward dog.

  • SH

    Free Bikram yoga, un-air-conditioned Metro style.

  • Grant

    Lord Metro! All honor to HIS name!

  • PG

    I am Cornholio! I need tp for my bunghole!

  • ML

    They tried to make her take the MARC train, she said NO NO NO!

    • Anonymous

      too soon

  • Dan


  • Oh,Oh,O Street

    Hail Metro, full of passengers,
    peak-of-peak is with thee.
    Blessed art thou who stand to the right,
    and blessed is the A/C of thy cars, seriously.
    Holy Metro, cause of my delays, I pray for the escalators, now and until I move within biking distance of my office.

    • Annony


  • sunchix

    All must bow to the great WMATA! Bless us, Oh, Metro!

  • Nick

    I think the odd thing is that no one else noticed

    • anonimouse

      they are purposefully averting their eyes… maybe she failed to shave…

  • JW

    All Hail the Orange Line to Vienna. Hallowed be thy name.

  • Sean

    With Heatpacolypse nigh, Laura suddenly remembers that the H. in Jesus’ name stands for “Hydration.”

  • Anonymous

    Stand Back! I am a FEDERAL ATTORNEY !

  • PG

    It’s fun to stay at the Y, M, C, A…

  • DCRealist

    With the telltale orange ink exploded in her handbag, the yuppie bandit surrendered to the police officer standing on the platform overhead, one more bank robber off the streets. Hats off to MPD for its excellent work.

  • Mark from MtP

    Lucy didn’t realize that “First time riding Metro?” was a rhetorical question.

  • RE

    After being stopped by WMATA transit police.

    “I swear it was only water!”

  • Anonymous

    While waiting in a long lines at the DMV, Judy often liked to pretent that she was on a roller coaster.

  • Guy

    Nicole braces for the impact of the debt ceiling.

  • textdoc

    Preparing to backflip into the train tracks, avoid the third rail, and bounce off the side wall.

    Now THAT’s what I call parkour.

  • Anonymous

    WMATA, it’s a spiritual thing!

  • Chrisd

    Tea Party members arrive in Washington to show to everyone how to raise the debt ceiling.

  • CM

    If I lift up my arms high enough maybe I wont have pit stains by time I get to work!

  • B

    “….Shiny Happy People…….everybody now….Shiinnny Happy…!”

  • Chalk

    Flash mob trust fall edition

  • TW

    Look at me, I’m planking! Right? No? Oh…

  • Ashley

    Raise the debt ceiling THIS high.

  • PETE

    Dear God – please, for the love of all that is holy, FIX THE FRIGGIN ESCALATORS! Amen.

  • McIntosh

    There’s no place like home, there’s no place like (….click heels 3x)

  • McIntosh

    Soaking in the A/C and airing dry the armpits in case the
    A/C is out.

  • McIntosh

    Calgon take me away!

  • Thomas

    “Wait is that what I think it is…holy cow, its a Palestinian chicken spot. Finally, what my stomach has been craving for a week is finally here.”

  • krod

    The effects of the recession have reached the Mime community, whose “stuck in a box” bit sadly doesn’t resonate without the face paint.

  • McIntosh

    Ten more sun salutations and I can skip yoga class tonight…serenity now!

  • JT

    Please, no…not another One City logo!

  • thomas

    “naw….hell naw, there playin’ my jam!!! V.S.O.P….UCB even representin WMATA”

  • Jackson

    “It’s almost level but the left corner of the enormous, tacky and obnoxiously redundant Living Social banner needs be lowered just a smidge.

  • DNice

    Beam me up, Scotty.

  • McIntosh

    Fruitless attempt at starting “The Wave”.

  • ken

    Hippie Little had said one too many times for anyone to listen… “Look everyone, the debt ceiling is falling! The debt ceiling is falling!”


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