• Meg

    I so wanted to go to this weekend, but I’m pregnant and it was way too hot. Sad :(

  • Veronika

    re-enactments are so weird. sorry.

    • Abby Normal

      +1 I think they are not only weird but how embarrassing to want to re-enact a war over slavery. ugh

      • anon

        It’s a tad bit more complex than that.

        • Anonymous

          because slavery is such a simple thing? the war was due to slavery.
          if the south had abolished slavery when most of the north did, there would not have been a civil war.

          • anon

            Please research a little more history into the politics of the civil war. Of course slavery was a major issue; however, the right of the state versus the federal government was the real cause. If there were no civil war, today a state with any issue with the federal government would simply try to secede. With or without slavery there would have been some disagreement between states over the constitution which would prompt one or more to dissolve the precious Union and weaken the new country. The Civil War taught the country to work things out politically instead of fighting each other through a long, horrific, and bloody war. The constitution was simply theory and held little sway before the war, because if a state were in dissagreement about anything they could simply just secede. The Civil War created The United States of America. Before the war people would say “The United States are…” After the war people would say ” The United States is…”

          • elcal

            Yes, let’s say “complex” when really we mean simplifying this to states’ rights. And what rights were those? The right to keep slavery, of course. They tried the political process, but that led to mass immigration to the proposed new state of Kansas (cf. Bloody Kansas) to tip the vote in free or slave state favor. The only infringed state right that drove this country to full on war was slavery. Bloody Kansas is perfect proof of that: a small-scale civil war based 100% on the issue of slavery. Sure, you can right say states’ rights were at stake, but let’s all be honest about what right was being debated.

  • o2bncdg

    Is it my eyes?? These 2 pics almost look 3D !! Excellent photography.

  • Sully

    I work on the battlefield site and the history of this battle is quite interesting. The first battle fought actually was an accident between two confederate regiments (South Carolina and New Orleans).


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