Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user ianseanlivingston

I’ve been flirting with doing a series like this for quite a while. I’m subscribed to a lot of neighborhood listservs and it always cracks me up how different the subjects are. I almost started this series a few weeks ago when unopened pretzels were offered on the Cleveland Park listserv. But the contrast from yesterday was too great to resist. In Columbia Heights we were discussing multiple shootings and in the 5D listserv there was talk about a Barricade situation (which was peacefully resolved) and on the Cleveland Park listserv:

“This is a longshot: Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced, but good, place for a woman’s haircut in Paris, especially if it is near the Latin Quarter. Thanks so much.”

In fairness some listservs are specifically focused on crime issues but that message gave me a much needed smile. And if anyone hears of any unopened pretzels for the taking, please let me know!


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