New Capital Bikeshare Stations Announced

by Prince Of Petworth July 27, 2011 at 11:00 am 53 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

From DDOT:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) today announced the locations for 32 new Capital Bikeshare stations to be installed in the fall of 2011. It will be the first major expansion of the system in the District since Capital Bikeshare launched last September. Following weeks of planning and extensive community input, DDOT will install the new stations and expand the size of selected existing stations to better meet demand, while also adding 265 additional bicycles to the system. Additionally, DDOT will install the already planned Capital Bikeshare stations at 6th and H Street, NE and Foggy Bottom Metro.

List of NEW Stations:

· 3rd Street and G Street, SE

· 4th Street and E Street, SW

· 5th Street SE between Alabama and Martin Luther King Avenue, SE

· 6th Street and Florida, NE

· 7th Street and Maryland Avenue, NE

· 7th Street and R Street, NW

· 11th Street and H Street, NE

· 16th Street and Euclid Street, NW

· 17th Street and Rhode Island Ave, NW

· 18th Street and Pennsylvania Ave, NW

· 19th Street and New Hampshire Avenue, NW (Dupont South)

· 38th Street, SE at Pennsylvania Ave – Fairfax Village (INSTALLED TODAY)

· 3000 Connecticut. NW – National Zoo

· 4500 Benning Road, NE (Benning Road Metro Station)

· Calvert Street and 39th Street, NW (Stoddert Recreation Center)

· Columbia Road and Belmont Road, NW
· Alabama Avenue at 13th Street, SE – Congress Heights Metro

· Florida Avenue and California Street, NW

· Gallaudet University – 1st Street and Michigan, NW

· Georgia Avenue and Columbia Road, NW

· Good Hope Road and Minnesota Avenue, SE

· M Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

· Maryland Avenue and Independence Avenue, SW (at 6th Street)

· Massachusetts Avenue and 15th Street, SE

· New Jersey Avenue and D Street, SE

· Rhode Island Avenue and 1st Street, NW

· Anacostia Avenue at Benning Road, NE – River Terrace

· Thomas Circle at 14th Street, NW

· Tingey Street and 3rd Street, SE (Yards Park )

· Upshur Street and 14th Street, NW

· Upshur Street and Georgia Avenue, NW

· W Street and Martin Luther King Avenue, SE

Stations to be expanded after the jump.

List of current stations slated to expand:

· 4th Street and M Street, SW

· 7th Street and Water Street, SW – SW Waterfront

· 11th Street and Kenyon Street, NW

· 13th Street and D Street, NE

· 13th Street and H Street, NE

· 14th Street and Rhode Island Ave, NW

· 14th Street and V Street, NW

· 16th Street and Harvard Street, NW

· 16th Street and U Street, NW

· 21st Street and I Street, NW

· C and O Canal and Wisconsin Ave, NW

· Calvert Street and Woodley Place, NW

· Eastern Market Metro / Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street, SE

· Lamont Street and Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

· Lincoln Park / 13th and East Capitol Street, NE

· Massachusetts Avenue and Dupont Circle, NW

· Metro Center / 12th Street and G Street, NW

· Park Road and Holmead Place, NW

  • New

    Disappointing not to see a station at 1st and Rhode Island NW.

    • KenyonDweller

      That site is on the list.

    • Elle


      · New Jersey Avenue and D Street, SE

      · Rhode Island Avenue and 1st Street, NW

      · Anacostia Avenue at Benning Road, NE – River Terrace

    • Anon

      Its actually at Rhode Island and 1st, NW. Dont worry, you can still go to Chinese Dragon, get your single cig, hop on a bike and get to anywhere you want.

  • SC

    I am so happy to hear about the station going in by the zoo!

    • back door

      There is already one right by the zoo at the mt pleasant side, in case you don’t wanna wait!

  • New

    Ugh…reading skills are lacking this morning! Really excited about the station at 1st and Rhode Island.

  • Anon

    What happened to the station at 14th and Clifton? It was one of the most popular proposed stations, getting a lot of votes in the online contest and many votes at the public forum.

    • Agreed!!!!! I was really looking forward to having a station near my house!

    • d


    • Shawn


      Am very happy to see Georgia and Columbia Road though!

  • Anonymous

    Park Road and Holmead Place, NW? There is a rack right in front of the Giant. Are they moving it a few feet?

    • Eyeless in Gaza

      That IS the one at Giant.

    • P’worth

      that’s the expansion part of the list

  • Chris Marchand

    This is terrific news, but where is all the money coming from for these expansions? Are bikeshare revenues high enough to fund the new bikes and stations? I thought the District was facing a budget crisis.

    • P’worth

      Well, it’s a public-private partnership, and they had at least planned to take in $500k/yr through advertising at the stations. Beyond that, the original DC share (it’s tandem with VA municipalities) was funded by a DOT grant for $6 million. So we didn’t actually pay our share, the fed gov. did. Wikipedia says that “Arlington County’s operating cost share of the plan was US$835,000 for the first year, funded by public contributions including a grant from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation as well as subsidies from Arlington County Transportation, Crystal City Business Improvement District, and the Potomac Yard Transportation Management Association.

      So that doesn’t answer your question, but uh… well.. it’s just more information. IDK. We are, in fact, in the middle of a budget crisis.

    • D

      Panic and call your delegate. These things will bankrupt you and all decent tax-paying Christians. Crisis! Bikes! Crisis!

  • SpringSt

    Park Rd. and Holmead station is being expanded. The list is split between new stations and current stations to be expanded.

  • Em

    Only ONE station for SW? At least we are getting some expansion at the existing 4th & M and 7th & Water racks, too.

    • Em

      Oops, missed the Maryland & Independence location in SW. Okay, we get 1/16 of the new stations…

      • JohnDC

        You dont use the stations you have now. Look at the ridership levels.. Somebody checks out a bike every day or two. Use it and you’ll get more.

        • Em

          You should be the one checking ridership levels before you spout off that “somebody checks out a bike every day or two” (for reference on usage levels, look at the past 24 hours on oobrien). SW has only 4 stations to begin with (many fewer than any other quadrant): 12th & Independence, 4th & M, 7th & Water, and 7th & C. As a regular rider at these stations, I can attest to the fact that they are well-used (CaBi must think so, too, since two of the stations are on the expansion list).

          • Anonymous

            I’m all in favor of every area getting more. But complaining that SW gets fewer than other quadrants isn’t entirely reasonable – SW is by far the smallest quadrant. Not to say that there aren’t underserved areas in SW (and in other quadrants) though…

        • Austin DC

          Em is right, those stations are not the busiest, but according to the Capital Bikeshare Dashboard, they are far from under used. 12th and Independence SW had over 2,800 arrivals last month.

          Also, I’m stoked for the expansion. I think DDOT employees are smokin’ hot.

  • Kyle W

    What about Sherman Circle? We now have 14th and Decatur. 14th and Upshur, Georgia and Upshur, and Georgia and New Hampshire. Would love if they can keep moving north a bit. Would help the redevelopment of upper Georgia Ave if it is bike accessible as well.

    • JMC

      Ditto for Brightwood please. Georgia & Kennedy would be great.

      • Kyle W

        How about one at Georgia and Decatur/Crittenden or Sherman Circle, one at Georgia & Kennedy, and one at 5th and Kennedy. How about one at New Hampshire and Allison, and you have the entire neighborhood of Petworth covered. There is a lot of people who live up here!

        • caballero

          I live near the areas you mention, and as much as I like the idea of having more bikes, housing density is actually pretty low in those parts.

          • Kyle W

            Those four stations mentioned would put a station within 3 or so blocks of virtually the entire neighborhood. As far as density, the entire area is rowhouses. Rowhouses are actually quite dense. A ton of people live in the 100 or so square blocks. Also a good many low-income people, many of whom would likely welcome an alternative to the bus.

            Here is hoping CaBi just keeps moving a couple more stops north of Columbia Heights and Petworth Metro.

            I love the ad on the side of the building at Kennedy and Illinois. The nearest CaBi is like 13 blocks from there. Maybe a precursor to something better?

        • Not quite Petworth not quite Brightwood

          I too live in this area. I am also disappointed that there are not any bikeshare stations nearby. I also agree that there are tons of diverse people who live here from homes, condos,and group houses that would utilize the program. Everytime I wait at 5th & Kennedy for a bus- that stop is packed with folks.

  • Kalorini

    Are there site plans for these new stations anywhere? I’m having a hard time picturing where these new stations will be at the intersections listed.

    • Anony

      Same here. The press release said a map will be released shortly on DDOT’s website.

  • caballero

    Great news about Upshur and Georgia. But where is it going exactly? In front of the library makes sense, but it might be better on the east side of Georgia.

    • P’worth

      The library is more Georgia/Kansas, I think. I would imagine it will go in the median area where the bus stop and all those benches are. I’m just guessing though.

  • Whoa_now

    So they still left Stanton Park off the list? is that right?

    • Closer!

      7th Street and Maryland Avenue, NE is only a block away :)

  • me


  • Will

    The revenues from the first 9 months of bikeshare are contributing to this expansion, as are funds from the ballpark area parking revenue fund (if not familiar with this, a portion of the funds raised from stadium parking revenues must be spent on community benefits for the neighborhoods most affected by stadium traffic impacts, so they are getting additional stations in SE and SW), and finally, the original source of funding for the program, federal congestion mitigation & air quality (CMAQ)will be used.

    • Andy(2)

      I think they should look to London and sell advertisement space on the rear mud-flap to fund expansion. I’m sure Capital One or some Beltway Bandit would pay decent money for ad space on all the CaBi bikes.
      With that money they could increase the number of bikes and if problems related to distribution arise they’d have the funds to remedy that.

      • think small

        They can’t even get permission to advertise at the docks!

  • D

    Excited about the two locations on Upshur.

  • SF

    H Street & environs scored big. Thank God– I’m sick of getting dockblocked.

  • GroovyRooster

    These new stations and also expansions of current stations should really help alleviate the problems of no bikes in the morning/ no docks at night in the Mt Pleasant/Adams Morgan area. I’m really impressed with the upgrade plans.

  • FD

    What about expanding the one in Mount Pleasant? It’s always empty when you want to get a bike.

    • KA

      Lamont and Mt. P are on the expansion list.

    • Mary Kate

      Unless you consider “Lamont Street and Mt. Pleasant Street, NW” somehow outside of Mt. Pleasant, you seem to have gotten your wish.

  • Anon

    I wonder if GGW will be preparing an expose on this because they would have done it a bit differently and because of that, this is the worst idea ever.

    • Anonymous

      Someone really needs to start a GGW parody site. So much material there.

  • RH

    Question for CaBi users: Is there a limit for how many bikes you can use in an hour? For example, if I’m riding in traffic, and I’m not going to make my 30 min cut-off, can I dock at one station and then take out another bike from the same station?

    • D

      No, there is no limit on the number of bikes you can use per hour, so you would not be charged for docking then departing from the same station. In fact, you can take the very same bike out (no need to adjust another seat).

    • Anony

      It usually won’t let you take another bike for a few minutes though. So, if someone else is waiting you’ll have to give them the bike first.

      It’s not very long, maybe 1-3 minutes.

  • Pennyworth

    more sweaty hipsters?

    *kanye shrug

  • Jackie

    14th & Kennedy/Colorado, please!!!! There’s a big open piece of sidewalk on the NE corner just waitin’ to be used, and the closest existing location is @ 14th & Buchannan. Tons of “housing density” too. Just do it already!


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