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New 95-unit Residential Building Proposed for 15th and V St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 5, 2011 at 1:30 pm 40 Comments

Rendering courtesy of Jair Lynch Development Partners

Thanks to a reader for sending a link to a Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association story:

Jair Lynch Development Partners, developer of Solea Condominium just a few blocks away, is proposing a 95-unit, 9-story residential building at the corner of 15th and V Street NW. The building, designed by WDG Architecture PLLC, is proposed on a portion of the existing parking lot for the Paul Lawrence Dunbar Apartment Complex which is home to affordable housing for senior citizens.

What do you think of the rendering (the building in the center)?

  • Anonymous

    Looks shockingly nice. Better than anything else I’ve seen proposed in the area recently (especially the hideous Solea).

    This is also a great use of the surface parking lot. I also hear Jair Lynch will be renovating the Senior housing building (he purchased it last year). So it’ll be a win-win.

  • 14th St 4ever

    I thought there was talk of a new restaurant going in on the corner of 14 and V? If I’m looking at this rendering correctly, this would swallow up both the AM PM Carry Out and part of Martha’s Table? Interesting, very interesting…

    • Eli

      15th and V, not 14th and V.

  • Eli

    Typical of our times, better than the one next door, and certainly better than a surface lot. Overall, probably a plus.

  • me

    Love that the blocks of V and W between 15th and 14th are going to be fixed up. It is a hole, and I get harassed almost every time I walk those blocks.

    • indc

      Yeah, I totally agree. And very happy this new development is going in.

  • 14th St 4ever

    Right, but that church is on the East side of 15th, and the only things between the church and 14th St. are the parking lot, the carry out, and Martha’s Table. This rendering makes it look like this development would fill up all of those spaces.

    • Timmy

      You’re thinking of the wrong corner. This is the parking lot on the SE corner of 15th and V, directly across the street from the church. There’s a nice site plan if you click through to the Meridian Hill site.

      • 14th St 4ever

        That makes much more sense, thanks. The space formerly known as the AM PM Carry Out I could care less about, but would have been sad to see Martha’s Table go…

  • Ace in DC

    Looks great! One more surface parking lot down, 1,825 more to go!

  • Kate

    But it looks exactly like every other new residential development in DC. It’s a perfectly inoffensive style of architecture, but it’s starting to get really, really boring.

    • steve

      I have a feeling that in a few years, this exact style of architecture will be another trend we wished never happened… like those 60s or 70s square brick apartment buildings that now look horrible all over dc.

      • Anonymous

        +1000. In addition to the dated design, I’m not so sure a lot of the materials being used in this style of architecture are going to withstand the test of time without looking like crap in a few decades.

        Look at the extensive use of aluminum panels and trim from the 1940s onward. With few exceptions, it has not weathered well at all, and just looks dirty and old.

  • Ward One Resident

    The church has a pretty significant history and is a fairly nice design. Would have been nice if the building could have reflected that a bit more instead of being yet another boring (yet fairly inoffensive) steel and glass structure. Snooze…

    That rendering also is really correct because there is not that much greenspace on the northwest corner of that intersection. The intersection will feel way less open than how it appears in the rendering.

    • Ward One Resident

      Meh, I meant the rendering is incorrect…sheesh. My fingers have a case of the Tuesdays.

    • greent

      That’s what I was thinking most – that the rendering is wrong. This rendering completely takes out the Wakefield Hall Apts, as if that triangle is an open park and not a big apt building.

      9 stories. Egads. Yeah progress.

    • anon

      yeah, there is NO green space on that corner. I think the building that is on the corner is 8 or 9 stories high. It’s going to be a lot of tall buildings. Will the intersection start to feel like downtown?

      • Anonymous

        I would say that in the bigger picture it is downtown

        • greent

          No, it is not. U St is not downtown.. or what people now call Penn Quarter. Pffft. penn quarter.

  • Jon

    Looks amazing for affordable housing.

    I’m not sure how much good it can do for the area to have more affordable housing, but I guess new affordable housing must be better than old affordable housing. If done right, it could potentially be a wonderful asset to the general area.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it is going to be affordable housing. It sounds like the one existing building will remain affordable housing for seniors, but this one will be market rate? I hope at least…

  • CH Resident

    How is “affordable” defined?

    • greent

      Depends on the housing, but usually there are different rental rates based upon “pay grades” with a cap at the highest level of income accepted.

  • vst

    As a resident of the red building in the rendering, I think I’m going to vomit. 9 STORIES is a monstrosity :( It doesn’t blend with the block at all….

    • Chris

      I know you are probably joking about the height. But, it matches the height of the current building. Plus, just to the right of the red rowhouses is a 7-story building, and the park in the foreground is actually a 9-story apartment building in real life.

      • vst

        Yes, the height was sarcasm. The building in front of the church on 15th actually matches the block. I don’t think the new proposed building is a good fit for this corner. Replacing the empty space/lot is wonderful though it should be an appropriate building.

        • spookiness

          No HPRB-speak weaseling. What’s “appropriate” and why is this not appropriate.

          • vst

            If you’ve been to that intersection you will notice that most of the buildings have are either brick or have a small neighborhood feel. EVEN the existing 8 story in front of the church. The proposed building is glass and aluminum which will look dated 10 years after it goes up.I agree the space should be used but the builders should atleast consider where they are inserting their “work”.

    • Scott

      Uh-oh..looks like we got our first NIMBY starting to cry that they don’t want a big building or GASP…people coming to their perfect little neighborhood parking lot

      • Maybe a more accurate definition of NIMBY is “Nicer In My back Yard.”

      • vst

        Really? NIMBY? Very cute. Again, I am excited about the development…just not the architecture.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all for this, a city is no place for surface parking. It’s just too bad “architecture” has been reduced to a pile of rectangles… oh well.

  • DC_Union_Thug

    I live in Wakefield Hall, the building that should be in the foreground of this photo. Overall this seems like a great idea. Even the same old DC condo building we’ve been seeeing for the last few years will be better than a parkign lot, imo.

    Personally I’m hoping we’ll soon see something at that corner folks talked about above (14th and V) Also getting the last 1/4 block of sidewalk (north side of V towards the old AM/PM site) replaced would be great. It’s awful now.

  • Enough

    This rendering makes it appear there is a park on the NW corner instead of a large apt. bldg. Adding a 8-9 story bldg will definitely create clausterphobia. There is currently substantial green space between the sidewalk and the parking lot/Sr. facility. Construction abutting the sidewalk will delete the green and change the entire complexion of a block which still retains some character. Set the bldg back, reduce the size and retain the green, anything else is unacceptable. Don’t let the poor planning at the bottom of the park on FL Ave be repeated!!

    • vst

      YES, YES, YES!! Thank you, so many valid points :)

    • greent

      Agreed! Any remaining green space is going to be inside the area for residents only, and the street will be one big box after another. Like 14th St from FL to U now is.

      So nice and homey… not. And not much of an improvement on the vacant car lots that used to be on 14th there.

      If not for MXMHPark, this area would have ZERO green space (that isn’t a school, hence not for public use).

      But progress is progress. Goodness, I hope the interwebs are still around when the current 20-30 year olds turn 45.

  • Enough

    PS – The “perfect little neighborhood parking lot” is gated and belongs to the Senior Facility where most of the cars belong to Seniors and handicapped individuals. After The Roosevelt went private this must be one of the only remaining Sr. Bldg’s around. I had to assist several residents park their cars on 15th Street a few years ago when they were repaving the lot…It’ll be interesting to see the dynamic of all those elderly drivers trying to park on the street once their spaces are gone.

  • not so much

    i guess no one is going to mention how ghetto that block is so i will just go right on and say it.

    the public housing on V closer to 14th street is nothing but trouble. i once witnessed a kid who crashed a vespa he had stolen into that sign next to the church. he then ran towards the public hosing, jumped the fence and off he went. i happily pointed out his location when the cops who had been following him finally arrived.

    i’m sure all of the fine residents of that public housing complex would warmly welcome a new crop of people to rob.

  • Anonymous

    I get the feeling that some people commenting have no idea we live in a city and not a suburb. Claustrophobia? That street is sixty to eighty feet wide and it’s a nine story building. This isn’t some cul-de-sac. In cities, we build things close together in case you hadn’t noticed. PS, that red building is god-awful to look at. Sorry to the commenter who lives there.

  • Meridian Hill Res

    It’s a terrible idea. 2112 NH Ave. is my least favorite building in DC right near there, it blocks the view from the top of the park. There’s so much construction going on near 14th and FL, now the other side of my block will be a loud mess for a few years. Great.


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