Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – U St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2011 at 3:00 pm 16 Comments

This rental is located at Vermont Ave NW & V St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Small studio apartment in sunny English basement

1 block from U Street metro

Washer/dryer in unit

Small kitchenette includes sink, stove, refrigerator; no oven or dishwasher

Walk-in closet

Partially furnished includes bed, mattress, wardrobe, loveseat, mirror”

$1100 sound right for this studio?

  • seems pretty on pitch, if not a deal. Studios can command a bit more money.

  • Jane

    It looks pretty great to me. I’d rather have an oven, but for that price, that location and actual sunlight in an English basement, I’d call it a steal!

  • jm

    unfortunately I think it is a great deal to sleep under a staircase for $1100 at this location.

  • don

    Are you effing kidding me? Not a deal. Partially furnished is gross and this should be listed as a bachelor or efficiency apartment. Looks like the current resident is using the stairs as storage – not a good sign.

  • K

    I just moved from a studio in an apartment building at 16th and U, so just a few blocks away from the Metro. I didn’t have a W/D in the unit, but the kitchen was seperated from the rest of the living space (and it had a stove AND an oven), plus I also had a great walk-in closet. It was 1070, all utilities. This is so NOT a deal.

    • TheRube

      Mind saying which building? Also, was that rent from more than a year ago? Was the studio tiny? That’s a pretty phenomenal deal for that area so I just want to make sure there’s nothing fishy before I get my hopes up that my current studio search won’t be fruitless.

    • D

      Not sure if I was in the same building as Don, but I moved out of a 320 sq ft studio at 16th and U (2620 16th St) and it costs $902 with utilities less than two years ago. It had a stove and oven and full size fridge. Two closets, although neither was a walk-in.

      I don’t think this is a good deal.

      • Jane

        But how long ago did you sign the lease?

        What you used to pay for an apartment isn’t relevant. It’s what they’re charging the person replacing you that is useful information for current value.

        • Anon

          I was at 2013 New Hampshire Avenue (Hampton Court), managed by William C. Smith and Company. Like I said, I paid 1070. I believe it has gone up for the new tenant, though. When one prospective tenant came to look at my unit with the manager, I was around; I overheard her ask about the price and the manager said “1250.”

  • B

    Not at deal at all. Have seen nicer (albeit small and unfurnished) one bedrooms within a couple blocks in the $1300/1400 range, above ground, with full ovens. And incomplete CL posts bug me — square footage? Is W/D shared? Utilities included? Hookups for phone/tv/internet? Wasted a pic on the W/D when it could’ve been of the bathroom.

  • it’s a steal, all right, but who is the stealer and who is the stealee??

  • Anonymous

    BEDBUGS!!! Who would rent a basement studio with used furniture. Gross.

  • ¢hris

    u st in the hizzy

  • LeDroit

    I just moved into a place at 2nd and U, and while it’s a bit longer hike to the metro, it looks bigger than this, has its own W/D, a full oven, and a security system. I’m paying $1100. My place isn’t a steal, exactly, but the price is right. This place seems overpriced to me. If utilities were included, it might be a little better, but the used furniture and vague C-list ad give me the heeby-jeebies.

  • Scoot

    It’s not a terrible deal but I would try to negotiate it down to 1000/month and settle for 1050/month. There are a couple of really nice fully renovated 1-bedroom units just 1 block away from this location priced at 1100-1300. Clearly whomever owns this house put literally the minimum amount of work into it in order to rent it (or possibly even less than the minimum if it doesn’t even pass code).

    • Jane

      Can you link to them? Seriously, if there are available 1 bedrooms at this price, I’d be interested.


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