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Meridian Public Charter School Looking To Renovate, Move Into Old Harrison School at 13th and V St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 11, 2011 at 4:00 pm 12 Comments

Thanks to some folks from Meridian PCS for sending some info about the school at 2120 13th St, NW:

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Quick Facts about Meridian PCS…
Meridian has been renting a converted factory building at 1328 Florida Avenue, NW for 10 years
• Meridian PCS has an enrollment of 550 students ranging from early childhood to 8th grade
• Meridian PCS anticipates moving into its new facility by August of 2012
• This project is a $15M investment that includes a 49,000 SF renovation along with a 12,000 SF addition

Meridian PCS ANC Handout (7-Jul-2011)

I’m told the deal should be finalized tomorrow and that renovations would be starting as soon as possible.

Meridian PCS “will continue to operate at the Florida Avenue site [1328 Florida Avenue, NW] until the renovation/addition is complete which is expected Summer 2012. Other public charter schools in DC continue to also grow and search for affordable space. It is likely that another public charter school will lease the Florida Avenue site after Meridian leaves.”

Regarding the current tenant:

“The Children’s Studio School relinquished their charter with the DC Public Charter School Board in June 2010 announcing plans to continue as a private school. Since then they have known that they would not be able to continue operating from the public property of Harrison Elementary. The Mayor’s office has been trying to help them with this transition.”

  • Chris

    Glad to see the Harrison Building redeveloped in the right way and kept as a school for the kids of Ward 1 and across the city. Continued Meridian PCS dialogue with the ANC, U Street Neighborhood Association, and all the neighbors will continue to be important, of course.

  • Mike

    would have been great condos

    • Kevin

      Yeah, I guess it would have. And we sure need more of those in this neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      +1 who has kids around here anymore anyway?

      • Anonymous

        you’re joking right? we’re in the midst of a baby boom in dc.

  • mbm

    This is great news.

    • Shaw Parent

      Agreed, but I hope they renovate well.

      And I hope that the owners of the Fla. avenue location but some work into their property too.

  • Ace in DC

    As long as it is being used to it’s full potential, I am happy. Would be nice to see a total re-imaging and creative reuse of some of the buildings like this (including old churches) which can be used for other purposes – instead of languishing and vacant for years.

  • [email protected]

    This building hasn’t been vacant, it’s been in use as a charter school. The building was surplussed by DC.government last year and Meridian PCS was awarded the building.

  • dan

    So it looks like Gray is going after the trolleys again:
    http://dcist.com/2011/07/morning_roundup_reshuffling_edition.php I wish Gray would be recalled already.

  • Chris

    Tons of kids on our block just around the corner. Another wave on the way.

  • Chris

    The D.C. Council gave Meridian everything it needed on last day until September 20. Meridian is now taking over the old Harrison School complex at 13th & V Streets, N.W. PoP piece here got ahead of the Council vote but was on the money.


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