• Anonymous

    god damn thats fancy!

  • Anonymous

    I wish Shiloh would sell more of their properties.

    This looks FANTASTIC

    • verboten


  • textdoc

    Not very keen on the modern addition part of the renovation, even if it does have a copper roof. It just doesn’t go with the rest of the building.

    • you

      it’s not done. Don’t judge it yet.

    • Anonymous

      it’s pretty typical on a corner unit.

    • I looked at this up close today and the addition walls were felt paper with metal lath. There’s a good chance it’s going to have a stucco exterior. Also, it looks like there’s a possibility of a decorative cornice above the copper overhang. Too early to judge modern, but it is looking really nice at the moment.

      • Devoe

        Go see it in person Textdoc, I’d be surprised if you retain your opinion. It looks to be done quite well.

  • MtPer

    I’m not sure that the “modern addition” will be modern. The addition doesn’t look finished yet. It looks like there is some black wrapping and plywood corners – surely that can’t be the final product. That said, I would have no problem with a modern, Dwell-like addition. This place looks amazing.

    • ess

      I think it’s a more modern addition than the larger part of the building, but not something that these renovators added. I don’t love the hard corner of the copper overhang, but agreed–it may look different when done. It will look different when weathered.

      Overall, nice job! I wish more vacant/blighted properties got fixed up like this. HUGE benefit in terms of safety, tax revenue, etc. I’d love it if some of the units were designated as affordable, though, because probably there’s no way most people in the city (myself included) can afford to live there otherwise!

      • anon

        I don’t see the addition thing in the March 2010 photo above.

        • H Street Landlord

          With all due respect, look again.

    • Anonymous

      it’s insulation

  • I love this renovation! What a great before/after!

    Two other properties on this intersection are also under renovation currently (one is another former long-vacant Shiloh property), so this intersection is really undergoing a dramatic transformation from what it was a just 2 years ago!

  • anon

    What’s Shiloh?

    • Anonymous

      a church that owns a LOT of property and fights liquor licenses.

      • TEM

        …and lets most of its property sit vacant and looking like this building used to.

    • Anonymous

      And they are homophobic too.

      • Anonymous

        i don’t think fear is involved in their dislike.

        • greent

          Doesn’t have to be.
          One definition of homphobia is: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

    • A church who’s worshippers are mostly from Maryland that owns a ton of property. They like letting it sit vacant and avoiding taxes for blighted property. They also think that they know what is best for the neighborhood. Not very popular around here. The churches have way too much power in DC.

  • gonzo

    Gorgeous house.

  • SF

    How on earth did they remove the paint from the bricks? That’s unbelievable!

  • Anonymous


  • BP

    Incredible work. They are putting so much time into every detail, down to every last brick. It’s going to be a real gem on 8th ST. Let’s go Shaw!

  • H Street Landlord


  • A neighbor

    The guy in charge has done an amazing job. He spent months repointing the historic brick and matching new brick where major repairs were needed. He has easily spent half of the labor hours making sure that the exterior is preserved; he gave it another 100 year lease on life/major maintenance.

    To the people who are speculating about the unfinished pop-out; it’s just wood framing and a vapor barrier right now. I don’t know how that isn’t obvious. This is a historic district; stucco doesn’t fly here. The facade will either match the historic brick as well, or be a historically appropriate wood facade.


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