Looking for Love Vol. 1

by Prince Of Petworth July 22, 2011 at 11:30 am 117 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

Well I don’t know if this is gonna work but lots of folks have requested I give it a shot so here goes… Looking for Love will attempt to fix up some folks in PoPville on a date. Depending on the responses we can try to make this a weekly feature.

If you want to be featured just send me a photo or two and a brief description (see below) and readers who are interested will email me and I’ll forward you their contact info with a photo of theirs. The rest is up to you. If you have a good date let us know and we can do a follow up.

Mad props to Jonathan for being a brave brave man for going first:

Name: Jonathan
Height: 6’2″
Hometown: Houston, TX
Occupation: Faculty Researcher
Looking for: Single women in their 20’s


Greetings, ladies of PoPville! My name is Jonathan and I’m hoping this will be a great way to meet some of the lovely women that I just know keep up with this blog. So a little about me: I’ve been living in the DC area for just under 2 years now and will soon call NoMa/Eckington my home. I’m an easygoing, down to earth guy with a good sense of humor, looking for someone special to spend my time with. When I’m not contributing pictures to PoP’s flickr pool I enjoy exploring DC on my bike, reading a book at Tryst while sipping their delicious frozen cappuccinos, slacklining at Malcolm X Park, listening to or playing music, trying new things with friends – basically just enjoying life in this awesome city. We’d probably be compatible if you are: fashionably nerdy at times, enjoy being active, and love to laugh. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Photos after the jump.

  • SF


    • Anonymous


      • Marvin

        you and SF are quite lame. if you got nothing good to say, just zip it.

        • Papers Please

          You’re not really saying anything good, either. Follow your own advice?

          • Marvin

            wow, ditto, if you really want to go down this circuitous road.

          • Papers Please

            I enjoy snark, and am not telling people how they should act. Hence, I win.

          • Marvin

            congrats. nothing snarky or witty in SF’s pointless (and cowardly anonymous) putting down of Jonathan. but yeah, cheers for being a winner!

          • Papers Please

            I accept your apology.

          • Marvin

            whatever gets you through the day.

        • anon

          What Marvin said.

        • Malarky

          If I may interject, I think SF was referring to the idea of the Looking for Love “segment” of the blog. He/she wasnt commenting on Jonathan.

  • Anon

    Jon looks nice, but please do not feature fame chaser Mark Drapeau

  • Anonymous

    Jonathan’s a cutie and he sounds like a cool guy! Plus he gets extra bravery points in my book for being the first.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Yes, + to Jonathan for being the brave First One!

      • noodles

        Agreed. This takes guts. Good luck on your search, Jonathan.

        • caballero

          Hats off to you. You’ve got balls, and having balls is half the battle.

  • DCC

    Don’t be mean and pessimistic! He seems like fun and not bad looking at all.

    • cia

      He definitely sounds nice, but… “loves to laugh”? Really? Is there anyone out there who hates laughing?

      • oneal

        A Piece of my soul dies with every chuckle….

        • Anonymous

          We were meant to be together.

        • KT

          Crap, you made me chuckle.

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s preferable to requesting she have a sense of humor.

  • TaylorStreetMan

    While I applaud the idea, I see this devolving rapidly into a series of jabs at people’s pictures and profiles… sorry to say.

    Happy to be proven wrong, though! Good luck singles!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Should that occur, those comments will be deleted.

  • photodork

    I can’t believe PoP opened the comments on this thread.

    I am getting my popcorn.

    • Tres

      I think the comments should be open for ladies to ask questions based on things that piqued their interest — or maybe to offer constructive criticism. I hope this feature generates some blog babies.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        Why just the ladies? I assume women will also be brave and post pics + bios?

        • Anonymous

          Or guys looking for guys!

          • Em

            And gals looking for gals…

          • TaylorStreetMan


          • Anonymous

            Or couples looking for a third!

            (Don’t be so limited in your thinking … this has got real potential to appeal to the entire readership base.)

        • textdoc

          I think Tres meant that for this particular posting, it would be ladies that would be asking questions.

          • Anonymous

            and other gender identities too!

          • Tres

            This feature would be especially good for people who are tough fits, dating-wise. Mix in some people who don’t get as much face time at bars or have odd jobs that limit their dating potential.

            Captcha: TAPE

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m unfashionably nerdy, inactive, and I hate laughing… so I guess I’m out. :(

  • Mischa

    How old are you, Jonathan?

    Very cute! and gutsy for putting yourself out there! I hope you hear from many cute ladies.

  • Seems like a nice guy, first picture seems fun, second picture kinda too much. Best of luck.

    In other opinions, I have doubts about whether this should be a reoccurring series. What’s next? selling used furniture? missed connections? casual hookups?

    • PG

      Investment opportunities from Nigeria!

      • cia


    • Anonymous

      He looks a lot better in a button-down and tie than 95% of the men I see in DC. But I agree that the work attire photos do not do men any favors when they’re putting up personal ads.

    • caballero

      Casual hookups would be great.

  • Ust

    He’s a cutie! If ppl play nice this could be a good idea

  • Cornholio

    Who is the other guy in the top photo? He looks handsome…

    I kid, I kid. Props to Jonathan and I think this will be a good addition to the usual line up of posts.

    I would hope that the intelligent readers of PoP use some discretion in sending a message via email – the connection need not be made on the comment board.

    Good luck finding someone to all who may participate!

  • Mischa

    and yet you follow it. ha!

    Amazingly appropriate CAPTCHA: DKED

  • anon

    Jon, I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for eating crackers- but my husband would (crackers or no). Good luck!

    • Analnymous

      What, your hubby does not share you with others?!?!? How old fashioned can one be!

  • Jason

    It’s Meridian Hill Park not Malcom X Park.

    • Anonymous

      Haha, you have to be extra careful with your writeup if you’re posting a personals ad here. God forbid the next guy says he enjoys flying out of Reagan airport.

    • anon

      The park is known by both names.

      And “Malcolm” has two Ls, not just one.

    • anon

      It is Malcolm X park.

    • anon

      There is no “Malcom” X park anywhere in the city.

    • greent

      Just like it’s Shaw, not U St.

      Just like it’s Columbia Heights, not CoHe.

      Just like it’s Mayor Gray, not Vampire Vince from the Crimean War… d’oh, wrong blog.

      MHMXP forever!

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, it’s Cohi.

        • greent

          So you millenials are not only too lazy to say two whole words, you are also too uneducated to spell?

          It is a sick sad world.


          • Anonymous

            Wrong. We’re too lazy too TEXT whole words. Who actually speaks anymore?

            New York is so much cooler, they had abbreves for their ‘hoods way before D.C.

  • Veronika

    this is the BEST. I hope this becomes a weekly feature. good luck to you, Jonathan! You’re adorable…

  • Single Daddy

    This could be a fun new feature. I do think participants should put their ages out there and I do want to see some follow-up, however salacious.

  • The Real Jason

    This is DC. Women will hound him about his profession a good 30 minutes before asking anything else.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? I never used to ask my dates about their profession, but that got me in trouble once so now I just get the question out of the way and move on.

      • Kalorini

        Oooo sounds like a good story! How’d it get you in trouble?

    • WDC

      I admit, I do want to know what a “faculty researcher” does.

      • Veronika


    • MHFoodie

      Oh please – men do it all the time too. Thats just DC.

  • Anonymous

    definitely a fan . . . I’m a nerdy yet fashionable, early 20s, and guess i would have to be able to laugh at myself if i would post a response

  • Anonymous

    As someone who is practically addicted to it and just can’t get enough, wondering where the PoP swingers are. Ashley Madison or PoP’s Adult Friend Finder…;-)

    • caballero

      You’re addicted to swinging or PoP?

      • Analnymous

        Hard to be addicted to a self proclaimed royalty in a track-suit… but I guess its possible.

        • Anonymous

          I’m picturing Royal Tennenbaums (sp?) here.

  • A

    What is his age? Feel like that’s one of the vital stats.

  • Anon2

    Cute! Jonathan, if it doesn’t work out with the ladies give me a call :).

  • romapa

    this is an adorable idea! it’s like datelab POP style.

  • Patty McMillions


  • matt

    god, get an okcupid profile.

  • Kalorini

    Maybe the PoP advertisers could offer a deal for the couple’s first date (if mentioned in the follow-up post)? I think the WaPo dating lab does something like that.


    • Anonymous

      Thank you for reminding me of Date Lab! I used to spend many an hour giggling over those, but then I got some actual work to do at work and forgot all about it.

  • dcwunderlust

    I like the idea and think it could be great fun (reading the comments that is).
    I also give Jonathan only partial props … I think he is aware that he was going to get more than a small dose of sh*t from the POP peanut gallery, but he probably also will get a dozen dates out of the deal with ladies who at a minimum enjoy the city they live in.

    That said, the second picture is a bit much. With those pouty lips one has to wonder, was this one of those old as time stories of a ‘tasteful’ photo shoot that went a little too far?
    Best of luck to you Jonathan, I’m a little jealous of the many dates I’m sure you’ll line up.

    • Veronika

      yes, you sound a little jealous. just a lil bit.

  • 14th St. Heights

    As a 40-something lesbian, I think he’s adorable, and I hope he snags someone wonderful. If I were a 20-something straight girl, I’d respond!

    • mv

      haha I love that… it’s like saying “if I was the exact opposite of what I am”! haha I’m sorry I’m not trying to sound like a dick, your comment just made me smile :)

  • Anonymous

    Internet dating be damned!

    Looking for love or a relationship online is like looking for snow in the desert.

    • Leroy

      … as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.

      • Kim

        Sweet Clueless reference. You’re clearly my type. Are YOU single??

    • Em

      The Atacama desert in Chile, with a normal precip of 0.04″/year, jut got hit with 30″ of snow.

      • MtVernonSq

        That means the flowers will be blooming in the desert this fall!! Booking my trip now!

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate this feature. I would however think it better to just post the profile and what the person is seeking, etc. without the picture, just to avoid any stupid comments. Then, if someone is interested in the profile, they e-mail in and get the picture that way…Although, that could potentially open up people to looking superficial if they back out once they see the picture haha. But nonetheless, might be a better approach and less awkward for people to put their picture out there on the blog.

  • 13th St

    As a 50-something gay man, I think he’s adorable, and I hope he snags someone wonderful. If I were a 20-something gay man, I’d respond!

    • 14th St. Heights


  • 8th Street SE

    Lots of love from us gays/lesbians– I too think he’s adorable. Those eyes!

  • MtPer

    He is cute and I’d go on date with him!

    However, what happens if things are going great and then don’t work out? In the break-up, who get’s PoP?

  • good luck, Jonathan! Hope that potential dates give you extra points for being brave.

  • Nikki

    I’m straight (but married and pregnant) and I would totally hit it under different circumstances. Kudos to you for venturing into this bitchy little gauntlet, and I hope you meet someone at least worth having a drink or hookup with!

    • MtP

      Totally agree. Jon’s a cutie. Love the pouty lips…bet he’s a good kisser!

  • yes

    i am about 99.9% sure this guy approached me at a club (he was playing wingman) and later in the night drove me home. i remember him being really, almost painfully, nice and a gentleman.

  • U-st

    I agree with Nikki. Jonathan is totally hot.

  • MichelleRD

    Wow, you’re cute, Jonathan. If I were still single and 25…

    Good luck, man! In this town, the odds are in your favor.

  • Annony

    Good luck Jonathan – you’re a cutie and seem like a fun guy to spend time with.

  • andy

    Wookin’ Pa Nub in all da wong paces . . .

    Dude, what kind of ladies is this guy going to get from reading PoP?

    A bike-riding pet-owning knit-bomber and globe-trotter who lives in Eckington, shops in Columbia Heights, parties on H Street and is dissatisfied with her job, though at least she has a job.

    Actually not that bad.

    I want to see how this turns out. Have there been any PoP-related marriages yet?

    • Banksy

      Only PoP’s OWN MARRIAGE — which we still have yet to see photos of…

      C’mon, PoP! Where are the pics?? Surely PabloRaw could blur out faces/do something artsy to them to protect the innocent!

    • anon

      +1 for the Buckwehat reference

    • Tres
    • Early Times

      That’s all-time…thank you

    • Xina

      L-O-fucking-L!!!!! BUCKWHEEEEAT. I love you andy.

  • dcg

    I’ve been reading PoP for many years, and “looking for love” might just become my favorite feature! Best of luck, Jonathan!

  • anon

    Another dyke who likes Jonathan! Maybe he was a lesbian in another life…

  • Marcus Aurelius

    I concur with the recommendation that this feature be limited to a post with pics and a writeup from the candidate, and no comments allowed. Interested people can forward their photos and writeup to PoP. Otherwise, it just boils down to this: http://www.hotornot.com

  • Anonymous

    I love this idea and will admit that I’m even sitting here thinking about whether I could ever be brave enough to put myself out there.

    PoP- Can we get a status update? How many takers have you heard from?

    • Jonathan

      just do it.. it’s not like you’re going to see any of these people in real life. Send it in and go on with your day and hope for the best.

  • mv

    PoP, I love this! This seems like a feature that could really be awesome!

    Agree that jonathan is totally adorable and hopefully he will snag some awesome girl! Best of luck!

    (agree that I would totally hit that if I weren’t in a relationship!!)

  • Adrian

    Whatever you do, don’t disable comments. This is great.

  • Anonymous

    I love who I’m with but wow…Jonathan is so cute!

  • clairol

    It’s a blog! you can do whatever you want! long live anarchy!

  • Golden Silence

    He’s cute! Too bad I’m not in his age range.

  • d.

    Sweet tie Jon. Is that a full windsor knot?

  • LW

    Jon is adorable! I love this.


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