Le Pain Quotidien Coming Soon to 10th and F St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 24, 2011 at 10:44 pm 13 Comments

Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up. This’ll be another nice addition for lunch options downtown. Back in July ’10 a Pret a Manger opened up a block away at 11th and F St, NW.

You can see Le Pain Quotidien’s menu here. I’ll update when doors open at the 10th and F St, NW location.

Ed. Note: Le Pain Quotidien has also recently opened up a new location at 800 17th Street NW near Farragut Square.

  • anon

    Spring 2011 came and went – where’s Anthropologie? Are they still coming across the street from this new restaurant?

  • Dan

    Meh, overpriced and small portions. Their bread is decent though.

  • C3PO

    Good bread, but underwhelming otherwise. Unwelcoming, too – my mother, just off a plane and waiting for me at Eastern Market, was told that her tea and scone would not be enough to earn her a table in the otherwise empty restaurant. Way to make your customers feel welcome in the 1st week of business.

    • Anonymous

      Generally agree. The food’s not that good, and every outlet I’ve ever set foot in seems to make an effort to make you feel like they’re doing you a favor to let you spend your money there. Last time I went to the one in Bethesda, I dropped something like $7 on a pastry and (small) iced coffee.

    • Anonymous

      Really? I’m surprised they’re so stingy with the tables since they have a ton of them only a handful are ever occupied.

      I agree that their food is bland, small, and overpriced.

  • andy

    in spite of the chain store nature of the place, wife and i are very happy to have this place around. can be expensive but i’d rather have it as an option than not.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing I can say in favor of this place is that it really doesn’t have that chain feel. And that they make hot cocoa into a small production.

  • anon


  • anon

    Oops, meant the “unacceptable” for the person whose mom was denied a table. Still unacceptable!

  • Molly

    whenever I see chain places with French- or Italian-sounding names I always think about this funny, satirical essay I read about America’s obsession with things like “Tuscan decorating” or saying things like “olive oil” in Italian. like I was looking at this stupid furniture catalogue and it kept talking about bringing Tuscany into your home or giving your patio the ambiance of a French cafe. just because it’s called Le Pain Quotidien doesn’t mean it’ll taste any better than the non-chain bakery.

  • Florista

    Well, if it’s anything like Pret a Manger (another chain) I know I’ll be saving money not going. Pret = blech.

  • Le Pain Quotidien is horrible. They serve tiny portions of tasteless food. They won’t even toast your bread (my father in law was told that it “ruins the consistency of the bread”) – how arrogant is that?

  • mark

    Agree with many of the comments. Tried LPQ in Clarendon – bland and over-priced food. Would only get a pastry or coffee if I went in.


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