King-N-I Opens up at 847 Upshur St, NW in Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth July 5, 2011 at 12:30 pm 23 Comments

I know they opened up last week but I wanted to wait a bit so I could share the menu as well (see PDF below). Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet at the old Seafood & Things space at 847 Upshur St, NW but I did chat briefly with the owner (pictured below) who was super nice. In addition to trying the pizza, I’m also eager to see how the Gyro tastes.

Anyone check them out yet?


  • Sleepy

    Goo dluck. We’ll have to give them a try.

  • PetworthRes

    Hmm, I’m underwhelmed by the hand-written signs and the work on the awning, but the menu doesn’t look bad. There’s a full Greek/Mediterranean menu in addition to the pizza and the prices are way low.

    PoP – did you get a story from the owner? From the menu it looks like they relocated, but where from?

  • caballero

    Gyros? I’m there!

  • andy

    Wouldn’t King & I be a better name for Thai food?

  • LisaT

    The pizzakingni.com URL isn’t valid?

    I wonder if they’ll top a pizza with falafel? That is SO GOOD.

  • CaitRCDC

    The owner is very nice, and the pizza is quite good. Not fancy, brick-oven stuff (which I enjoy), but, good, inexpensive, tasty pizza that is much better than the other options in the area (Pizza Hut). Excited to try other items from the menu.

    • PetworthRes

      sounds great. I saw the special – $8.75 takeout special for a large 1-topping pizza and just around the corner…hard to beat that! The topping options look awesome, too (fresh mozarella, artichoke hearts, roasted eggplant).

  • Eric

    Tried the “meat” pizza last week. Was really good! Much better than the other options nearby.

  • This is right in my neck of the woods! Can’t wait to give them a try. Thanks to everyone for the advance feedback.

  • Baroque6

    I’m eager to try this place too, but there ARE other good options in the area: Maroni & Brothers and the super-underrated Washington Pizza on Randolph St.

    • RD

      super-underrated? it’s pretty bad, man

  • dj

    The owner in the picture is or was part owner or chef of Cafe 8 on Barracks Row

  • Neighbor

    Fantastic starters menu! Hooray for vegetarian mezza and jalapeno poppers!

  • I’m psyched to try this place, thanks for posting it!

    Just moved to the neighborhood a few weeks ago and really want to find good delivery pizza. Manny & Olga’s was awful; Washington Pizza much better than Manny but only so-so. Hopefully the King can be our new delivery default!

  • Charlie

    I’ve been there twice for dinner already. Last time I went I had the Upshur Special: chicken breast, feta, green peppers and cheese and it was terrific. Looking forward to my next one!

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of pizza, I noticed that the new Italian Pizza Kitchen in Woodley Park is now open. Has anyone tried it yet?

    • Anonymous

      I’m happy to hear all of the positive postings about this place but unfortunately, I am completely underwhelmed by the asthetics of this place. Given the shifting demographic in Petworth, is it too much to ask to have an eatery look halfway decent on the inside and outside? What’s with the hand written signs and the bootleg sign out front? There are some really nice establishments on Upshur and this just looks like the same ole’, same ole’ bringing the other places down. I’m sure the guy is nice but……

  • Anonymous

    I came by there last night and talked about with owner their menus and sign.They already have nice a menu and they are still waiting their sign installation.I hope they can be successful.

  • Anonymous

    It is cool. They have open kitchen, I think better than nasty Chinese places.

  • Heather

    We live on Upshur so decided tomtry them tonight and we were really happy.

    First, I’m happy that they took the time to make an awning and paint. Comparing them to the other fast food on the same block, they’ve taken much more time to try to look nice from the outside.

    Second, no bulletproof glass. Yeah!!! And a nice long counter inside. The owner hopes to serve brunch in the future — like a diner.

    Third, the food was good. We got pizza and a Greek salad and both were good. The pizza crust could even be folded in half like back in Jersey (but nothing can compare to NJ/ NY pizza…). We mentioned to the owner that we were going to try the hummus but felt we got enough food, but he really wanted us to try it so he made us a sample of the hummus to try and it was great.

    So, all in all, we’ really happy and will order from them again. I hope they’re successful since they are really nice people.

  • Hungry

    Do they deliver? Med pizza, yumm, we need something like Astor up this way. Can they get outdoor seating too?

    • Heather

      Yup, they say they deliver. Unfortunately no outdoor seating…:(

  • Falstafff

    Tried the gyro yesterday. Very good and reasonable price. Just did takeaway. Found out the guy is Turkish. Very nice guy. Said he might get us some Doner Kebabs in the future… :)


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