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  • Oats

    Food has been decent. Could use a broader menu. I like Meridian Pint better for this price point but the Getaway is closer to home. Wait staff is so much nicer than at Social. Way less attitude. Customer service seems better. Would like more wines by the glass.

  • Kevin

    I’ve been twice. I worry for them. They are never crowded. The food is decent. But the place is missing something. I cannot put my finger on it. This may sound lame, but it lacks soul. It’s a great space, but neither Social nor the Getaway really made it feel inviting.

    At any rate, I am still trying to form my opinion on this place. I am very interested in hearing what others have to say.

    PS-Crabcake fritters were pretty good for the price.

    • gbw

      Friend of mine is on staff and says the other servers are cool and food is pretty good, but the management doesn’t have much restaurant experience and does things that stress out the staff, eg, yelling at them to move faster from the sidelines instead of pitching in when slammed. I haven’t been myself, but I could imagine how that would affect the soul and make it less inviting than it could be.

    • Interesting comment re: lack of soul … something endemic to a lot of the newish CH eateries. Compare H Street — an amazing amount of thoughtfulness goes into the decor and concept of the places there, even ones where food is uneven. For example Toki Underground — a small place packed with all sorts of really interesting, really awesome decor, a small, unique (in DC) food and drink menu, a really fresh concept all-around. Even Smith Commons, where I loved neither food nor service (menu kind of similar to the Getaway) features a ton of gorgeous, amazing spaces, and a great vibe. Granville Moore’s, another place that definitely has soul. And so on. Why is it that the most creative restaranteurs / bar owners, with the most interesting concepts, all seem to gravitate to H Street? A cool new place opening seemingly every month there … what’s the point of opening a place that has no identifiable atmosphere, a generic, broad, blah menu, etc. There is now enough competition in CH that places should be distinguishing themselves with either interesting atmosphere or a unique, consistently-good menu. But the places that have opened up of late, largely, do neither. At least Acre 121 has the live music / bluegrass thing, which is cool. But even they could do a lot more to make the decor and atmosphere more interesting, rather than just huge blank walls.

      • Denizen of Tenallytown

        Then again, The Heights is a successful restaurant that doesn’t have any of the attributes you’ve mentioned. So I guess it’s possible to be successful without a fresh, thoughtful concept.

      • El Gringo


        I think your assessment is pretty accurate.

        A Theory: Lower real estate prices in Hst (compared to CH) leaves more budget for a thoughtful interior decor?

      • agreed


      • Shawn

        I often brush off people who criticize new restaurants for not having soul, but I think you made a really good point about the thought and effort that H st spots put into their unique vibe and decor.

      • Tres

        The dumb money is on 14th right now. Like the “Glow” says, Getaway’s owners are new to the biz. Several bars have gone out of business along 14th, suggesting rents may be too high for mediocre businessmen. Eventually, some folks will come in and put in nice, higher end, somewhat imaginative places near CH metro — like what is happening along U now.

        H Street bars have to be creative. Would you go to a TGIF’s on 11th Street NE? Nope. But you’d go to an authentic beer garden there. The fact that smart money (savvy, experienced owners) set up shop there suggests the rents are low relative to profit potential along H. The fact that they’re “savvy” helps them go above and beyond with character, soul, and imagination.

      • Kustie the Klown

        Acre 121 is amazing! Except, of course, if it’s a sunday. Who the heck isn’t open on sunday?

        • Jen

          chick-fil-a. just sayin.

  • Eyeless in Gaza

    On the menu drink items, did they misspell “Ciudad Juarez” on purpose? THey used “Cuidad” instead.

    • elcal

      Maybe “Steve” (RIP) died in Juarez, hence “Be Careful” Juarez as the drink’s name. Although, the conjugation is for vosotros. I’m not sure I appreciate a bar that a) addresses me so informally or b) using the royal “you”. I mean, come on!

      • Rosie

        I love this explanation!

      • TaylorStreetMan

        That’s always been my rule: I will not tolerate being addressed in the vosotros form!

        But seriously, folks, I’m really looking forward to trying it. I didn’t realize they had even opened yet (I’ve been out of town a lot).

        • CTK

          Welcome back!

          • TaylorStreetMan

            Thanks. It was hard to leave Budapest! :-(

      • MSF

        This Spaniard has no problem with the use of the vosotros, but considering the closest I get to Spain in the city is Jaleo or the embassy, I believe Latin American grammar is more appropriate in this neighborhood.

  • Liz

    I went to the Getaway for brunch last weekend. The food was good and the waitstaff was great! They are really interested in listening to customer suggestions about their food and drink offerings and we even got a try a new drink concoction as we sat at the bar. Definitely try their sweet potato fries and sweet potato tater tots. I’ll probably stop by next time for happy hour, since they have some good drink and appetizers deals.

    • er

      You had me at “sweet potato tater tots”! It’s definitely convenient for me, so I’ll check this place out ASAP during happy hour.

  • Srh

    They have a great happy hour, prices are great. I have had the risotto, feta dumplings and sliders and they were great. I too worry about them, it never seems to be busy even on nice days.

  • herewegoagain

    I was there once with two friends. Food was great, prices good (Happy Hour pricing), and service pretty good for second week open. We got a spot outside. I definitely want to go back. The happy hour specials were some of the best in Columbia Heights/Mt Pleasant.

  • RD

    is the brunch really worth $12 entrees? combined with $15 mimosas/bloodies, it better be really good considering brunch at the other places on upper 14th (red derby and highlands) are good and a lot less expensive.

    • giax

      not to diss Red Derby cause I love it there but Getaway has bottomless mimosas/bloodies.. which is actually a much better deal (depending how much you drink).. and Getaway food is definitely at least a step up than the one man kitchen at RD. I mean, they don’t even heat the tortilla for your breakfast burrito.

      • Bear

        At Red Derby they’re $2 a pop with brunch–I’d have to drink 8 to get my money’s worth out of the bottomless ones at Getaway. I love me some bloody marys, but that’s excessive even for me.

  • Kalorini

    I’m thrilled they’re open for brunch! I went a few weeks ago, hoping they had brunch, but it was quiet. Looking forward to trying this place out soon.

    Why’s the brunch menu link a .zip file with weird stuff in it? And what’s the $$ for the bottomless mimosas?

    • Rosie

      $15 for bottomless drinks…. yikes that’s a lot more than most places!

      • Kalorini

        WHAT?! No way.

        • RD

          last time i went to red rocks, it was $9 for bottomless. drinks at red derby are $2 with brunch. $15 isn’t outrageous, but it certainly is more expensive than a lot of places.

          • petco7

            $15 is a few bucks more than most places, but they serve brunch until 5 instead of the usual 3….

          • giax

            Redrocks is only bottomless mimosas, not bloodies.

    • Dub

      I have to say, though, they don’t skimp on the alcohol like some places do. I watched the bartender pour one and it was seriously 4/5 champagne and 1/5 juice. Try the passion fruit one, it’s great.

      • CH Res

        I’d have to agree with Dub. Red Rocks bottomless mimosas are mostly OJ and not really that good. The Getaway’s are mostly champagne and I personally prefer the passion fruit puree over OJ. Also, their food portions are very generous for both brunch and dinner. Definitely a fan of the banana/nutella french toast! And the beef short ribs. I’ve been a handful of times now and have never left hungry or unsatisfied. Great addition to the neighborhood. They have my vote.

  • Rosie

    Food: so-so. I’d say it’s only worth it during happy hour. The 1/2 price burgers (only 2 options) are a little flavorless – the patty not the toppings. I love having bacon and a fried egg on top! The apps I’ve tried have all been okay. But none of the good ones are discounted for HH. I still haven’t tried the mussels.

    The biggest crime, imo, is having a crappy beer selection. And then picking the worst ones to highlight for happy hour! Sorry, but you can’t beat Radius slice & pint for $5 with Star Hill & Flying Dog options available. And that’s where I’ll stick to for HH from now on.

    I hope the Getaway can make a few improvements to stay in business. They need a little something unique to make them stand out from the crowd. They are on facebook – why not survey their fans for suggestions?

  • Ben

    All the food was good, but the risotto was definitely the highlight for me.

  • Lisa

    The food is meh and overpriced the staff is overwhelmed and the place is totally unoriginal..other then that i guess the place is ok?

  • DC in D.C.

    I went for happy hour a few weeks ago. Wait staff was eager to please and make it clear they were not related to Social in anyway (besides being in the same building). First, unlike many happy hours in the neighborhood that end at 7, their happy hour goes until 8, which is a big plus for people that can’t get to the area before 7 on most weekdays. Also unlike many nearby happy hours, you can take advantage of the specials in the outdoor seating areas. Chicken wings were really good, tried both bbq and “getaway” style. Also, steak sliders were fantastic, and calamari was good. Great deal at $5 each.

  • BF

    Some good, creative cocktails. We also had a light dinner – I ordered something and the Thyme Fries – the fries were scrumptious, but I can’t even remember what the other appetizer was. May partner ordered the fried green tomato slider – it was good, but the roll was a bit too heavy for the contents – she ate it open faced instead.

    So I agree, the food is so-so, I think there are some very tasty options, and we were fine with the prices, including the drinks. We walked out of there a bit surprised at how low our total bill was (although I admit we are indulgent diners so we often overspend on meals/drinks).

    I did hear some discussion about further renovations – particularly the upper patio. I thought the upstairs interior was incredibly bland – almost like a chain restaurant pub area. I think they may have more difficulty attracting a regular crowd once winter arrives because of that interior.

  • C

    I was disappointed. I was really excited about the concept, and hoping for a huge improvement on Social, which I just didn’t think had a vibe that fit the location. Sadly, I found the place just entirely generic and boring. We ordered two types of sliders and they weren’t anything special – the bread wasn’t good at all. :(

    I don’t need fancy concepts or high end food, but for me to actually frequent a neighborhood spot, it needs a bit more character and prices more in line with the quality of food.

  • DC Dude

    Waitstaff was very polite, I like the outdoor space. The Gateway burger I ordered was very average and ceasar salad was so-so. Maybe other items are better, a little on the pricey side though.

  • Bear

    I was just there last night with a couple friends for happy hour. The food was good–we had the goat cheese dumplings, thyme fries, and the chipotle wings. Nothing to write home about, but it did the trick for happy hour snacks and the price was right.

    I wholeheartedly agree about the above comments re: the interior (at least for the upstairs, we didn’t venture into the lower level). It’s bland. I’d love to see what a really great designer could do with the space, because it has a lot of potential.

  • ledroit parker

    i recommend the getaway pinball game at the black cat over this place. the pinball is novel and exciting, which can’t be said for its restaurant counterpart. at first i heard this would be themed. what about it is themed, other than a black color scheme?

  • Parkwood

    My favorite outdoor space in Columbia Heights- I’ll sit there for hours at a time with beers and a couple appetizers. Get there early and grab the couch on the upper patio.

  • C

    Does anyone else feel that all of the bars that open up in the new, more modern buildings in Columbia Heights tend to be really meh (Commonwealth/Acre 121, Social/the Getaway, Lou’s, etc) but the ones that take over older row house type spaces (Meridian Pint, Red Rocks, Wonderland, Room 11, Red Derby) end up seeming cool and full of character?

    I wonder if the Getaway had opened in a row house on 11th street, with the exact same menu, we’d like it more.

    • Another C

      I think you nailed it.

      • Bill

        I agree that C nailed it. It’s not hipster cool to like places that open up in the new spaces. Everyone seems to hate Lou’s, for example, despite them having reasonable prices, okay food and at least a couple of the same beers as Meridian Pint.

        • Tres

          On the other hand TGIF’s has ok food, reasonable prices, and couple of the same beers as Lou’s — would you consider them comparable?

          Meridian Pint is not a Lou’s. I think this whole argument underestimates the sophistication of bar patrons — it says were all too stupid to tell the difference between a vast beer selection and good menu vs a limited selection and OK food. I don’t think there’s any truth to it.

          • Bill

            No, I wouldn’t consider TGIF’s and Lou’s comparable and we never go to TGIF’s so I’m not sure what they have beer-wise. I agree that Meridian Pint is not a Lou’s – and Meridian Pint is still my favorite in the area – but it isn’t open for lunch during the week yet.

        • C

          Oh, I think you misunderstand my argument – I’m not saying its a bad thing that the venue can make or break a restaurant. It just makes me feel bad for the owners of restaurants in these seemingly-doomed locations by the C Heights metro. It would take something REALLY special to succeed in one of these places, especially the Acre 121 and Lou’s locations, because the spaces are just so, so utterly boring.

          Meridian Pint would probably do well anywhere. But Lou’s or Acre 121 would automatically do better in a different location because they would seem more special.

          • Tres

            Maybe, but the opposite could also be true: you have a choice of Lou’s Rowhouse Tavern or Meridian Pint next door, you’d choose MP most often. In a way, Lou’s benefits by not being outshone by it’s nearby competition.

            I do think newer spaces require more to get it right. Dupont and Logan have a couple good places that show the fruits of great pains taken in pursuit of atmosphere. With new spaces, you can’t just patch the tin ceiling, throw in a couple shabby-chic stools, add pendant lights with visible filaments, etc — you have to hire an expensive designer to realize a beyond-thrifty vision.

    • BF

      And that explains H street as well – as far as I know, all those places are old rowhouse/business locations that have that eclectic vibe missing in all the new buildings on 14th.

    • Anonymous

      of course. this is why all areas know for bars are in older parts of cities. always. almost every where you go.

    • saf

      Meridian Pint’s space is new. Nothing remains of the original building.

    • Anon7

      Learn your history. Meridian Pint did not take over a row house space. It was a tear down and construction.

  • I rather enjoyed my dinners at The Getaway. I found the salmon dish to be a wonderfully light summer dish. It’s served with a cool couscous, wilted seasonal greens, and the grilled salmon is topped with a cucumber yoghurt sauce. I also really enjoyed their other fish dish, the parmasean crusted sole. It’s a huge, crispy fillet of sole and served with jasmine rice and wilted spinach. I’d recommend adding a side of the wild mushrooms to accompany it.

    Their mac and cheese is super yummy and the 1/2 price burger meal deal on Tuesdays cannot be beat. I think their draft beers are also only $4! So you could feasibly have a hamburger + beer supper for only $10. Talk about a cheap date!

    Personally, I found the prices fair. The dishes are solid in the real meal/comfort food category, and the service is super friendly and youthful.

  • D

    I haven’t been yet, but this place is ALWAYS close to empty when I pass by. Judging on what the rent must be vs. the amount of seats full I doubt it will last long.

  • Hispanic and Proud

    I wonder what Andy(2) has to say.

  • Neighbor S

    I live close by to the Getaway and I’ve already been there many times simply for proximity, but I’ve enjoyed most everything I’ve had there. The lobster mac and cheese is really good, the burger with the egg on it, and I just had brunch last weekend and the two benedicts we had were delicious. I could wish a few more sweet potato tots in an order and I wasn’t wowed by the chorizo sliders but those were my only complaints.

    The wait staff is fantastic too…

  • Annony

    Went there for drinks a few nights ago- the main level seemed cold and dark, not a place I’d want to linger.

    We sat on the upper patio which was great – the food was fine – not wonderful, not terrible. The beer was good and the service was excellent. Overall a B, I’d definitely go back.

  • anon

    why does everything in dc have to be “chic” or have some type of “classy” theme. where are the neighborhood bars? i miss living in a city where everyone who lives in the neighborhood hangs out at the same corner bar.

  • Dub

    Finally, a good place on 14th ST worth being a regular to. I’ve been to The Getaway a few times now. The staff is great. The short ribs and ahi salad are awesome. But the burgers are so-so. They just started offering brunch last week, and that was pretty good. The food and service are definitely better than The Heights or the Mighty Pint.

  • icu

    giax, A much better deal for $14? not to mention + tax.. getaway isn’t even in the same league as RD food or drinks.If you keep trying to compare what looks like holiday in airport lounge to established bars they’re never going to make it. Chrissakes they basically used the exact same lighting and the movie on the wall as RD and they are a half block away.what a joke.

    btw if you going to steal ideas at least show one Steve McQueen movie.

  • I really want to give them a chance! I’m friends with the owner/chef who is a Le Cordon Bleu of Orlando alum and used to work at Circa. This is his first time owning and running a restaurant. I agree they need a bit more decor, but as everyone is saying it can be pricey up there and they actually did a lot to the place to spruce it up. Let’s show them some love! If anyone is interested, here is a deal they are doing through Travelzoo, which is kinda like groupon/living social. It’s pretty legit! http://www.travelzoo.com/local-deals/deal/3556

  • Jo Jo

    I love the Getaway. Food, service and prices are great. The Mussels and Ceviche are my fave. Hope their here to stay! And as far as this decor talk goes…the place is nice. Not fancy but nice for sure!


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