• Terry Fuchs

    How has this place stayed in business all these years? Because I’ve NEVER heard a single positive comment about it.

    • KenyonDweller

      I haven’t been there in a couple of years, mainly because there are now places close to home in Columbia Heights, but I used to quite like the place. Food was good, coffee was good.

    • amethystdeceiver

      agreed, these guys are awful through and through.

    • Anonymous

      Well, between KenyonDweller and me, now you’ve heard two positive comments. I moved out of the hood 3 years ago, but I was a big fan back in the day. Keep in mind that 6-7 years ago, there was not so much in the area by way of a weekend brunch place. Dos Gringos filled the niche nicely. I always thought their food was good and the place was unique, even if the vibe (and sometimes the food) were a little crunchy/hippie for my tastes.

  • inthehood

    They have great ice cream!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only been once, but they seemed to have a decent selection. I thought it was a little overpriced though… I think my favorite part of this place is that they for some random reason serve ice cream in a chinese to-go pint container.

  • Amanda

    They have really good milkshakes, but I rarely ever go there because they are over 5$ each…

    • Kustie the Klown

      A $5 shake? That’s a shake– milk and ice cream. They don’t put bourbon in it or nothin’?

      • Anonymous

        it’s funny how you don’t have your own name, or your own quotes.
        do you play in a cover band?

  • meh

    the ice cream is so-so and they’re not always friendly. the last time i got ice cream the lady in the basement serving it was just rude.

  • Petworther

    I am definitely a Dos Gringos hater, but I admit their ice cream is good. Which makes me hate them more!

  • Yeah, I’m with everyone else. The ice cream is tasty (a local ice cream provider, I believe– although the hours are so limited, I almost never even think to go there), but I’ve had so many negative experiences with the attitude at Dos Gringos, generally, that I am reluctant to shovel out cash there.

  • Early Times

    It’s amazing what competition could do. If there was another half decent lunch place on Mt. Pleasant (sandwiches, salads) this place would either get their act together or be forced out of business. The service is terrible. All that said, the curry chicken salad is pretty solid. Not sure about the ice cream though.

  • Anonymous

    Ice cream is amazing!!!

    Last summer I tried gettingna shack with some friends (who I convinced this was the best ice cream around) but the lady downstairs was incompetent and couldn’t figure out how to work the milk shaker.

  • What. I love this place. What’s with the hate?


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