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Jin Restaurant Applies for a Summer Garden

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2011 at 4:30 pm 11 Comments

Jin is located at 2017 14th Street, NW. You can see their menus here. A placard out front says that they:

“Request a summer garden with up to 50 seats.”

I love hearing about more outdoor dining/drinking options. We’ve never actually done a proper judging of Jin – any fans?

  • nobody

    they have really good happy hour deals. a garden seating area would be sweet!

  • Eli

    Never even knew this was a restaurant. I just notice the pathetic crowd they have every weekend night for their “club” and wonder how they stay in business.

    • ro

      me either. been there twice but never knew they served food.

    • Anonymous

      Pathetic crowd ? please explain.

      • Eli

        Every time I walk by on a weekend night, there’s a bouncer out front and a couple of people trying to convince people to go in, but when I look inside, it’s almost empty. But maybe I’ve been walking by too early if you disagree.

      • Rosie

        the place will be completely empty yet they still deny you at the door if you don’t have the right shoes on or are wearing a hat. my man had on the sweetest kicks and was denied because they weren’t actually “dress shoes”. The bouncer was really rude about it too. I wonder if that will apply to the outside space as well. definitely won’t be back.

  • KenyonDweller

    Jin is one of those places for people with more money than sense. You can see this from their “menu,” which doesn’t actually contain a dinner menu but highlights their $500 VIP table option.

  • Bloomingdude

    Looks cool inside but nasty outside. It’d be cheap and easy to fix up just by painting the outside a bright and funky color and replacing the dying plant. Gray makes it look like a warehouse. Sooooo sad.

    • Rick

      You’ve highlighted the number one reason why I won’t set foot in there ever again. This is a Gray hangout. I can’t take all the hand dancing and the over-50 crowd it attracts. The music isn’t bad, but it’s hard to have fun with the mayor up there on the dance floor, looking like a fool.

  • Joe

    Just went there last night with friends. It was really cheap and had a great selection for happy hour. However, the seats were terrible and the furniture was chewed up beyond all repair. A trip to IKEA and they would be better off.

  • anon

    SO much potential, they need a promoter or SOMETHING…always empty, used to love this place a few years back.


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