• Tres

    If I recall, this house was on the market in mid 2009, somewhere in the mid to upper $700k’s. Don’t know if it sold. It’s a very narrow house, but they really did an smart job with the renovation. Main floor back door is actually a glass garage door, which opens to a small yard backed by garage that could be converted to a studio space. Also, This is a pop-up, but on the back half of the building only. Upper floor bedroom opens to the roof deck. And there’s a basement rental unit if I’m not mistaken.

    In any case, if this is the same house I’m thinking of, it really represents an ideal for me as far as rowhouses go. Smart design to cope with the small space livin’ problem, and lots of features that bring the outdoors indoors. Sexy.

    • That’s What Shaw Said

      Tres — Are you a real estate agent? Your knowledge always impresses me.

  • Taylor

    Love this place. Saw it a few years back when it was for sale and it really shows what can be done with a rowhouse.

  • Anon

    It’s an abomination of a row house. It does not fit the neighborhood and is too large for its lot.

    Tear it down, I beg of you.


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