Washington, DC

Photo from PoPville resident Jessica

“Dear PoPville,

A friend is thinking about opening a flower shop in DC, but we’re wondering how many people actually use a neighborhood florist anymore? I buy fresh flowers for my house every week, but can get great bouquets for $10-12.00 at the grocery store, farmer’s market or even street stands. Several friends have made their own wedding flowers with simple Ikea glass vases and cut flowers from Costco.

So the questions are – do you regularly buy flowers? Where? If you want to buy flowers for a special occasion, birthday, dinner party etc. would you go to a florist? If you’re at the office feeling bad about an argument with your spouse do you call a florist and send flowers or pick up something on the way home? Does your office still get regular flower arrangements for the reception desk or has this been cut to save money?

Does anyone regularly patronize an actual stand-alone neighborhood flower shop like Flowers on 14th or Little Shop of Flowers?”


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