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Dear PoPville – Hotel or Hostel Advice?

by Prince Of Petworth July 20, 2011 at 11:30 am 24 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoPville,

Help! A relative and his girlfriend are coming to visit DC before he heads off to graduate school and need some advice about where to stay, etc. They will have their bikes with them and plan on riding to see most things in the city.

Can anyone recommend a place for them to stay for a few nights and give a few tips on where to park, etc.? Right now they are thinking about a student hostel or a cheap hotel but could use some information, especially if it is in a safe part of the city (his mom’s concern of course)! The days they are planning on being there are approximately Wednesday, July 27 to Friday, July 29.

I live in Logan and unfortunately they can’t stay with me. i would like them to stay fairly close to me though. Any suggestions?”

How about the hostel at 11th and K St, NW (1009 11th St NW)? You can book a room here. Anyone have other good hotel/hostel recs?

  • darlin

    try airbnb.com or CL’s vacation/temp rentals

    • Claire

      +1 for airbnb.com – I’ve had really good luck getting cheap places to stay, and if you look for a place with a kitchen, you can cut down on your trip’s cost by fixing some of your own meals! I was able to find 1 bedroom apartments for cheaper than a hotel when visiting Philly and SF.

      • Bryan

        I was just about the say the same thing. airbnb.com is the best option.

  • Elza

    Lofstel in Petworth is pretty nice, and I believe bike-friendly.

    I don’t know if that is close enough to Logan Circle, or not “safe” enough to for parent-approval, however.

  • Em

    I had friends who stayed at the 11th & K St. hostel a couple of years ago and gave it a thumbs up. I don’t know what the bike storage options are there, but it is definitely worth checking out.

  • DF

    I’d say definitely ask some friends around if they have room to put them up for a few nights. We just had some friends stay with us in our tiny, tiny apt., and it wasn’t so bad. They sound like they’re probably cool people. We always like to have some company around and meet new folks. Sharing an apartment for a few nights isn’t so bad.

  • dreas

    The Taft Bridge Inn and the Adams Inn, both in Adams Morgan/Kalorama, are probably both worth checking out. They also might take their chances with Priceline or Hotwire if they can’t find any reasonably priced hotels by booking directly.

    • anon

      I second the Adams Inn on Lanier Place in Adams Morgan.

  • Mt P-ing

    If they’re up for alternative choices:
    Couchsurfing.org and the cycler’s version, WarmShowers.org are the cheap (i.e. free) options.

    • Anonymous

      +1. I’ve been involved with couchsurfing.org for about 18 months, it is great.

  • victoria


    check calendars for availability – most places don’t like to rent for so few days – but since it is last minute it won’t hurt to make an offer if there is an opening.

  • anon

    Hotel Harrington is really bare bones but really well located and cheap as all get out for the location. (I paid $79/night a year or two ago, including all fees.) Not sure how they are with bikes, but they seem to be cool with pretty much everything.

  • victoria
  • Kev29

    The bummer there is that they are coming on weeknights. DC hotel prices are slashed on Friday/Saturday when the business travelers leave.

  • Harvard Street

    DC Trekkers hostel on Harvard St between 14th and 15th in Columbia Heights.

  • SOUP

    I’ve been able to get Hotel Helix or Rogue for under $100/night if you play with their online system and use the AAA discounts, etc.

  • Anonymous

    what kind of relative are you? put them up.

    • BF

      I knew that was coming at some point. Folks just can’t help judging, despite any knowledge of the OP’s situation.

      • I am the OP

        I am the OP.

        Thanks for sticking up for me, BF. I didn’t think I needed to explain why they couldn’t stay with me. I rent my other bedroom for $1000 a month. I learned several tenants back that friends/relatives visiting are not a good idea. Since I prohibit him from doing it I also don’t allow my friends/relatives to stay here.

  • EL Gringo

    Asante Sana B&B…@ 1207 Kenyon Street NW.

    Super nice triple decker, pre-1920 row house. Reasonable rates for a very nice place. Great location – no noise issues from Wonderland. Offers suites w/ kitchenettes, but also just plain rooms that have access to house kitchen. About 4-6 units in the house. You get your own house key.

    My parents stay there when they come visit.

  • Anonymous

    bloomingdale inn

  • Chris R

    AirBnB.com is an awesome site. We having been using it as a traveler and a host for over a year now and can’t say enough good things about it. Just look for a host with over 20+ reviews and you should be fine.

  • MT

    I recently stayed at Hotel Helix for my anniversary. It was only $100/night, close to Logan Circle, and really nice. I recommend it.

  • http://www.airbnb.com has been a life saver for these kinds of things and they have some pretty amazing rentals! Warning, it is a pretty addictive site and you will start to find yourself being distracted for hours from random perusing of dream vacations. Hope this helps!


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