Dear PoPville – “Brutal beatings on 14th St NW Friday night/Saturday morning”

by Prince Of Petworth July 19, 2011 at 11:30 am 225 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

A very good friend of mine was beaten and robbed on the way home from the Red Derby Saturday morning at around 2am a few blocks east of 13th and Randolph. 3 men (not sure what they looked like) hit him in the face with a metal pipe of sorts, left him unconscious and robbed him. When he awoke he hailed a cab which took him to Wash Medical Center. His jaw was broken in 3 places and he had surgery Monday afternoon. His jaw will be wired shut for at least 3 weeks. I believe he filed a police report but have not been able to find anything in the on the listserves or blotters. He has been on morphine or the like and the hospital is not allowing visitors to see him so we can’t get the report number.

Tonight I heard of another person who was hit in the face with a pipe by 3 men on 14th St leaving the Derby Friday night/Saturday morning. He went to the hospital and was released.

Have you heard anything? What the fuck is going on in this area and what are the cops doing to protect those of us who contribute positively to society?”

This is horrifying. I also haven’t seen anything else mentioned on the listservs.

  • SF

    “What the fuck is going on in this area and what are the cops doing to protect those of us who contribute positively to society?”

    Exactly. It’s way past time for people to get pissed and demand action. The thugs are ruling the streets this summer.

    Mayor Gray, WHERE ARE YOU?

    • me

      + A MILLION

    • Vinnie

      SF, I agree, where is Mayor Vincent Gray? I haven’t seen in on Channels 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 news discussing the crime wave in parts of Wards 1 & 4. I am a 38 year old male, but I don’t go out alone, after dark, in fear of getting robbed or murdered.

      • Me

        VG is busy telling the press 2-3 times a week that questions about the rife corruption in his campaign and current administration aren’t going to distract him from his work…which appears to be defending himself of allegations fo corruption in his campaign and administration.

    • Ace in DC

      Mayor Gray doesn’t read this blog. Go and e-mail/call Chief Lanier, Jim Graham (I think this is in ANC 1) and Mayor Gray. Demand action. Tell them to start acting like leaders. Commenting on a blog only gets you so far – need to turn up the heat on our elected officials more directly.

      • Vinnie

        ACE, we all don’t live in ANC 1. Some of us live in Wards 4, 5, 2, and other parts of Ward 1. Mayor Gray is the executive. Police Chief Lanier works at the will of the mayor. D.C. residents need to put pressure on the mayor, Ward D.C. Councilmembers, and the 5 At-Large D.C. Councilmembers. Many ANC’s aren’t active or address public safety and other neighborhood issues. In a way, I don’t blame the ANC’s because they don’t get paid. It’s all volunteer work. D.C. Councilmembers make 6 figure salaries. The mayor makes $200,000 annually.

      • Anonymous

        This occurred in Ward 4, Spring is the border of 1 and 4

  • Anonymous

    Hard to say anything on this that would not get labelled racist.

    Time for the “community leaders and elders” to take charge of their thug ridden youth and also start changing their cultures that condone or even promote this?

    Yeah right, too easy to say, too hard to get done.

    • mark

      Maybe that’s because you’re the first person in this thread to mention race, including the original poster.

      Really try to think about it.

      • Oh come on now, really. Who do you think committed this crime? A group of redheads?

        • anon

          It was probably an Amish or Mormon gang.

          • Anonymous

            Those of you who feel you can immediately discern the race of the perpetrators, when the person describing the crime specifically stated “not sure what they looked like,” sicken me. You’d sicken yourselves as well if you had any decency.

          • d~

            Those dang Mormons. I saw them riding their bikes on the wrong side of the street the other day; the next logical step in their anarchical plot is beating people with pipes… They. Must. Be. Stopped.

          • Vinnie

            [email protected]; you are speaking the truth. You can add blonds and blue/green eyes too. There need to be more foot patrols like in Manhattan, New York.

      • Another guy named Chris

        Don’t feed the anonymous trolls!

    • MichelleRD

      What’s this business about “their thug ridden youth”? Is this not YOUR community? That Us/Them positioning sucks rocks and it’s counterproductive.

      If you find something hard to say, maybe you just shouldn’t.

      • Grand Funk

        Agree with MichelleRD

      • Anonymous

        these people are NOT part of my community. They dont hold the same values as me. they might live in same location as me but community is much more than location.

      • Veronika

        right on Michelle!

      • Vinnie

        MicheelleRD, I’m sorry, this individuals aren’t a part of my community. I don’t know them.They would kill, hurt, or shoot me just for the way I look.

      • J.

        What’s the point? If he were to just come out and say “black” everybody here would still take issue with it. What do you want? Straight talk or sensitive?

    • Anonymous

      I’m so tired of people thinking that “community leaders” can do a thing about this, or that more rec centers will change a thing.

      The people who pull this stuff do not go to church or play basketball at Turkey Thicket or probably even show up to school unless the rival gang they want to fight happens to be there. What is a community leader or rec center going to do to stop this?

      Preachers can lecture all they want, we can send the best teachers in the world, and you could give a billion dollars to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club but it’s not going to do a damn thing because the people they need to reach aren’t there listening to them, they are on 14th st smashing people’s faces with pipes.

      • anonymous

        but they are part of a community in which many of the members do participate in these things so it’s not for naught. (though fwiw, I think that religion only encourages people to absolve themselves of responsibility for their fate so I would only argue for secular centers.)

        • anonymous

          meaning, if their classmates, teachers, parents can get the message, it’ll start to permeate the community.

          • Anonymous

            You think the parents of these people know or care what they are doing? If they know, they either don’t care or have so little control over their kids they can’t do anything anyway. If they don’t know, how are they going to change anything?

            And their classmates? Their classmates are either going to be jealous of the shiny new stuff they got from robbing people or scared that if they say anything they are going to be the next ones with a wired jaw.

            I can see community involvement helping 20 years down the line by stopping it before it starts, but there is very little it can do right now.

          • anonymous

            yes, I do. I understand these families are dysfunctional, but you seem to be forgetting that these are PEOPLE we’re talking about. I’d love to see you become a big brother/sister and see how that changes your view.

          • Anonymous

            Trust me, I don’t need to be a big brother to understand. I grew up here, I went to school here, I just recently moved out of Brentwood. I had friends with brothers who were in gangs, I had friends go to jail for armed robbery. They didn’t say: “mom, I’m going out to rob someone tonight, be back late!” They went out they came home, and nobody asked them where they were. The attitude of people with family in a gang was “it’s not for me, but if that’s what they want, fine. I worry about them but I can’t do anything about it.”

            So please explain exactly how more community involvement will help right now. If parents get involved, the kids will laugh at them and do it anyway. If teachers are involved, at best the kids will say “sure I’ll be good” and do it anyway.

            Perhaps your experience in Big Brothers has changed your view in a different way than you imagined. The kids in that program are the good ones, the ones who may be at risk, but are at least being helped. The kids who are going to end up wielding pipes are not going to be in that program.

      • mbrowndc


  • Hopefully lots of folks will show up at the meeting tonight (6:30, La Cabana, on crime in this area) and really hammer home the level of discontent. Certainly, this incident should be among those discussed. Just horrifying. There needs to be a massive and aggressie police presence north of Newton in evening hours for the duration of the summer.

  • enough

    I wish we could find out where these thugs live. I am guessing most live in public housing which makes me sick to think we are subsidizing criminals to live in the neighborhood. There is also a huge apt building up that way recently developed with low income housing vouchers that CM Graham championed. Perhaps if the follow up was kicking them out of the housing that might be more incentive to act like a decent human, especially if it meant their entire family would be kicked out. I also don’t understand why we can’t legally hold parents responsible for the criminal acts of minor children in this city. I think some 14 years olds might actually take that seriously. And more importantly, some parents might actually take parenting seriously (beyond screaming “shut the eff up” on the 52 bus every evening).

    • anon

      If it is Public Housing or another HUD subsidized program, the housing authority can kick them out if they have been involved in criminal activity. Not sure about low-income housing tax credit properties.

      But seriously, why the hell do people on this blog assume that each and every crime is committed by people that live in subsidized housing? There’s a fair amount of crime up in north Petworth and there’s not a lot of subsidized housing up there. Stop simplifying this problem by blaming poor people.

      • Patrick

        You’re right, it’s probably a bunch of rich lawyers who got bored with their “hobbies” and decided to take up late-night-jaw-breaking for grins. SMH

        • anon

          Sorry, I should say people that can’t afford market rents in that area. So, yeah, probably not a lot of lawyers live in subsidized housing (although some Legal Aid lawyers could probably qualify). But there are a ton of good people that live in subsidized housing and by no means do all criminals live in subsidized housing.

      • John

        I agree that the blame can’t just be put on public housing. But there’s also no question that if we removed all subsidized housing then neighborhoods like this would be safer because it would help displace the violent underclass. It’s not the gentrifiers who beat and rob people or shoot up neighborhoods. I wish we could just close all of the subsidized housing west of the river, build new housing for them in wards 7&8, and pay PG County to annex that territory and responsibility for the people in it.

        • Tres

          The solution is to spread subsidized housing over all parts of the city — all Wards. Concentrating it in any one area is a horrible idea. Larger projects should be turned into mixed income housing, and new housing built in DC should be made to include as much low income housing as possible.

          • Anonymous


            warehousing is not the answer, integrating can be a part of an answer.

          • Idaho Ave

            Spread it out so as to not have it concentrated on any one block or in any one building. Put a unit here and there and enforce the regulations for crime, occupancy, etc strictly.

          • Grand Funk

            Ya, I’m sure Chevy Chase and Georgetown will gladly participate??? In theory it is right though.

          • dcd

            A a matter of city policy, concentrating it in one area isn’t the answer. But Removing all subsidized housing from one specific ares certainly will improve things in that area.

          • caballero

            I think that idea has fallen out of vogue. Not too long ago, The Atlantic did a piece on this, focusing on Memphis. Apparently, after moving folks out of public housing and mixing them into other neighborhoods, the same amount of crime continued; it just become more dispersed throughout the city. I can’t recall when the article came out, but it was an eye-opener for me.

          • Joe Blow

            Yeah, because putting criminals in a nice housing, among upper middle class folk, will turn them from being career criminals in training, into law-abiding, upscale young professionals. The poor chirrets are just victims of their circumstances…

          • Elle

            Caballero, that piece was pretty strongly discredited by several real academics and experts in statistics.

          • Anon

            I fail to understand how giving predators housing that is closer to their prey will cut down on crime. Seems like it just makes the criminals’ commutes shorter.

        • I think this solution was attempted before… it was called the Holocaust.

          • svi

            yes, moving public housing around is exactly like the Holocaust

          • anonymous

            yes indeed, creating a ghetto where you put “undesireables” would be right up Hitler’s alley. I can only hope John was kidding.

          • Anon

            Wow. Godwin’s Law kicked in awfully fast in this post.

        • la_niña

          your comments are moronic! do you mean clean the city of AA and be done with it so “your kind” can be happy? Why should PG county take over a problem that is the City’s? ask Mayor Grey to do his job instead of promoting dumb ideas

    • Vinnie

      Many of the hoodlums don’t live in public housing. Many live in their grandma’s houses.




    • anonymous


  • cottontails

    This. Shooting on the 900 block of Randolph and another on Georgia and Randolph. Stupid question, but anyone who lives around there notice an increased police presence in response?

    Remind me to avoid this street for the time being.

    • Anony

      I’m Randolph on the other side of Georgia and I have not noticed increased police presence.

      These guys sure do look for the low hanging fruit, I guess extra vigilence is called for when leaving a local bar late at night. Damn, a pipe to the face is seriously reaching a new level of hand-violence.

      • saf

        I’m just around the corner. And no, we haven’t.

        • Anonymous

          I haven’t noticed any increased presence either. I’ve actually noticed less than usual. Other than the paddy wagon that was there after the triple shooting, but that didn’t really help anyway, cuz a few days later there was a mugging less than a block away from the paddy wagon…so not sure what that was doing. We definitely need more cars out in that 5 block radius around red derby and petworth metro, especially on the weekends.

          Also I saw a cop car the other morning performing a ‘speed trap’. Although they were out of their car, aiming at the other side of the street, so the people who sped would just drive off before the police officer could run out in front of them to stop them…it seemed very disorganized, and they were only catching people who were polite enough to pull over and weren’t really speeding as much…it was very strange to watch…

  • anon

    I think the first step is to ensure all incidents, no matter how seemingly minor, are called into 911. For example, call 911 instead of hailing a cab. We have to make sure the crime stats are accurate so the police will stop telling us crime is down.

    • Anonymous

      The first victim’s cell phone was stolen when he was beaten/robbed and had no other option but to hail a cab. He was covered in blood and hardly coherent so knocking on a stranger’s door didn’t seem like a viable option.

    • er

      I think getting to the hospital, where he can get both treatment and access to a phone, was probably his best choice.

  • wilber

    so in the last 2 weeks, thats 3 people dead and more than 10 people robbed within 3 blocks of 14th and Spring.

  • VG

    I’m so sorry for your friend.

    I’m also furious that there was nothing on the listservs from the weekend. Tonight’s meeting isn’t at the most convenient time for me, but I’ll be there. Enough is enough.

    • JMC

      Well if police weren’t called to the scene that could be why it didn’t show up on listservs…

  • Dave

    I call shenanigans. Finding a cab at that hour, up there? Unlikely.

    • willlllllllllllll


  • enough

    blaming poor people? No I am blaming people who fail to parent and the juvenile delinquents who run this city and know it. Are most of them poor? yep. I am guessing the guys who beat someone with a pipe aren’t hill staffers or teachers or non-profit workers or anyone gainfully employed. Oh right, if the city would just give them a job then they wouldn’t have to beat the crap out of people. Holy shyt, how low are the standards of people in this City?

    • Vinnie

      You are correct, I blame parents for their poor parenting skills. If you say anything to their children by correcting their bad behavior, they will curse you out, fight you, or shoot you. I don’t ride the buses on 14th Street, NW. I take the S1 or S2 Metro buses down 16th Street, NW and mind my business by not saying anything to hoodlums, in fear of getting attacked or telling me to move to Montgomery or Fairfax counties.

    • So, Just Sayin’

      Wrong, both of you. Jesus is to blame.

  • Dirty McPop

    if anything, i’ve noticed a slightly lower police presence of late. and i live w/in blocks of all of these incidents.

    seeing how chief lanier is just NOW hosting a community dialogue on the caribbean festival events, which occurred weeks ago, perhaps we can expect a police response to these events by next month!

    • Anonymous

      The Council/Mayor has cut police funding, and the police has warned that such cuts will result in lower numbers of cops out there and increase in crime. It’s cynical I know, but sometimes the police uses violent crime and intentional reduction in protection services to justify budgets or protest policy.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps a Rally at the Derby, and/or benefit for the first victim’s lost wages from being bed ridden for a few weeks.

    • anonymous


    • me

      If someone schedules one, I’ll be there.

  • Claire

    Meeting Regarding Crime & Violence in Spring/Perry/Parkwood Area

    Councilmember Graham and the MPD will be meeting with the community at 6:30 pm at La Cabana.

    CHILDCARE WILL BE PROVIDED! Although no reservation is required, please send me the names and ages of your children so we know how many to expect.

    Lisa Kralovic
    ANC 1A01 cell 202-280-8935

    Please remember that the Tuesday meeting is at 6:30 pm at La Cabana. If you have any information to share with the MPD regarding the recent shootings and gunfire, please contact Captain Farish and/or the Command Information Center. Anything unusual you may have seen on the day of, or the days prior to, the gunfire/shootings may be of value. Even if you think it is not significant, it is worth sharing with Captain Farish. Please also contact him even if you already talked to someone else in the police department. His contact information is below.

    My office is 202-645-5556. The Command Information Center is a 24-hour operation and they are at 202-727-9099. Thanks.

    Michael Farish
    Homicide Branch
    O: 202-645-5556

    • er

      Thank you for sharing this. I live on Spring between 14 and 16, and will definitely be attending this meeting tonight.

  • andy

    man that is close to the house.

    • Anonymous

      what’s “the house”?

  • Rock

    How about this for a start: cops out of their cruisers and on the beat. When was the last time anyone saw Dc police officers on foot patrolling neighborhoods?

    • Grand Funk

      Police don’t want to be on foot in fear of being struck with a metal pipe

      • andy

        there are cops on bikes around this area. and i’ve definitely seen cops on foot around 14th & Taylor territory. and foot patrol isn’t some policing godsend anyway. If it was we’d just take away all the cop cars. but point taken, cops driving by not really looking around is an important issue.

        • TaylorStreetMan

          Point taken about the bike cops (very often at the Red Derby, in fact), but one of the side benefits of cops on foot in the neighborhoods is that they get to know all the neighbors and visa versa.

          Of course, they cover a whole lot less ground than they would in a patrol car. I like the bike cop as a good in-between.

      • Vinnie

        [email protected] Funk; your comment is funny and probably true. Looking at some of the MPD police officers size, I sense, some are afraid of the criminals. I am too. LOL

        Police Chief Lanier has her hand fulls. She’s dealing with personnel problems from within her Agency. I think, some MPD officers/officials are hoping she fails. I like Police Chief Lanier and I hope she will not let the politics get to her.

    • anon

      If they did that, they would probably be accused of “profiling.”

    • Jim Ed

      FWIW, cops in the 1st district walk the beat in my neighborhood regularly. I see them every once in a while just kind of ambling around the blocks. It’s kind of a bizarre sight at first because the concept seems so foreign.

    • El Gringo

      Last weekend.
      *Walking* down Newton St from Holmead.

    • Anonymous

      All summer long on bikes in capitol hill?

      Cops have to have some mode of transportation to respond to emergencies more than 4 blocks away.

      There aren’t enough dollars to put a cop on every corner like in the movies about the 20’s.

  • Anonymous

    God damn that’s horrible. I’m so sorry for these people and their pain.

    may they recover quickly.

  • Native American JD in DC

    The answer is in CCW permits and a gun store in the district. Citizens need to be as armed as the criminal element to have a fighting chance.

    • Anon

      Sweet, so when you get knocked in the face by a pipe, a CCW will allow you to maintain consciousness and shoot the attackers?

      I know you guys think CCW gives you super powers, but in this instance, you would have just turned over a gun to criminals. Its reasonable to think that if they had a gun they would have used it instead of a pipe… but now they have a gun! Job well done.

      • elcal

        +1 I seriously don’t get that people don’t realize where dirty guns come from…

      • Anon


        CCW will only lead to more pipes to the faces of victims. You throw in the risk of getting shot and a desperate robber now has the incentive debilitate the victim.

      • NRA Member

        Everyone ought to be allowed to own a gun; no one ought to be allowed to carry a gun. This idea that people have that allowing carry and conceal is going to cut down on gun crime — especially in a city — is lunatic.

        There are all sorts of data that tell reasonable people that gun registration procedures don’t increase gun crime (didn’t stop the post-Heller freak-out, but it was clearly unwarranted), but there isn’t a single set of data that tell us the ability to carry weapons around lowers crime. We can track trends that move in the same direction, but never has anyone showed any causality. In this instance, someone who gets hit by a pipe would be robbed of their gun, compounding the problem. And at any case, a carry and conceal permit would still prohibit guns inside the Red Derby, so we can presume this law abiding citizen wouldn’t have had it on them any way.

        Most importantly, if we allow people to use guns to do more than protect their homes, the police would lose their authority to search or arrest suspects when they’re carrying weapons. Carry and conceal might not be dangerous in the burbs, but in the city it’s a terrible policy.

        • elcal

          I may ultimately disagree with you on the necessity or “right” to any weapon, but, good god, your post is a breath of fresh air. Please get the rest of the NRA to start thinking like this.

          • Maymo

            elcal translation: You are surprisingly more in line with my personal point of view than I would have thought. Kudos to you for thinking like me. Please encourage others to do the same.

        • Another guy named Chris

          The police cannot determine whether a person’s handgun and CCW permit is legit during a “shake-down”?

          I thought when registered, it shows on your DL? At least in VA. Every time I get pulled over in VA, after they run my license they ask if I have a firearm in my vehicle.

          • NRA Member

            A bulge that looks like a gun in 2011 DC is probable cause for a police officer. If you allow a system where people are able to carry weapons legally, a police officer no longer has probable cause.

            I suppose these CCW laws have provisions in them that allow police to challenge people who look to be carrying a firearm. But an “I forgot my wallet” is probably good enough to be allowed to move on, constitutionally speaking. In practice, maybe the cop will just use force. Nonetheless, it seems to present a problem that we probably should just avoid by not allowing carry and conceal in the District.

        • anon

          No way you are an NRA member. Take your false flag BS and lies somewhere where people are stupid enough to fall for it.

          • svi

            yeah, i seriously doubt that this dude is an NRA member, although if i’m wrong and he wants to give them money to support a position that he totally opposes, more power to him.

          • NRA Member

            Not all NRA members think carry and conceal is a good idea. I believe that everyone should be allowed to own a handgun if they so desire, and that’s why I pay my $24/year.

            I also don’t know why what I wrote is so offensive, unless you’re a big proponent of carry and conceal in Washington, DC.

          • Anon

            Not all NRA members are irrational gun nuts. There’s a belief that everyone should have the right to own a gun (something I agree with) and then there are the more fringe beliefs, such as CCW should be a blanket policy across the country (one that neither I, nor the supreme court, approve of).

          • svi

            it’s not offensive, its that you should not present your opinion as something that is representative of the NRA in any way.

            Also, I don’t agree with your reasons to opose ccw, since ccw is not positively or negatively correlated to crime, why ban it?

            A form of carry is almost certainly required by the current consititutional interpretation, one way or another carry is coming to dc.

          • anon

            “Carry and conceal might not be dangerous in the burbs, but in the city it’s a terrible policy.”

            Why? Because people in the ‘burbs’ are better than city folk? Because people in the burbs deserve to protect themselves, but people in the city don’t? You sound like a garden variety limousine liberal bigot to me.

            “NRA Member” my @$$. The fact that you’re spewing Brady talking points, and outright lies:

            “if we allow people to use guns to do more than protect their homes, the police would lose their authority to search or arrest suspects when they’re carrying weapons.”

            is proof enough.

            Really: we supposed to believe you’re NRA when you make it obvious that you think having a gun is probable cause:

            “If you allow a system where people are able to carry weapons legally, a police officer no longer has probable cause.”

            Pretty much every single thing you’ve said is a Brady talking point.

            False Flag. No other explanation.

            Funny: When I signed up for the Brady Campaign emails to keep tabs on their anti-civil rights activities, they referred to me as a ‘member’ – (Never gave them a single cent). Seems to fit right in with your style of thinking: pay $24 so you can say “I’m an NRA Member, BUT…”. What a larf. Are you “japete”? One of her sycophants perhaps?

          • elcal

            svi, reading comprehension fail. The poster’s handle is ‘NRA Member’ not ‘NRA Spokesperson’. It’s a club, you pay dues, you get to call yourself a member.

          • svi

            nah i can read fine, its you who is being disengenuous elcal,

            the only reason to call yourself “NRA member” in this context is to give people the impression that NRA members oppose CCW.

          • elcal

            Do you really believe a member of any organization, either through dues or informal signature, truly follows the organizations political or social agenda lockstep? If that were the case, we’d have more than 2 political parties with significant membership.

          • NRA Member

            Dude, I’m in the minority. I use the handle here so I can make the point that I support ownership of firearms, but I oppose CCW. You’re overreacting. I’ve never even been to the Brady website.

            CCW, hopefully, isn’t coming to DC. I’m an arch-conservative, buddy. I believe in all kinds of conservative things, but I think the idea that carry and conceal is going to do anything aside from getting innocent people shot in lunatic, as I wrote above. This idea that everyone should be toting handguns around is a really poor one.

            I also pay my dues because I get a discount at the range, where I can fire my rifles or my handguns. I like shooting guns; I don’t like carrying them around. There’s no false flag here. If you want, we can talk about this stuff in a different forum. The NRA has almost 5 million members and many of us don’t support every single policy position, just as say someone who supports the president doesn’t support every idea the guy has.

        • Vinnie

          All law abiding citizens should be allowed to own a gun. The hoodlums already are armed.

    • Another guy named Chris

      Obviously in this specific situation a citizen carrying with a CCW wouldn’t have prevented anything, unless he saw the attackers coming. Even so, since he was leaving a bar, he wouldn’t have been able to legally carry at that point.

      The cumulative effect of citizens carrying guns is hard to determine. It could deter some criminals from mugging people they once perceived as easy, because the fear of being outgunned. Conversely, some will become more violent from that fear. The % of CCW permits would be small considering many in DC are anti-gun, so unless there was a large population of gun toters, perceptions wouldn’t be changed anyway. Perhaps until lil Peanut gets killed trying to strong-arm a 5’0 woman named Janie.

      • anon

        “Even so, since he was leaving a bar, he wouldn’t have been able to legally carry at that point.”

        False. Many states allow carrying in bars. Actually, DC does as well. It’s a little know fact that DC actually has CCW, it’s just impossible for normal citizens to get one. Shades of Animal Farm: Some animals are more equal than others.

        • rjs

          As far as I know, the states that allow guns in bars do not allow the carriers to drink or be drunk while carrying. I don’t know if any private citizens in DC actually have a concealed weapons permit. And while it may be true that technically, you can get one, you can also technically get hand grenades or anti-aircraft missiles, you will just never ever get a permit for them.

    • Veronika

      that’s the most irresponsible “solution” i’ve ever heard.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve lived here for 12 years and under three (or four?) mayors and several police chiefs. Every summer there are brutal, violent crimes, assaults, murders. Every summer people get frustrated and angry about the crime. Every summer there are meetings, sometimes there are protest marches, candlelight vigils, proclamations from politicians and police chiefs, much hand wringing and blame dished out.

    And every summer the cycle renews, with little to no change, at least no significant change.

    Reducing crime and violence in a community takes a concerted effort from EVERYONE in the community to change the culture, and it takes years to put into place. Relying on police and elected officials alone does not work. Everyone from parents to teachers to neighbors to young adults with no kids to victims to business owners to every single person in the community needs to work together to change the culture. Extremely difficult to put together in today’s “all I care about is my own shit and I’m too busy to do anything else” society. But not impossible. Surely not impossible.

    But . . . for me, and many others have seen this for much longer, 12 years and counting.

    • Tres

      Good points, but as of now, we haven’t had a tough on crime politician in any office in DC. I think that’s the main contributing factor to this problem. We can fix that in the next election, but it’s going to take a strong effort to increase public awareness of this issue — namely, that it’s actually *okay* to lock up violent criminals. Leave your misplaced liberal guilt behind and embrace policy that benefits people of all incomes in DC.

      • greent


        Leave your misplaced liberal guilt behind and embrace policy that benefits people of all incomes in DC.

        bra-fucking-vo of a statement.

      • Anonymous

        Tough on crime and locking up a bunch of people is not a long term solution. It’s not even a long term solution as many of the perpetrators are juveniles that wouldn’t be subject to most of the tough on crime measures.

        Again, this isn’t about liberal guilt, it’s about the entire community being part of a solution. Relying on law enforcement alone or politicians alone has never worked.

        • Anonymous

          Well, that argument doesn’t hold at all. Locking up people DOES help and it is a long term solution because it “ages” out a generation of criminals to the point where they are too old to B&E and they don’t have the close contact with the age group 13-17 year olds most likely to be drafted into crime.

          The entire community CAN’T be part of the solution and they don’t have to be part of the solution. All you have to do is lock up people who commit crimes and then not warehouse them in public housing when they get out.

          • Anonymous

            This. You can talk about prison not being a long-term solution when it comes to the war on drugs or selective enforcement of nuisance crimes or whatever, but when the topic is violent crime the only sane answer is lengthy, lengthy, prison sentences. Violent crime should be the whole reason why we have prisons. Based on a sober look at the results, the long-running “community-focused rehabilitation” and diversion programs for violent youth in DC are not sane policies, and they are directly putting us all at risk.

        • Walter Washington

          i heard killing terrorists creates terrorists

      • Vinnie

        @Tres, all our D.C. Councilmembers are liberals. The criminals and illegals have more rights than we do.

        • me

          I have wanted to run for years because crime has gotten out of control. The problem is that I’m a Republican, and so I’d never have a chance. C’est la vie.

  • Anonymous

    Stop speculating people. You just sound like idiots.

    Public housing ain’t going anywhere. People of a different race than you will still live near you.

    You all don’t need to pretend to be FBI profilers. It adds nothing to this covsation but bigotry and hatred.

    • Mr. Poon

      What in the shit are you talking about?

    • Chairman Mao

      Covsation? Facepalm.

  • Anon

    This is absolutely terrifying. I live in a pretty dicey area myself and shit like this just doesnt happen. It seems like while crime overall in the city is down or flat, the area south of Upshur, North of U Street, and between GA Ave and 14th has really seen a surge, particularly to the north of that area. The police need to really step it up. Robberies, break-ins, and snatch and grabs are one thing, but people getting cold cocked in the face with a pipe is just a totally different beast.

  • Ben

    Reminds me how I was beaten and left unconscious for my cell phone at 18th and Calvert late last Saturday (10th) night.

    Thugs don’t care… I’m lucky they didn’t use a pipe and witnesses chased them so at least one could be arrested.

    • Grand Funk

      So they got one? Good on the people for chasing him down…he will no doubt give up the others, that’s just how punks like that operate

  • nobody

    the trend seems to be that hippster bars attract thugs who see stumbling beerhounds as easy prey. didn’t a similar increase in crime happen around wonderland when it re-opened? people complain about gentrification taking away resident’s opportunities, but the opportunities to beat and rob seem to really thrive when a new more affluent population moves into the’hood.

    • Josh

      So what about DC cops recognizing this and having a inconspicuous eye on those potential problem areas late at night?

      • Anon

        Inconspicuous? Like secret stake outs and spy craft? What are you getting at?

        For what its worth, Rustik, a bar in Bloomingdale, has a conspicuous police presence fairly frequently. There have only been a few minor incidents.

        • Josh

          If you sit a police car with flashing lights outside, the criminals will just go do the same thing at the bar down the street. If you catch them you instead (hopefully) put them behind bars.

          That’s what I am getting at.

          • Anon

            Maybe they do already?

  • Grand Funk

    This is such BS, what kind of cowards act like that?

    • anon

      Young black males who don’t have good parenting, or good education. Sorry if that sounds racist, but it’s a larger economic / poverty issue that drives this, and unfortunately it affect a lot of black people in this city.

      • Another guy named Chris

        I’m pretty sure that was a rhetorical question, but thanks for the brilliant insight.

  • Anonymous

    Mayor Gray will announce that he will use the DC fire dept to protect people walking home at night, right?

  • JDC

    This is horrifying. My condolences go out to the victim. But enough is enough. Where’s our Bernie Goetz? We need someone like him more than ever. Or Batman. F**K. This is why i don’t buy into this “beautiful life” crap.

  • Grand Funk

    Good job CM Graham, hopefully by indirectly supporting this you’ll get re-elected…

    I do understand how folks can get down on their luck (I’ve been there) but quit subsidizing crime!! You are only perpetuating a larger socio-economic issue in the area.

    How about some more accountability for receiving tax payer assistance. Florida just passed drug testing for welfare recipients. Maybe a cap on length of housing assistance without proven effort??

    • Grand Funk
      • greent

        “But these tests amount to strip searching our state’s most vulnerable residents merely because they rely on the government for financial support during these difficult economic times.”

        But if you are in favor of this.. then how about every company that recieves ANY “free” federal money must have every person who does any work for the company drug tested, and if any fail, the money is not allowed. That would include: fulltime, parttime, contractual, volunteer and all board members.

        How about every member of the military is drug tested, and if possible, automatically kicked out of their free money jobs.

        Every federal government works is tested – from janitors to the Justices of the Supreme Court.

        You in for that? Would teh federal government be in for that?

        No, just for the poor? Why is it ok for the poor, but not everyone else who gets government money?

        • svi

          a large chunk of people who work for the federal govt are already drug tested, including the military

          • Another guy named Chris

            What about college students receiving federal loans? We already ban those with a drug charge, we should ban anyone who smoked a joint too right? Drug test them every semester.

          • svi

            you get free shit from the people, the people get to set conditions on it.

            don’t like it? don’t take the free stuff.

            and i say this as someone who both enjoyed the largesse and the occasional doob. If i were randomly drug tested i would have stuck with alcohol and not have financed mexican drug lords. easy.

          • Anonymous

            If you’re convicted of a drug crime, you’re ineligible for Federal Student loans.

            Any other arguments you want to try?

        • Another guy named Chris

          exactly greent.

          Not to mention the effect of eliminating families from welfare and assistance because of a mother’s weed habit, will only cause more homeless and hungry children burden the child care system.

          • Anonymous

            Take the kids away from the addicted parent and put them in boarding school.

            It can’t be any worse than growing up with an addict for a parent.

        • Grand Funk

          First of all, you hit it right on the head when you said “free money JOBS” Yes, jobs…do not try and make the comparison to our hardworking military or community volunteers.

          I know there are plent of wonderful people receiving aid and have done their damndest to get off the vouchers but it is still direct taxpayer assistance that should have some criteria for receiving it. Plain and simple

        • JDC

          Bottom line is you shouldn’t be breaking the law if you’re reliant on government money to keep yourself fed and alive – respect the spoon that feeds you. I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to expect that our taxpayer dollars aren’t going to fund someone’s drug habit. We drug test members of government, members of our armed forces, and anyone with a security clearance (that’s A LOT of people).
          As someone who enjoys a little chronic every now and again, I do think it sucks that the poor would be subjected to this. I feel for them, but if you’re using my money to stay alive i’d like to be assured that you’re actually TRYING to do something with your life rather than just wasting away in Section 8 housing, making no effort to move forward in life.

          • Anon

            Im a federal employee, should I have to respect the law more than someone in the private sector? No. The law is the law and everyone should have to obey it equally.

          • james

            Those receiving federal mortgage assistance or who write off mortgage interest on their taxes are also, in some way, dependent on government money for their homes. Should they be drug-tested as well?

          • Anon

            Drug test everyone at GM!!

        • Madison

          Perhaps I am missing something here, but your entire “argument” appears to be a total non-sequitor. Government employees and members of the military are trading a service or work for money. Those in public housing aren’t trading anything- they are taking. Kind of like living in your parents’ basement, living on someone else’s dime isn’t meant to be fun (or fair, for that matter).

        • Grand Funk

          Greent, I believe you have been served!

        • james

          Oh, let’s go further than that. Anyone who’s receiving any kind of help or assistance of any kind from the government should take drug tests.

          Getting federal mortgage assistance? Drug test.

          Earned income tax credit? Drug test.

          Going to a state university? Drug test.

          Taking any deductions on your income taxes? Drug test.

          Unemployment insurance? Drug test.

          FDIC guarantee on your bank account? Drug test.

          Riding the Metro or buses (subsidized by taxpayer dollars)? Drug test.

          We could go on…

      • KT

        This is an extremely blunt instrument. What happens when someone struggling with an addiction falls off the wagon and loses his assistance? Options?…Crime! But drug testing is cheaper than better soical services and drug treatment programs, so you get this, and, well, Florida is Florida.

        • Anonymous

          Tough shit. Be clean and sober for 2 years and reapply.

    • Haile Unlikely

      Enough with the bs about subsidized housing. I live in Ward 4. There are plenty of thugs living in single family homes up here (seriously, no kidding). When a neighborhood that happens to have a couple of large conspicuous subsidized apartment buildings gets all riled up about street crime, the large conspicuous subsidized apartment building is an easy target, but it is far from being the sole cause of the problem, even if it does indeed contribute to it to some degree.

  • enough

    grand funk
    that is brilliant!! I would go one step further with it and say insist that any one over the age of 14 in your household also has to be tested. REGULARLY. But there is no way CM Graham or any of these other idiots on council would support this. Because we need to subsidize drug addicts so we can then subsidize rehab (which we don’t have any money for either fwiw).

  • Arianna

    I always hated vigilantism, and in theory I still do. I would never be the one to snap. But if these criminals contine to inflict horrible violence for small sums of cash and iPhones, and the police remain impotent turds, then I’ll stand up and cheer when someone goes Bernie Geotz on these animals.

    • Grand Funk

      Much more can be done but I believe it is unfair to refer to our police “impotent turds”.

      They are out there (most of them honest and hardworking) risking their lives… Get at the elected officials to provide more support to them but an unfair statement Arianna

      • mbrowndc


    • Grand Funk

      However I do cheer someone for handing it back to the punk ass criminals in the name of justice

  • DethMurder5000

    I’d like to organize a neighborhood brute force. Why not position vigilante squads of 5 or 6 at key locations, hidden in alleys and trees, ready to spot and subdue assailants?

    Bikes, bullet proof vests, helmets and tasers would be a good tactical combo, plus some rope or zip-ties, and obviously masks.

    • DethMurder5001


  • to the OP

    Not sure if this was asked but does the victim need financial assistance or anything else while he recovers? yes, i am PISSED off too and would like some vigilante justice but in the meantime can this guy pay his hospital bills? Will he get paid time off from work? I would be more than happy to write a check this minute if there is a need and fund set up to help this guy. Hell, the way this summer is going maybe PoP can just set up a revolving fund for multiple victims. Dang, DC we gotta do better.

  • J.

    People here say the criminals could be anybody, but how many are you willing to bet that they are NOT black? Come on!!! This goes beyond just a coincidence and into something that is being bred within a certain culture. If a bunch of one legged red heads were offing people left and right, we shirley would address the situation, right? Stop ignoring the obivious for the sake of being politically correct here people!!!

    Not that it matters. Comense to calling me racist and a troll in 3,2,….

    • Another guy named Chris

      How many one -legged red-heads do you know, or seen for that matter?

      How many black people?

      This is the problem, while the perps may be black, the fact that they are in a city where a significant number fit the young, black male description does very little besides race bait.

      What is the point of proving they are black? Does it bring us any closer to a solution?

      • J.

        But it addreess where the problem is and who we need to talk to. Talking about this to one legged red heads will do no use since they are not out there comminting these crimes. Saying “Oh race doesn’t matter” is a cop out answer.

        • elcal

          No, the problem audience would be poor city dwellers who happen to be black. In Boston, there are plenty of petty and violent criminals who are European Americans–and they’re poor. There may be a demographic skewed in a racially homogenous way, but targeting black people in general is not how you interpret that data.

          J., did you assume the victim of the shooting in this area (other post) was black? Cos statistically speaking, you would have made that assumption. But he wasn’t black.

          • J.

            What color does it matter of the victim? They were not doing anything wrong or illegal. If so, then they should be deatl with. But it’s the aggresors who should be dealth with….

        • Anonymous

          That’s be one limber ginger.

          • J.


  • Just Left CH for Good

    If DC were to ban pit boo’s these animals street cred would go way down, and maybe they would follow the herd to PG county. Pit Boo’s be so cute…. just like their owners when they’re 3. Cute in the cradle, ugly at the table!

    • Laughing


    • anon


    • Anon

      Pit bulls are banned in PG.

    • MJ

      Hmm. You should do some more research on Pits. While there are blood lines that exist to create extremely aggressive and unstable dogs, most Pits are wonderful, loyal, loving dogs and make great family pets. The reason Pits make such good fighting dogs is because of their enormous strength and high pain threshold, as well as the ability to pull them from a fight without risking your neck. However, you need to train them to be fighting animals as well as aggressive towards humans. This type of training involves very harsh and cruel tactics that screw up the dog’s mental stability and create the type of Pit you are talking about. Most of them are wonderful dogs. Dr. Gary Weitzman, the CEO of WARL has a Pit. Do you think the CEO of WARL would have a Pit if they were bad dogs?

      • Anon

        You have bad information and poor logical reasoning.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    “What are the cops doing to protect those of us who contribute positively to society?”
    -Believe it or not, the cops can’t be everywhere at once. They can’t station a car in front of every hipster outpost on Friday and Saturday nights.
    And stationing a car in front of someplace only moves the crime to some other area. I can think of a number of shootings that have taken place a block away from a light tower or patrol car installed at the site of a prior shooting.

  • Claire

    What an incredibly unproductive conversation. POP-I appreciate the crime posts, but it seems like the more you post, the more inane the comments become. Will all of you please get off POP for a minute and call or email the police dept, ANC member, city council or mayor’s office please. Or go to the meeting tonight.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      It’s the same screed every time – kill all the thugs, tear down all the public housing, gentrification is the answer, i’m not a racist but we all know what color the attacker(s) was(were), blah, blah, blah. Anyone whose seen one of these threads could script every one of them. (The NRA screed hasn’t shown up for a couple of threads.)

      Maybe PoP should just post these incidents and not take any comments, but rather just ask for emails with information and refer the ranters to the daily rant and rave column.

      • Anonymous

        Very good idea. +1

      • MJ


  • Derby Drinker

    I’m a regular at the Derby and a walker. First time I left the Derby was a year ago. Couple blocks north on 14th a couple knuckleheads (I’m not saying what color their skin was, but their boxers were plaid.) crossed the street, landing on the sidewalk right in front of me, going the opposite way. I had the feeling they were sizing me up (plus I fear knuckleheads), so a few steps on I glanced back. They were following maybe 20 yards back. I kept walking, popped out my earbuds, and dialed 911 (did not press SEND). Glancing back again, they were gone. There is a lot of wrong-place-wrong-time associated with these attacks, but do be very vigilant in that vicinity.

  • Vinnie

    Bill Cosby have discuss and written about bad behavior committed by some blacks. He was called an Uncle Tom. The political correct thing to do, is not share how your feel on public safety and who’s committing the crimes.

  • Anon

    Why are you idiots walking ohm from bar in that neighborhood at 2AM?

    • Vinnie

      Anon, you make an excellent point. Why are people out so late at night in dangerous neighborhoods walking? They are asking for trouble. The same applies to Rock Creek Park. I’ve seen women jogging in the park at 8:30 p.m. alone. The same applies to men jogging alone in Rock Creek Park.

      • Grand Funk

        Right once the sun goes down everyone best get inside their homes immediately!

        • Anon

          Its like Castlevania II out there.

          • OrderedChaos


        • MJ

          And if you can’t make it to your home, find a dark hole to hide in until the sun comes up.

  • Anon1

    I am moving to this area in a few weeks and this news is very disconcerting. I do take to heart advice on not being a target (ie not walking home from a bar late at night alone, etc.) but still, this is pretty horrifying. Any advice for a newcomer who has some common sense but is still looking for safety tips?

    • GF

      Bear Mace!!!

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to the neighborhood. Don’t ever be within 50 feet of young people between 13-23. Double that distance in the case of a group larger than 2.

    • J.

      what’s the point? Your gut instinct will tell you to avoid young black men, but your liberal guilt will tell you it is racist. Then that same group of “youth” will mug you and you will still hold onto the notion that they are “good” kids.Ironaically enough, there have been a number of stories on PoP of people not listening to their instincts and end up getting mugged or attacked later. Damned if you do damned if you don’t….

    • OrderedChaos

      Don’t panic, Anon1. We’re recent additions to the neighborhood too, and most folks around here are good people. The area has SO much to do to, you’ll enjoy it.

      Not saying the violence is tolerable, of course, and the human garbage attacking our neighbors need to be locked up (or be kind enough to take each other out). But yes, some behaviors do increase your risk, while others decrease it… you’ll be fine if you stick with the latter.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Add Adams Morgan to this list. Walked around 18th street waay past bar time on Saturday night… still, so many hordes/packs of people hanging around, grabbing girls, picking fights, etc.

    It’s getting worse out there people.

  • numbers

    word count
    Racist: 5
    Race: 7
    Black: 15
    White: 0
    Poor: 11
    Public Housing: 10
    entitled: 0!

    • sick and tired of it

      You forgot young punk thugs. And city-sanctioned and legally protected child gangsters aka crews. At least it was a pipe and not a bullet. F’in kids. Got nothin’ better to do than beat up on poor old drunk locals. Time to randomly target grandmas with featherdusters to the face, that will get Gray’s attention.

  • MJ

    The Have-nots taking their fair share from the Haves. This is why our first-world nation is so f*cked up. People who can’t afford 3 meals a day are left out to dry and to watch other people driving around in $100K Mercedes and living in $2 million homes.

    • Anonymous

      or, they could work smarter.

      but no, crime is where it’s at to get your “fair” share.
      it’s a shame kids feel so entitled to things that aren’t theirs.

    • J.

      Ha! Really? How many people do you think drive $100,000 Mercedes in Lopgan Circle? Just bc you arw white does not make you rich!

  • Red Derby

    This meeting is tonight and would be a good place for local business & residents to voice concerns.

    Please join Council member Graham, MPD, and ANC 1A for a community meeting to discuss the recent violence on the blocks of 1400 Spring Road, 1500 Spring Place, and 1400 Parkwood Place.

    6:30 PM
    Tuesday, July 19
    La Cabana Restaurant, 3614 14th St NW (between Spring Road and Perry Place NW)

  • Anonymous

    So, if you get convicted of a drug crime you get no jail time (talking about in DC here)–but become ineligible for federal student loans…

    I don’t get it. I think they should get some jail time and then be eligible for student loans when they straiten out.

    We give them no consequences for bad choices except that they can’t go to college, and then wonder why this shit keeps going on? (Of course I know few people who commit drug crimes are going to go to college, but I do think this policy sends a bad message).

    I think people from all sides of the political divide should see this is odd and try to fix it.

  • bls

    Add another name to this list of parasitic thugs: Cowards. How many of them have the courage to fight anyone straight up with no weapons. How often do we hear that happening? If I knew these guys did not have happens and would adhere to a fair fight (1 on 1) I would happy oblige them anytime.

  • Robin

    Anon – are you “Anon” because you know your comment is ridiculous?

  • Enough is Enough

    It is high time for all the “I love this city” and “Diversity is a great thing” people to smarten up and realize that this is a city that is being run into the ground. Police presence is a joke, the good cops (there are some) are consistently being held back for “picking” on minorities, and we have a serious problem with MINORITY-SPECIFIC crime. I am not a racist, it is statistics. I am seriously considering abandoning this area and moving to MD or VA. DC is never going to crack down on the violence, drugs, and overall crime since most of the people in the city tolerate it and do not hold those in power accountable for their lack of extreme action. I have waited for 12 years for it to “get better” and “gentrify>” It’s getting worse.

    • Anon

      You are a blind fool if you really think things have gotten worse in dc since 1999.

      • saq

        yeah, i don’t understand why someone would not think dc is safer than 1999.
        though Logic is simply one way of looking at things. batshit crazy is another.
        and all those degrees in between.

        i’m curious how noting that there is a “serious problem with MINORITY-SPECIFIC crime” solves any issue? i mean so what? how should that affect how we deal with it?

  • NeighborhoodWatch

    What, if anything, came from tonight’s meeting regarding the recent increase in crime? Was there any mention of increased police patrols in the area?

    • Anonymous

      Police had to leave in the middle of the meeting because there was another shooting. Pretty much says it all.

  • CH Res

    I think I can address a number of the issues raised in this comment thread.

    1) To the OP: I am very sorry for what your friend has had to and will go through. I myself am still feeling the physical effects of a two-mandible fracture that I received in March of this year at the fist of a 25 y.o. BM and can definitely understand what your friend is going through. He should know that the U.S. Attorney’s office has a program called Crime Victims’ Compensation that may be able to help him with some of his expenses.

    2) To the people who would blame the victims for walking alone at night: I was returning from a one block trip to my home at 6:30PM in Feb. (just after dark) on the 1300 block of Fairmont when I was assaulted. I have walked home from Adam’s Morgan to Dupont, where I used to live, and to a friend’s place on 14th and Euclid at all hours of the night and was never harmed. It is possible that I was lucky on those nights, but I live only a few blocks from some of the bars that these assailants target and would be hard-pressed to find a cab to take me such a short distance. Oh, and I was attacked at the foot of my building’s stairs.

    3) The man who assaulted myself and an older woman that same evening (whom the police told me is 60 y.o.) is now in prison and because it was only his first offense, fell under less strict sentencing guidelines. He received only 30 months and 3 years probation. The sentencing guidelines for my assault with sig. bodily harm and the attempted robbery (the U.S. Attorney offered a lesser charge here) ALONE are 6-24 mo./ea. and he received only 30 months in prison for BOTH offenses.

    4) I live next door to two very well-mannered pitbulls.

    5) The police from the Park Street station (who are not impotent turds), the EMTs, my oral surgeon, the U.S. Attorney who handled the federal case, the victim advocate, and the investigators have and continue to do their jobs on my behalf par excellence. The decreased police presence in my neighborhood, however, does not earn the city government a place on this list.

  • Original Poster

    Even-keeled clarification.
    The victim, a soft-faced 23 year old white male, 6’2”, 140lbs (if that) new to DC since last summer is a line cook who was decompressing at the Derby as we often do after our evening shifts. He was certainly not intoxicated and left shortly after 1am towards Upshur, a lengthy but regular walk home during which he felt comfortable enough (regrettably) to have worn earphones.

    On Randolph, a few blocks east of Georgia Ave he was bludgeoned in the face with a metal bar or pipe at least twice since his jaw was dislocated from the skull and broken 3 times, once on each side. He did not see his aggressors but we can assume they were young since they only took what was visible: his backpack (dirty work clothes) and cell phone/ear plugs. They did not take is wallet or money. He was able to hail a cab and the panicked driver called an ambulance which would suggest that there was eventually a police presence. The victim had surgery yesterday and left the hospital this afternoon, with all his teeth (jaw sewn shut) but will not be able to eat solid foods for 6 weeks. As is often the handicap of seeming invincible young men, he does not have health insurance and is exploring victim assistance programs.

    In the interim his colleagues have pooled to replace the stolen items and a case or 2 of suds for good measure. We are exploring the idea of a benefit evening at a bar or our restaurant.

    As for the second victim, the second/third-hand info was erroneous. The assault was bare fisted from 1 individual around 1am on Buchanan between Arkansas and 14th and nothing was taken. Beaten for shits and grins it would seem, related or not.

    While my nearsighted reflex is to enthusiastically endorse a roaming van of masked vigilante marines who stalk social liabilities, strip them naked, beat the piss out of them with wooden bats (below the neck so that they stay conscious and aware) and drop them near a dumpster with an anonymous tip, that is a short term solution to a long term problem in an alternate reality where Charles Bronson is still alive and a neighbor.

    I understand that the police can not entirely prevent these crimes and that our perverted notion of extreme punishment as a solution does little to reduce crime. Perhaps cellphone companies can make GPS tracking/location an affordable standard option thereupon diminishing the worth of a stolen phone. Maybe problem kids need to be taken out of the city during the summer. Put them out on remote farms and expose them to the true meaning of work. Give them basic room and board and make the products available to low income households and try to instill accountability, responsibility and respect for their immediate community. At the very least, we can all agree that statistically, impoverished families in DC are too fat and unhealthy.

  • briefly

    Slavery was a bad idea.

    • +A million.

      Slavery was a bad idea

      Faulty Reconstruction was worse

      Contra crack was the killer.

  • rabble

    wow, some frail guy thought it was a good idea to have a long walk through the neighborhood wearing ear phones at 1am? unbelievable.

  • Kevin

    Cut off the welfare and free housing and this will all stop happening in a few generations.

    • Anonymous

      we should all be free and safe to do that.

    • Kevin’s smart

      we’ve tried these social programs en masse since the 60s, and urban poverty and crime are still here. the programs have bred dependence and system-gaming at least, and, depending on how you look at it, have funded criminality at worst.

      But putting aside the anger that people feel at subsidizing at least some criminals, the entitlement state as it now exists is completely untenable and unsustainable. We, the young people who read this blog, desperately need to wake up to the fact that entitlement reform is the most important issue we as a polity face. government, at the most basic level, does three things: collects revenue, provides services, and gives handouts. Right now, the giving out handouts is threatening the governments ability to provide basic services, or its compact with the citizens to not collect revenue at onerous rates. the entitlements are the problem.

  • Ward 4 observer

    Have the police tried watching who walks into the “head shop”/Shell station at Georgia and Upshur? Seems like the crowd buying the waterpipes, rolling papers, blunts, and junk food that make up the bulk of the merchandise at that place could be in the market for robbing pedestrians.

    • Anonymous

      maybe you should tip off the cops.

  • NeighborhoodWatch

    As someone who lives in the neighborhood I shouldn’t have to worry about getting the f%^k beat out of me just for walking down my street regardless of the time. I’ve always been against the idea of getting a gun, but I’m start to warm up to it now. At the very least, pepper spray seems like a good idea — but shame on DC for requiring me to register it, particularly if most applications are denied.

  • Anonymous

    A pipe to the face? too much t.v and not enough jobs! I mean this kid was walking alone at 2am with a sideways tilt and got jacked up with a pipe to the face. They must have been angry cause they should of just taken his money?
    I have been knocked out with a fist to the face ……but a pipe? That shit ain’t funny and somebody needs to find them and do a little pipe to the nuts…

    but really.. don’t walk around anywhere in dc by yourself at 2am?

  • Anon7

    I am really sorry about what happened to this guy, but this is the city and he needed to be more aware. Male or female, you should not walk around in the dark in any neighborhood in any major city with you headphones on. You are effectively, voluntarily taking away one of your senses that can warn you of danger. You have to protect yourself at all times. I am not advocating living in a state of siege, but I am saying watch out. This ain’t a corn field in Nebraska. This is the cold, hard, mean city. There is a solution, but people won’t like it. I grew up in New York City and i think it’s “Giuliani time”. 20 years ago, New York was a lot worse than it is today. Giuliani instructed his police to do one thing-enforce the laws that were already on the books, concentrating on quality of life issues. If you violated the law you got a ticket or you got arrested. It pissed a lot of people off, but the idiots in the city got the message: Obey the law or pay the price! We really just need to enforce the laws that are on the books such as vagrancy and curfew. If the police ticket and arrest for vagrancy, curfew violations, and truancy the crime rate would go way down. Of course, people would cry racism, but in a majority black city, the majority of people who get arrested would probably be black. It’s now about race it’s about criminality. If the police act in good faith and clearly show how the law was violated, they should be good. Enforce the laws and the city will change.

  • This Blog is a sick place.

    The problems you all complain about are symptomatic of large structural problems in many areas! I can feel some shameful combination of disgust and fear in your accounts of 10 year olds with pellet guns and 14 year olds with pipes. Not one of you has thought to do anything to fix the failing school systems and crumbling socioeconomic infrastructures that result in this, the ROOT CAUSES of the problems. These are the children America forgot and until someone CARES enough about them to rehabilitate them and sees the as human beings instead of lost causes, you will keep getting what you ask for! POLICE DON’T FIX BROKEN HOMES.

    You are being attacked because of the superiority you represent, they sense your attitudes and upbringing and feel the injustice of the entire situation. This place has become a mess the politicians you, your parents, and other forefathers
    have created. You don’t even know or care to know the histories of the areas you inhabit, no idea how and where these problems started! Some “educated” folk you are. Just as Howard students with uppity, “the ‘locals’ are animals” attitudes have been terrorized for decades because of their disrespect, you will be terrorized as well. Those who get to know their neighbors don’t get robbed.

    You have some nerve! “They are not in my community, we share a different set of values” More than them not being in your community, THIS IS NOT YOUR COMMUNITY AT ALL! Wake up call! The teachers, classmates, preachers, and so forth you want to cry to about your concerns have been suffering through this FOR YEARS people like you never cared, and no one ever listened. Are they not “useful contributing members of society?” But you don’t give a fuck because they aren’t the same color as you and deserve they stress they’ve beared right? What on EARTH makes you think you deserve to walk into a crappy situation and live positively when you haven’t worked to create that reality? You didn’t grow up there, you know nothing about it! If you didn’t like it, you SHOULDN’T HAVE MOVED THERE, LEAVE!

    You can’t build a community by disrespecting it. You come in, alienate and elevate yourselves in relation to the people who have been living there the longest. This Columbus like behavior is indicative of the true motives behind all of this; no intentions to help and every intention to harm and claim what belongs to another, (whether they have deeds to the land or not).

    Bottom line, until you move in with an attitude of cooperation and human respect and get to know your neighbors instead of looking down on them. Help the situation or leave. Come correct or continue to be pummeled.

    And not about elders “fixing” the culture. You don’t know shit about the culture. Keep your mouth shut.

    • Anonymous

      thats a whole lotta finger pointing there.


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