Washington, DC

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“Dear PoPville,

A very good friend of mine was beaten and robbed on the way home from the Red Derby Saturday morning at around 2am a few blocks east of 13th and Randolph. 3 men (not sure what they looked like) hit him in the face with a metal pipe of sorts, left him unconscious and robbed him. When he awoke he hailed a cab which took him to Wash Medical Center. His jaw was broken in 3 places and he had surgery Monday afternoon. His jaw will be wired shut for at least 3 weeks. I believe he filed a police report but have not been able to find anything in the on the listserves or blotters. He has been on morphine or the like and the hospital is not allowing visitors to see him so we can’t get the report number.

Tonight I heard of another person who was hit in the face with a pipe by 3 men on 14th St leaving the Derby Friday night/Saturday morning. He went to the hospital and was released.

Have you heard anything? What the fuck is going on in this area and what are the cops doing to protect those of us who contribute positively to society?”

This is horrifying. I also haven’t seen anything else mentioned on the listservs.


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