Bloomingdale Scuttlebutt: Thai Restaurant Coming to 1832 1st St, NW?

by Prince Of Petworth July 27, 2011 at 10:42 pm 45 Comments

Back in Jan. ’10 we first heard rumblings of a new neighborhood bar for Bloomingdale to be called Rustik Neighborhood Tavern. At that time Rustik was looking to open at 1832 1st St, NW (across from it’s current location at 1st and T St, NW.) Well the space has been vacant all that time. I’ve finally heard some potentially exciting scuttlebutt – apparently a Thai restaurant is interested in the space. At this point I don’t know how far negotiations have progressed but as soon (if) a lease is signed I’ll be sure to update.

If true, do you like the idea of Thai restaurant here?

  • Anon

    I’m not one to start being ungrateful, but we get 2 cleaners, 2 pizza places (one yet to open), a ton of chinese food places, a ton of quickemarts, and now 2 thai places!?

    Look, I’m excited about this place, but I want to hear some scuttlebutt about something really exciting AND unique.

    • ustreetmike

      here here…it’s the 2 of everything that is driving me crazy! I’m stoked there is development happening, but how about a burger place instead? those seem to be popular! or a vegetarian place, that would be rather fitting next to the yoga studio! there are not many of those in the city, it would be a draw!

      • Anonymous

        the yoga studio has moved.

        • Jaynuze

          temporarily … for insect treatments. Hopefully any restaurant that opens there will purchase the building as the owner of Yoga District’s location is an awful landlord.

          • andy

            Dude – what kind of bugs?

          • jae

            the bugs were a non-biting type of pastry beetle that were coming in from a neighboring building. While they aren’t harmful, they were really annoying. The problem should be resolved soon. A new landlord is a great idea. It’s a really nice yoga studio.

          • Anon

            I saw baby silverfish in there, too.

          • Anon

            OH NO!?!? silver fish? better call the national guard.

  • Dave C.

    Anything is better than a vacant piece of junk and I’m sure they’d get good business even with Beau Thai (and Thai Xing) a few blocks down the road…

  • H Street Landlord

    Love this neighborhood. Like the building, and Thai sounds good.

    But yes 10:56, hopefully thought is put in to the theme, not in a gimmicky way.

  • rabble

    yay, i look forward to every real estate listing in bloomingdale/eckington/edgewood saying “around the corner from big bear AND some thai restaurant.” score one for the people that overpaid in a shady neighborhood near north capitol street.

    • Tres

      You sound like one of those people who chided people for buying in Logan back in the day because it was too far east.

      I think you mean, people who paid a lot for a home that’s a 5 – 10 minute drive from the National Mall and the US Capitol. Why would you expect that to be cheap real estate? The only reason large B’dale homes aren’t *much higher* than they are today is because of the lingering effects of social dysfunction.

      • Bloomingdalian


  • Bloomingdalian

    Unless there’s been some change in ownership, I wouldn’t give much credence to this. There’s a reason Rustik never moved into that space. There’s a reason why The Yoga District didn’t stay in the space next to it. There’s also a reason why the place on the corner (1st and Seaton Pl) is still empty. It’s because the landlords on that strip are crrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaazy.

    Just to give you an idea:

    The landlord for Yoga, refused to make necessary repairs to the building despite repeated attempts by the Yogis to get the matter resolved civilly. In the end, there was no choice in their move. The three owners of the building on the corner wanted 1.6mil for their space (this was 5 years ago) and they decided it would be more profitable to run second hand (or 4th hand) furniture store there without any permits in the meantime…

    Bottom line, I really hope they are paying vacant property taxes because there really should be a price for that kind of delusion and greed.

    • Agreed. I’ve heard the same thing that the landlords are unreasonable, and the three landlords for the yellow building on the corner hate each other, and are crazy. They might not be greedly but they do have some emothional issues and maybe a loose screw.

    • Anon


  • Bloomingdude

    I’d be happy to see a Thai restaurant go in there.

    On an unrelated positive note, I see that they’ve put new windows in the firehouse on North Cap. That’s the first sign of progress I’ve seen there in a long time.

    Is there a way to tell whether the building owner or owners are paying vacant property taxes, particularly on that huge storefront at 1st and Seaton? I’ve never understood why that place has been empty for so long.

    On another unrelated note, I learned that the government-looking building at Florida and Rhode Island used to be a Safeway. Any chance it could be a grocery store again someday? What is that place??

    • Anonymous

      the old safeway is now UPO.

      the place at first and seaton is probably not considered vacant since there always something going on in there.

      • Bloomingdude

        Thanks Anonymous.

        The UPO in Bdale reminds me of the situation in Del Ray in Alexandria. Years ago, the city put the social services building in the middle of Mt. Vernon Avenue, a run down and poor strip, not far from the Salvation Army, check cashing places, etc. Today, that building and the SA are in the middle of one of the most gentrified and neighborhoods in Virginia. I’ve often wondered why the city doesn’t sell the land and move the facility closer to where the needy are, particularly since Mt. Vernon Ave does not have easy metro access.

        I’d imagine something similar (finding itself out of place) is going to happen with the UPO someday. (I recognize, however, that there are still a whole lotta needy in the general Shaw, Bdale, Eckington, Truxton, etc areas.)

        • Anonymous

          i wouldn’t count on them leaving in the next 15-20 years.

  • lendl

    please a) be kidding, and b) put a mission-style burrito place in there. For the children.

    • Anonymous

      why should he be kidding?

      • lendl

        because, as others have noted, we already have 2 thai restaurants a few blocks away. We’re all set with the thai food.

  • New

    Thai would be cool but I have to echo others thoughts that we already have great Thai near by so something else would be preferable. A seafood spot? Sushi? BBQ? Maybe one day.

  • BDale Res

    You only get a break on that strip if you sell liq, e.g. the mini-mart and B-dale Liq. Hopefully the owners of the Sylvan theatre aren’t unreasonable when it comes to rent. It is too bad Yoga District moved, but at least it is still in Bdale, even if just barely.

    I welcome any new business in the neighborhood. At least it isn’t a chinese/subs/seafood place.

    • Bloomingdude

      I’ve never been in the Bloomingdale liquor place, but I wish there were something other than a liquor store in that prime spot, especially under the Bloomingdale sign.

      Welcome to Bloomingdale! Buy Liquor!

      I don’t harbor ill will towards the liquor place cause it seems to be pretty clean, but I’d like something the sends a better signal about the ‘hood, like a gelato/bakery thingy, funky household applicances store or a 24 hour bondage club.

      • Anonymous

        they were the first business to embrace the name bloomingdale.

  • I’ve tried to get in touch with the landlord at 1st and Seaton many times about that awesome property. I’ve never received a call back so he must be doing well.

    • Anonymous

      very disappointing.

  • Sam

    Mission burrito sounds better. Too much Thai around DC. Yoga district didn’t move they’re just having some bug problem due to the store on the corner.

  • I walked by…

    I saw two Asian men coming out of this spot a couple of months ago, they looked like they were doing work on the space. I asked what was going in, and they said “restaurant,” but didn’t specify what kind.

    Almost any business is better than vacancy, with a few exceptions, but as the neigborhood already has Beau Thai, it would be nice to have some diversity…

    • Molly

      I agree.

    • Bloomingdude

      Not to nit pick, but is Beau Thai really in the neighborhood? If you live in the northern part of Bdale, Beau Thai is a bit of a stroll. Thai closer by would be good. Ultimately, I’d prefer Vietnamese.

      • Anonymous

        people’s idea of “neighborhood” is pretty subjective.

        • Bloomingdude

          Bloomingdale should be divided into two subsections at Rhode Island with McMillandale to the North and Truxtondale to the South.

          You heard it here first!

          • Bloomingdude

            Oh, and the dry cleaner at the intersection of Rhode Island, 1st and T would be in DMZdale.

      • Anon

        They deliver to Bdale, and even to Eckington.

  • Brookland

    I’d love a Thai restaurant there if they would agree to deliver to Brookland.

  • Bloomingdalian

    Idunno guys…if the owners of Chinese Dragon are behind this, I’d rather have it vacant!

    • Bloomingdude

      Dim Sum! DimSumDale!

  • Anonymous
  • BloomingdaleResident

    The owner of the possible Thai restaurant building and of Yoga District should be jailed! The treatment of the yoga people by him has been unreal. They don’t even have their own water! They have to pipe it in from next door because the landlord’s won’t pay an outdated water bill. The basement floods, there is the bug problem, they’ve never fixed anything and apparently the vacant space is also prone to flooding and many of the same problems as the yoga space. The yoga people have been through so much with that landlord and have paid so much of their own money to keep the yoga going, but I think they finally gave up. There was supposed to be a sushi place going into the vacant space, but they realized ahead of time, that the landlord was no one to start a relationship with. That landlord needs to be reported. I say the Thai people should run the other way!

  • hi guys! jasmine from yoga district here. we’ll move back to yoga district 1st st once the minimarket fixes the bug problem. but if there’s enough community support for it, we can keep both the old and new yoga district bloomingdale locations, making one hot yoga and the other normal. what do you guys think?

    btw the new bloomingdale location might have sweet rooftop yoga possibilities (when it’s not 100+ degrees out).

    love and peace


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