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  • Tom

    Wish I was a baller

    • GDopplerXT

      I wish I had girl who looked good, I would call her…

  • JDC

    I wish i had a rabbit in a hat with a cat and a 6’4 father

    • good lord, way to ruin it! :)

      I wish a had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a ’64 Impala

      • JDC

        all these years i had it wrong. you win the internet, dude.

  • textdoc

    I wish I was like six foot nine

  • Anon. Gardener

    I love you people!

    • gk

      me too! but i hope JDC is joking with those lyrics…

  • jay

    …a ’64 Impala.

    (happy summertime people!)

  • PetworthRes

    Too funny, PoP – this is my friends’ house on Capitol Hill. I just had lunch with them can came home to see this post. Speaking of being a bit taller – when you look out the back door of their house or out the kitchen window you get a great overhead view of the green roof. Their backyard is super nice – patio, great plants and a goldfish pond. Love it!

  • PetworthRes

    …I meant “had lunch with them AND came home…”

  • Great little roof. The builder should be proud.


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