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  • Anonymous

    This place is the absolute truth, great paint job or not.

  • I like the paint job

  • anon

    I don’t like it. The blue-green by itself I might not have minded, but I don’t like the dark blue or the gold.

  • andy

    did they repaint the bare slab of wood telling you the place is thai x-ing?

  • Anonymous

    what’s the deal with this place these days? once upon a time there was talk of them moving to 9th st. are they still delivering?

  • Actually, all of the gold trim makes it look much more Thai…

    (at least, that was my reaction, as someone who’s been to Bangkok and Cha-Am)

    • anon

      Yeah, I’ve been to Thailand too, and my first thought was that the gold trim made it look more Thai… but I still think it looks jarring amidst the other rowhouses.

      • There’s a house on 12th by S, across the street from a Horse’s Ass awardee that was recently painted light and dark green with gold and orange trim. I mostly really like it, but find the orange jarring…

        The other issue with house paint jobs like this is that they tend to look more better in a pack, such as the series of brightly-painted houses on the north side of Q between 13th and 14th.

        Still, I’m all for more brightly-painted houses around the city!

  • gk

    i noticed this paint job last night – thought it looked awesome!

  • Anonymous

    When are they going to finish up and remove the painter’s tape?

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame this place stopped doing take-out/delivery

  • Anonymous

    Beau Thai opened up in shaw on R and new jersey six months ago. I believe it’s owned by the sister of the owner of Thai xing. The food is just as good and the space is way more accessible. They also do carry out, which I get once a week. I almost did not want to write about it because right now it’s busy but not overcrowded. One of the best spots for Thai in dc in my opinion.

  • Enos

    I’ve always thought this was a weird location. It’s in the middle of a residential part of Florida. Surrounded by homes. Very odd…

  • Anonymous

    Is this place the Pasta Mia of Thai food?

    • Anonymous

      no. it’s worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, they have a menu now? I called up for reservations a year or so ago and basically got told: you eat what we tell you to eat.

    Yeah, no thanks. If I wanted to be told what to eat, I’d go become 14 and live with my parents.

    • mphs

      Swallow your pride and go; your taste buds will thank you.

    • Ben

      The food is incredible. You won’t regret going. Drop the attitude.

      • Anonymous

        hahaha. desiring to pick what you eat is an attitude?
        do you shop for clothes that way too? just give the store money and take whatever they give you?

        glad it works for you, wouldn’t for me.


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