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Smokers May Permanently Force Close of Columbia Heights’ Unofficial Dog Park

by Prince Of Petworth June 1, 2011 at 2:15 pm 137 Comments

From a Columbia Heights Dog Park message:

DOG PARK TO BE CLOSED & LOCKED UP FOR GOOD ……..according to the METRO supervisor in charge of the facility UNLESS, according to him, 1.) park users cease to smoke cigarettes and dump their cigarette butts at the dog park AND 2.) if ALL cigarette butts AREN’T picked up and disposed properly in the trash cans.

I just spoke with him at the dog park. He was there inspecting the space and he was NOT HAPPY AT ALL. He couldn’t have been more clear: ALL METRO FACILITIES ARE SMOKE AND CIGARETTE FREE!! The reason why he came by is because his maintenance workers are complaining of all the butts falling through the large vent and clogging up their machines, vents and other systems, causing them to come back more often then they are supposed to and causing them many headaches.


This was a big problem last summer as well. I, in particular, am sick and tired of cleaning up after smokers at the park and won’t do it anymore. Afterall, many people gave their time on a Saturday morning about a month ago to clean the park up. And believe me, there was a lot of unpicked up dog waste, as well, and after looking at the mess today I saw (cigarette butts), it is NOT FAIR IN THE LEAST to those who volunteered their time for the place to look as horrible as it does at this very moment near the picnic tables and chairs. It’s also unfair to the overwhelming majority of us who DON’T SMOKE. Lastly, it’s very unfair to the dogs who think the butts are something to chew and play with.

Therefore, in order for the park to remain open, I need one person to step up to the plate and clean this up. PLEASE DON’T REPLY TO THIS and/or COMMENT, just get it done. ACTION is what is needed. If and when you see someone light up in the park, please ask them in a courteous manner to take it outside the fenced in areas of the dog park.

Thank you.


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