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  • E

    What a surprise! Upper Crust is a surprisingly good pizza from the Boston area. Expensive, but they also serve beer!

  • Alex

    It’s FAR better than any other pathetic excuses for pizza in the downtown area. Single slices are good for the most part (sometimes end up too thin and soggy), but if you can get a couple of friends/co-workers and get a whole pizza to share and eat in when it’s still nice and hot, it’s MUCH better.

  • Joe

    Dunno the outcome, but they have or still are facing suits re: wage practices and retaliation issues up in Mass.

    If you google upper crust + sued or something like that the news items will come up. Believe they had to pay fine less than 500K. Anyhow, business must not be really impacted if they are opening new locations.

  • GREAT place. My wife and I learned about this small chain 2 years ago when we ate at their Beacon Hill, Boston location. Were thrilled to read in the Post recently that they’d just opened an outlet down by Barack & Michelle’s place.

    I had a couple of excellent slices there last week, and spoke with the manager, Sean (Shawn?) about the possibility of opening another store in Col Heights/Petworth (the chain is actively looking to expand in the District). Go down there and bend his ear! Maybe we can get another high-quality pizzeria in our neighborhood.

  • HouseInTheRear

    Is that their bike delivery basket?! It’s gigantic! Sweeeet.

  • Former Beacon Hill Resident

    Upper Crust has fabulous pizza but a very real history of exploiting both documented and undocumented workers: http://www.boston.com/yourtown/boston/backbay/articles/2011/03/15/upper_crust_faces_us_immigration_investigation/.

  • CAS

    A group of us had Upper Crust delivered to the rooftop at a friend’s building a few nights ago and it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Good, thin crust.


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