Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville Flickr user yostinator

The Caribbean day festival is normally one of my favorite days in DC. I am devastated by what happened late Sat. afternoon. I am also saddened by many of the generalizations made on all sides in the subsequent discussions about the violence. Having said that, the violence itself, particularly the fight on Georgia Ave near Banneker Pool has upset me more than I can properly articulate:

I need the Mayor to comment on this. Say something. Anything. Tell me you saw the clip above. Had I not been sent the clip I wouldn’t have even known it happened. This in the streets of Washington DC. Not just any street but one of our main avenues. Chaos of this magnitude can not be ignored. The Mayor’s silence terrifies me.

I believe the festival is a beautiful event. I’ve gone for many years and during the parade I have never felt an ounce of discomfort or fear of violence. During the parade. It is my deepest hope that this year’s troubles were an aberration. If we abandon the Caribbean Festival I personally believe we will be abandoning a piece of our soul, a piece of who we are. A piece of what makes us such a unique, amazing, and fun place to live. I appreciate that the Festival is not for everyone. That is fine. I’m told many residents in New Orleans actually hate Mardi Gras. But can you imagine New Orleans without Mardi Gras? For me, I can’t imagine Georgia Avenue in the summer without a Caribbean day Festival.

Mr. Mayor, just let me know that you recognize mistakes were made this year and you’ll do everything in your power to make sure they will not be repeated next year. Please.

Photo by PoPville flickr user rjs1322


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