Dear PoPville – Small minority opposed to Margot’s Chair schedules meeting w/ Mayor’s Outreach Office

by Prince Of Petworth June 28, 2011 at 2:10 pm 154 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to let you and your readers know about a “walk-through” of 11th Street taking place tomorrow which is being hosted by the mayor’s office and a group opposed to Constantine Stavropoulos’s effort to bring a Tryst/Diner/Open City type establishment to 11th Street.

The following message was posted at the 11th Street dog park over the weekend:

“Residents have requested a site walk thru of the 11th street corridor to encourage dialogue and responsible planning of this low-density commercial zone in light of the proposed project, Margot’s Chair coming to their community. Petitions that have circulated through the community have gathered over 200 signatures of residents that are opposed to a business coming to their community of this scale and operating on a 24 hour clock, 7 days a week… Please join us Wednesday 29th at 2:00 pm at 3415 11th street NW. – Francisco Fibres – Office of the Mayor”

It would have been helpful if the mayor’s folks had done a better job getting the word out (I’ve only seen this one sign), and that a time was chosen when most working residents could partake, but as I imagine that is exactly what the opposition group wants. I am confident that the vast majority of neighbors and nearby residents could not be more excited about Margot’s Chair coming to Columbia Heights, the redevelopment of a long vacant eyesore, the much needed jobs the eatery will bring to the area, and the additional security that more eyes on the street will provide. I encourage everyone to contact the Mayor’s office and notify them that a better time needs to selected so that as many people, not just those with an anti-revitalization agenda, can attend. Francisco Fimbres can be contacted at [email protected], (202) 442-8119 or (202) 664-6119″

UPDATE From Francisco Fimbres [confirmed via seperate email from Mr. Fimbres]:

Dear Mr. Krieger:

I am concerned about your messaging to the community. This is not a joint walk-thru or initiative. We are not hosting this meeting. You requested a meeting on site and we agreed to participate. The purpose of our site visit was to listen and observe. Our office is not taking any position on this matter. Your invitation to community stakeholders comes across as, if we are endorsing your position or rallying behind your cause. We are not.

At this time, our office is cancelling our site visit pending further review of your petition.

Francisco Fimbres


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