Dear PoP – How Do I Get Speed Bumps on my Street?

by Prince Of Petworth June 3, 2011 at 2:30 pm 57 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I just found this letter in my mailbox, from DDOT…

It’s regarding construction on 1st St NW right next to the dunbar football fields..

DDOT letter

and here’s my Rant:

I’m planning on calling them today to ask why they can’t put in speed bumps at the same time – people speed down that street so fast, and there are cross walks where little kids going to the charter school nearly get flattened every morning and afternoon… that’s unless it’s gridlocked by the NY ave traffic… and bringing this down to one lane during construction will be a nightmare…

how do i get them to do a traffic study or something? I don’t know if a four way stop sign at 1st and N is possible, since traffic would back up into NY AVE, but my dog and I and every family in the area would sure love some speed bumps – it’s a school zone twice over! I’ve seen altercations after people fail to stop for pedestrians…”

I think you have to get a number of signatures from people on the block in order to get speed bumps/humps installed. I’d def. pursue the matter with your ANC as a possible first step.

Has anyone successful had speed bumps/humps installed on their block? Does it help with speeding?


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