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Another Protest Group Emerges Against A New Restaurant – Tortilla Coast at 15th and P St, NW

“Dear PoP,

They’re [proposed Tortilla Coast at 15th and P St, NW] surrounded by 270 degrees of residential space. I guess everyone else in commercial areas on P St stops serving outside after dinner hours, at 9:45. This information is coming from a letter distributed by residents on 15th St, right across from the space.

So, Tortilla Coast = cool. Turning that block into Adams Morgan = not cool. One of the letter-writers said they spoke to Jim Sullivan and were basically blown off. I’m guessing they’re going to have a huge license fight on their hands.

ABRA notice says Capacity Load is 200, with 48 Exterior/Patio Seats. Sun-Th until 2am, Fri-Sat until 3am. So definitely a big change for that corner, especially given that it’s surrounded by residential.”

Do you guys think the addition of a Tortilla Coast at the corner of 15th and P St, NW will turn P Street into a new “Adams Morgan”? What do you think is a reasonable number of outdoor seats? How late at night do you think people should be allowed to sit on the outdoor patio? The OP noted that the outdoor space is actually for 48 seats (not 200 as mentioned in the letter below.)

Ed. Note: Personally, I think it’s time for people to come up with a new scare tactic. Claiming an area is going to become a new Adams Morgan has become so predictable and boring. Saying 1/4 of a thousand people may show up is much more inventive.

Maybe we should take this opportunity to brainstorm some new scare tactics for opposing new bars and/or restaurants?

Full letter referenced above available after the jump.

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