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Weekend Shootings on H St, NE and Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 1, 2011 at 2:15 pm 30 Comments

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From Frozen Tropics via dcalerts on Sat. night/Sun. morning:

“Shooting 0101 hours 12th and H St NE LOF: (2) B/M suspect 1: heavy weight, black turtle neck, tan shorts, black skull cap; suspect 2: gray tee shirt, blue jeans DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/EVENT #”

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From MPD Sat. Afternoon:

At approximately 4 O’clock today and adult male walked into to the Fire station located at Georgia Ave and Gallitan St NW and reported he was approached by a subject on a mountain bicycle who produced a dark colored handgun and attempted to rob him. A struggle ensued and the victim sustained a graze gunshot wound to the shoulder. The subject did not obtain anything and fled on the mountain bike. The victim has a non-life threaten wound to the shoulder.

Detectives and patrol officers are on the scene attempting to locate a crime scene and any witnesses or evidence to this alleged crime.

The suspect is described as a Black Male in 30s wearing a black T-shirt,blue jeans and armed with a dark colored revolver hand gun. He was last seen leaving southbound on Georgia Ave. on a orange and white mountain bicycle.

No further information at this time. Anyone with information is asked to call (202)727 9099

  • Anonymous

    The PoP challenge: Can we at least go one weekend this year without a shooting in DC? How about next weekend? Pretty please.

    • steve

      you’re getting greedy. even one weekend without a shooting on H street would be an accomplishment

      • jaguar with tiger blood

        stop hating. there isnt a shooting on H every weekend and you know it.

      • MJ

        Seriously, what kind of ignorant, dumb-ass comment is this?

        • Anomynous

          An ass-cappingly good one. I don’t think you’ve quite realize the kids around here think this is a shooting gallery.

        • steve

          don’t give lowercase steves everywhere a bad name.

      • Anonymous

        I’m guessing steve is aware that he is overblowing the crime on H St a little bit. The fact is that crime in this area is ridiculous given the amount of restaurants and bars that have moved in. I don’t understand how this stuff still happens with the frequency that it does.

        • ess

          um, because restaurants and bars don’t come with magical gun-repelling force fields? The people doing the shooting haven’t stopped living in/visiting the area just because restaurant/bar-goers started to do so.

          • Anonymous

            Well, they should. Aren’t they breaking a fundamental rule of Gentrification?

  • Anomynous

    A bullet a day . . .

  • whatevs

    Thanks Vince!

  • anon

    This comment is even stupider than steve’s.

    • anon

      directed at “Thanks Vince!”

      • Anonymous

        Oh. I thought it was like “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” but for stupid comments.

  • Anon

    I ran a ton of addresses and I can’t find somewhere that has had more violent crime this year than last. Just because PoP is making us more aware of violent crime doesn’t mean it is happening more often.

    I don’t like Vince gray, but I think there’s no evidence that his actions have brouht more violent crime. Mostly because I don’t think the rate has gone up.

    • Vinnie

      @Anon; Vince Gray has been silent of the recent robberies in 4D, 3D, and other parts of this city. He has a Deputy Mayor of Public Safety, Paul Quander, but most DC residents aren’t aware of this.

    • Anonymous

      I think the idea isn’t so much that the numbers are higher, just that the crime is happening in less discreet places. Daytime shootings in crowded areas of the city are new to me at least. Even if the overall numbers are down, it seems as though criminals are getting a little brazen.

  • Anon

    Silent? So you’d want him to stand up and take credit for a decrease in the rate of robberies? Or do you want him to stand up and contribute to the hysteria, when in fact it was worse last year.

  • Anonymous

    There are so many “most wanted” in DC who the authorities seem to let have their way, it’s freakin’ unbelieveable. One of the more interesting aspects of this city. Vincent sure does seem detached from the youth violence, but I suspect he’s actually thinking about it. Wish he would read and comment on PoP to let us know.

  • Greg

    Anybody else disturbed that this actually happened in a Fire Station? Thats pretty friggin bold.

    • Anonymous

      read it again.

    • ontarioroader

      This didn’t happen in a fire station – shooting occurred elsewhere and the victim walked into a fire station for assistance. MPD’s press release was poorly worded.

  • L’anonyme

    The upside here is that all the bloodshed on H Street NE keeps property affordable for urban pioneers who are willing to sacrifice a little in personal safety for an affordable home in a beautiful, vibrant neighborhood.

    • Dr Pangloss

      “Affordable”? Really? Maybe in Rosedale or Carver-Langston, but I don’t know anyone who’d call anything north or south of H Street “affordable” until you get out towards the “starburst” intersection. You can’t touch anything with 3 bedrooms for under $550k unless it’s falling in on itself.

    • Anonymous

      The H St area isn’t affordable, which is surprising given how inconvenient it is to public transportation and the fact that the street crime hasn’t diminished much despite the increase in yuppie-friendly businesses. Hopefully the high prices are reflective of changes to come in the future.

  • Cliff

    What makes me angry is that there is a young man riding around Petworth with a gun willing to shoot someone for pocket change.

    • Anonymous

      A single young man? There is an entire generation willing to do so. Now that is horrifying.

      • Morty

        I say we send in the SEALs.

        • DG

          Shouldn’t we level the playing field a bit by rolling out a concealed carry law in the District?

  • DG

    Or at least in Ward 4?


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