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Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth May 11, 2011 at 3:00 pm 27 Comments

This rental is located at 4th and Varnum St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Spacious bright newly renovated English Basement unit, 100% fully renovated.

Great Petworth neighborhood. New renovated, including open kitchen with electric stove & granite counters. New appliances and upgraded fixtures, washer and dryer in apartment.

Walk to nearby Organic Market and Coffee Shop.
Available June 2011.”

Another good roomate option? $1650 sound right for this 2 bed/1 bath?

  • MS

    With utilities included, this is a reasonable deal, although it’s a little farther from the metro than I’d like. However, a $40 application fee is ridiculous, as is the claim that this is anywhere near Howard University. Both of those things make me suspicious that the landlord would not be on the up-and-up about other things.

    Also. If you’re renovating, PUT IN A GAS STOVE!!!

    • fz

      Why are gas stoves better than electric? Is it because it’s cheaper to cook with gas? Or does the gas make the food cook better?

      • Anonymous

        electric stoves are better in nearly every way except for the joy and instant control of cooking with gas.

        • Anonymous

          and actually i meant, just the stove top burners. for the oven it makes no difference… except when broiling.

          • spookiness

            Electric ovens are better for baking because they are more precise, and the heat is dryer, whereas a by product of gas combustion is moisture- fine for roasts, but the humidity is troublesome when baking.

            I prefer gas. However, for a rental a smooth top electric has merits because its easy to keep clean, and if the tenants are non-cooks then the surface just doubles as counter space.

      • 11th

        direct use of natural gas is a lot more efficient than burning some fossil fuel to heat some water to spin a turbine to create an electron to transmit across wires to go down to the transformer to get distributed to your house to heat up a coil. even if it’s renewable generation then an electric burner wouldn’t make sense. use that RE to light a light bulb, not boil your water.

        • Anonymous

          good point.

      • Caroline

        I find gas to be much better. You have better control and the heat seems to be more even. For some reason it’s also lot more difficult to deep-fry properly with an electric range (maybe it can’t get hot enough?).

        Back when I was renting a gas range was one of the first things I looked for in an apartment.

  • PetworthRes

    Seems OK – this apartment seems to be much above-ground (huge window in one of the photos) and says it has a patio. You probably couldn’t get a 2 BR for that price in any of the buildings by the metro, so could be a good deal. I agree it’s not “near” Howard or Catholic but students at those universities are definitely interested in renting in this area…should have said “convenient to” instead. I’m a landlord and have had a lot of interest from even UMD students as well, just b/c Petworth is on the green line and affordable.

    It’s not super close to the metro, but not bad either – also within a few blocks to the farmer’s market, Yes, Domku, Qualia, etc.

  • MichelleRD

    Wow, I’ve never seen a basement with a view of the tops of trees.

  • Anonymous

    Not to be a hater, but are those bottom two pictures from the units? The one on the bottom left looks to be from a second floor (you can see the roofs of houses).

    • Anony

      It is pretty hilly in that area (one big hill) and it could be that the back end of the house looks down to the bottom of the hill. I went to an open house with the back to the top of the hill, it was horrible, no light and all you saw was the parking spot. Anyway, I assume it may be possible to see the trees.

      • Anonymous

        Nope, I don’t believe that. Looking straight on, I don’t understand how you could see only the second floor of houses across the street. That said, I am horrible with dimensions and I am very suspicious of Craigslist ads.

        • K

          I used to live on that side of that block, and I bet that’s the actual view. There’s a big hill! We paid $2400 for a whole house (including the finished basement), though, so I don’t know about the price.

  • caballero

    It seems priced right.

  • Anonymous

    Seems priced right to me, too, since it’s a pretty nice place. Petworth is scary, though. Think Ledroit 1989.

    • caballero


      • Caroline

        I’d be more afraid to live in Columbia Heights than Petworth and I don’t see too many people who are hesitant about moving there.

        • Another Caroline

          My thoughts (and name) exactly.

          • Caroline

            Wow, there are three of us!

  • This is fairly reasonable price, depending on the actual size. The granite helps with the price, although that’s the only luxury touch. You can go a little further into Petworth and see prices at $1400 for a 2 bedroom in a building with more luxury finishes (i.e. stainless steel appliances) or you can cross the line into Columbia Heights and easily pay $2000 for a similar unit. I haven’t seen the unit so the details are important – size, finishes, entrance, light etc. I agree with other posts that they may be exaggerating the location a bit. Rental prices have been on a steeper rise for the last year and a half, per a recent article in the Post, which I’ve also seen in the market and I’m sure others would agree.

    • sheepprofessor

      Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances are not ‘luxury finishes.’ They are decorating choices and nothing more.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Amen! And they are not decorating choices I like. If I ever buy in this area I’m going to have to rip all that crap out.

        • Caroline

          Wait 5 years or so and I’m sure the trend will be replaced with something else (that you’ll hopefully like better).

        • Bloomingdalian

          Drama queen?

        • Anonymous

          life is hard.

          • Anonymous

            What’s wrong with wanting one’s kitchen to look most homey than commerical? If she were talking about ripping out some puke-green 70’s cabinets and countertops no one would have batted an eye. I’m a fan of white appliances myself.


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