DC Getting our First Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches Downtown at 14th and L St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 10, 2011 at 10:43 pm 73 Comments

Thanks to an eagle eyed reader for sending word. She writes,

“jimmy john’s coming to downtown DC! Finally, I won’t have to go to Alexandria for my Vito fix!”

She spotted a Craigslist ad for assistant managers:

DO YOU ROCK?!? Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches is looking for KICKASS Assistant Managers for our newest location in downtown DC at 14th and L St.!

We offer great wages, benefits and bonuses! Three week out of state training is required. Assistant Managers will have the opportunity for promotions to General Manager and Area Manager with superior performance.

Never heard of us? Jimmy John’s is unlike every other sandwich chain in the country; we specialize in Super-Fast, High-Volume sandwich execution! As an Assistant Manager you will manage store operations while producing sandwiches freaky fast! This high-speed execution has earned us the reputation of “Subs So Fast You’ll Freak!” and “Americas #1 Sandwich Delivery”.

The ad may sound goofy but they make great sandwiches. You can see their full sandwich menu here. Any other Jimmy John’s fans?

Located across 14th St, NW from the recently opened Zoup.

  • Hooray Jimmy John’s! I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat there again since I moved up this way. They deliver and make their sandwiches and delivery with super speed.

    • Anonymous

      Jimmy Johns is disgusting. I wouldnt even eat there in college. soggy vegetables, sub-par meats, gross everything.

  • Lord Dark Helmet

    Jimmy John’s > Potbelly

    • Anonymous

      Most certainly, but Jimmy John’s GOURMET Sandwiches? I loved them in college and all, but they weren’t setting the bar that high. Decent deli meat, shredded lettuce, and not very ripe tomatoes. I would say Potbelly<,Jimmy Johns<Taylor.

      • Anonymous

        I like Potbelly more, mostly because of their delicious cookies rather than anything with the sandwich. Jimmy Johns was good, but it always upset my stomach. Taylor is also good, but super heavy because of the bread they use. I think there is still a market in the city for a fantastic sandwich joint.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… I think Potbelly’s is so bad. Especially the Columbia Heights one (I once saw a vacuum-packed package of peeled hard-boiled eggs sitting in a mop bucket full of water on the floor). Crazy how opinions can differ like that.

    I’m SO excited to have a Jimmy John’s in the city. I’ve loved them ever since college back in 1997, A2, MI, when they delivered to my dorm room. I still get crazy cravings for a fistful of brussels sprouts!

  • wait what?

    really? excited for a jimmy johns? it’s… a jimmy johns. really?

    • The Heights

      Agreed. And we wonder why DC is awash is bad sandwich chains (I’m looking at you Au Bon Pain and Cosi). I guess we’re doomed to be a mecca for mediocre chain restaurants.

    • Jo

      Ditto. Their veg selections are pathetic. (actually, they just have one–sub version and bread version). Provolone and avocado. Be nice if they had egg salad at least. And how hard would hummus be?

  • DF

    Yeah, I used to eat their veggie sandwiches all the time when I lived in Lawrence, KS. So pysched for this. And to the commenter about the Columbia Heights Potbellys. Can fully agree with you. When I used to work at Petes next door, I’d see the inside of the back of their restaurant and it was absolutely filthy. We had to constantly battle with them about strewing garbage all around the back alley too.

    • herewegoagain

      when were you in Larryville? I spent some time there.

    • skh

      Me too…’01-’07

    • bcbwdc

      And me too…

    • herewegoagain

      whoa. (’68-’85) How many of us in PoPville?

  • eastof9

    I’m excited about Jimmy John’s. I like the new Potbelly’s too on 11th & K (which people on here said was unneeded, but is packed everyday). This part of downtown is absolutely lacking in reasonably good but quick lunch places, so these are welcome additions!!

  • Not a fan. If Subway is Hiter and Quiznos is Stalin and Potbelly is Mao, then Jimmy Johns is somewhere between Pol Pot and Idi Amin.

    • Anonymous

      Does that mean 2008 Obama is a really good sandwich from an actual deli and 2012 Obama is the leftover half you eat the next day that you still kind of like, but aren’t nearly as excited for as the first half? Or is that extending the metaphor a bit too far?

    • Anonymous

      jesus man, but down the pot, quiznos is not stalin. he’s more like if Manimal had a movie.

      • I stand by my association of Quiznos and Stalin. Their mouth-shredding asswiches are the only chain sandwich that leaves me spitting blood. And if their Chicken Carbonara doesn’t induce a “Great Purge” you’re a more loyal party member than I.

        • Anonymous

          i forgot about the blood.

    • Keepin’ it real

      Monkeyrotica, everytime I see your posts, I want to junkpunch you so badly.

      • Anon

        Why, I think he’s funny… no need for violent threats.

        • Keepin’ it real

          Then you obviously don’t read the comments on DCist.

        • saf

          He’s a (gross and juvenile) one-trick pony.

          • You’re a beautiful human being and I love you. Don’t ever change.

  • Stan

    In the past year or so, Jimmy John’s has been responsible for half a dozen outbreaks of foodborne illnesses!

    Does DC really lack enough soul that it’s residents get excited over a sandwich chain? I don’t think so. We can do better than that. Come on guys…

  • Rick

    I think it’s on par with Potbelly.

    And “Super-Fast, High-Volume sandwich execution”? Do they realize they’re opening this one in DC??? That simply does not happen here. Service will be slow and surly, for sure.

    • The Heights

      That’s a back-handed complement if ever there was one.

  • Jess

    Turkey Tom, no lettuce, no mayo.

    I like the bread SO MUCH BETTER than any other “quick” sandwich shop. Frequented the locations in St. Paul weekly when I lived there.

    Looking forward to it! Hopefully brisk business will convince other franchise-ees to open more locations in the District.

    • Kam

      I lived in Lowertown for 7 years. I used to go there all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Outstanding. I’m not going to claim Jimmy John’s is the greatest place on earth but it’s a nice alternative and I think I survived in college off the day old bread they sold for something like 50 cents.

  • Anonomi


  • Anon

    The food borne illnesses are totally worth it. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for those free smells. I sustained myself on these in college in Ann Arbor.

    • The food-borne illnesses are SO much more violently explosive in NYC. I don’t even bother getting cholera anywhere else. It’s the water.

    • Keepin’ it real

      +10000000 for Ann arbor and jimmy john’s.

  • That Ain’t Dog Pee

    I work right across the street from this location. I’m not excited to see yet another sub shop come to the area. I was hoping for a little diversity.

  • Stan

    Why are DC residents excited about chain restaurants taking over the city? This is an outrage! We should applaud initiatives like DC Brau, the Meridian Pint, and Chocolate city Brewery, NOT Jimmy John’s, TGI Fridays, and Applebees! What’s next? We get excited about a new Burger King on U-street??? Come on now!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I like Jimmy John’s and DC Brau – the horror, the horror!

    • Anon

      Because some DC residents are different than you, get it?

      Were you living your whole life thinking everyone was exactly like you? Thats adorable.

    • The Heights

      Agreed, Stan. The trend in restaurants downtown and north to Woodley Park is somewhat worrying. Before you know it, we’ll have people excitedly noting the opening of the first Outback Steakhouse next to ____________ (insert name of sadly trendy cupcake, burger, frozen yogurt place).

  • Anon

    Ew. Jimmy Johns is gross.

    Long live Potbelly!!!

  • JayCee

    I’m glad I don’t know what a Jimmy John’s is. Never seen one and will likely never go in one.

  • I like Jimmy John’s, DC Brau, Dunkin’ Donuts AND Bojangles. Wow I do need some more health food in my life. I’d much rather a Jimmy John’s in that location then a chopp’d or mixed greens. Meh.

    • jt$

      Hear hear

  • a-non

    Jimmy John’s uses better hot peppers than Potbelly’s. But I like both places.

    • Neighbor

      Wow, that’s enough to get me to try it. I love Potbelly’s peppers, but I’ll be thrilled if they really beat them!

      • Hungry

        Potbelly uses Sysco products. That means they are at the mercy of whatever the Houston based Sysco food service provider to prisons and dorms sends them that week.

        Does JJ’s use Sysco? Not sure, but I’ll be looking for any Sysco products on the wall in the kitchen on my first visit. Another tip: Check the sugar packets. If they are from Sysco, walk out!

        • me

          yes, sysco

  • Kori

    I like Jimmy John’s. Like a lot of people on here, it’s something that reminds me of college when I use to order it at 3 a.m. and they delivered it to us on bikes. It’s a comfort food to me. Please reserve your judgment for something more important. Just let people who like it be happy. Goodness people, do you have to try and make people feel bad about everything?

  • JohnnyReb

    Alls I know is that I’m still waiting for Roy Rogers and its Fixin’s Bar to make a return. Too bad I don’t still have my Lil Buckaroo member card…

    • PG

      Hell yeah! There’s at least one Roy’s in Frederick and they are at some of the 295 rest stops. I would love to see one closer to home.

      • There are Roy Rogers in Belle View, Franconia, and Fort Belvoir. Still have the fixins bar and their fried chicken is still ultra salty. But the roast beef is real roast beef, not the injection molded weatherstripping they peddle at Arbys. Unfortunately, they don’t sell “holsters” full of frenchfries.

        Remember when the servers used to wear cowboy outfits and had to greet customers with, “Howdy pardner. Welcome to Roy Rogers. May I take your order?”

        • PG

          I remember coming back from my year abroad to University of Maryland and finding that the Roy’s in the student union became a Hardy’s! Major disappointment.

  • Florista

    Why can’t we just get a plain old fashioned NY deli in town? I’d make the trek to almost anywhere it would be located. Yes, I am whining.

    • JayCee


      I miss sandwiches on real bread. Why is the bread so soft down here?

      • saf

        You should both give Litteri a try.

    • jt$

      Loeb’s was pretty good but I haven’t tried them at their new location.

      • JayCee

        Are they open on the weekends? Seeing conflicting info on the interwebs and I don’t work downtown to visit during the workday.

    • PG

      Parkway Deli in Silver Spring is pretty good.

    • Anonymous

      i hear they have those in nyc.

  • SB

    Jimmy Johns has the best pickles! When I used to order them for delivery you could not tell the difference between the pickle and sandwich when they were wrapped up.

    I prefer Potbelly sandwiches though.

  • PG

    We really need a Blimpie’s. And Royal Farms and Wawa.

  • Anonymous

    Potbelly’s >>>>> Jimmy Johns. Still, last I recall, JJs offered a REAL delivery service (not some > $30 b.s), so that will be welcome. And in any event, JJs >>>>>>>>> Subway.

  • jch

    Jimmy johns is so much better in New York!

  • jt$

    How is Zoup? I’m optimistic but haven’t tried it.

    • LisaT

      I tried it for the first time Monday. Hungry’s right–it takes a bit of time, but not too bad. I waited maybe 10 minutes. But it’s SOUP. Already prepared. I think it’s more their “system” than anything. You don’t order at the line where the soups are, that’s where the “tastings” happen, let’s call it Spot #1. At Spot #2 you order and pay. Spot #3 you wait for them to call your name. So if there are three other “Bobs” waiting for their soup, I’m not sure how they differentiate. Seems like it would make more sense to have less testings and more order fulfillment.

  • Cornholio

    I cannot wait to get my Italian Night Club and Beach Club fix!

    This is going to be awesome.

    Also, ditto to PoP – I love DC Brau and Jimmy Johns. I love getting fresh local produce at Eastern Market, and I also love Dunkin’ Donuts. I love all kinds of things. Variety is the spice of life. Not all chains are evil corporations to be spurned and avoided at all costs.

  • Hungry

    Zoup review:

    Long lines due to incompetent staff. Think the *current* situation at Chipotle.

    Due to this problem, I give it 9 months. People on a 1 hour lunch break don’t have 20 minutes to wait in line.

  • Stan

    I LOVE Jimmy John’s. I can’t wait for this one to open.


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