Violent Mugging in Tenleytown’s Best Buy Parking Garage

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2011 at 1:30 pm 93 Comments

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From the MPD 2D listserv:

This event was published on today’s Daily Crime Report. The event is listed as a Robbery, 4500 block of Wisconsin Ave.

On yesterdays date, at approximately 4:30 pm, a couple had completed their shopping at the Best Buy retail store. They where entering their car that was parked in the parking garage when they were approached from behind by two suspects. These suspects began to punch the male and female knocking them to the ground. After a brief struggle, one of the suspects was able to remove property from the male victim and both suspects were able to flee out of the garage.

The lookout for the two individuals is:

Suspect #1 Black Male, 5′ 8″ – 5′ 9″, “Skinny” wearing dark clothing, dark skull cap
Suspect #2 Black Male, 5′ 8″ – 5′ 9″, “Skinny” wearing dark clothing

As noted in the posting below, there were citizens that possibly observed these suspects prior to and after the incident. MPD units arrived on the scene and did detain a third individual for an interview in reference to the assault. This is an active investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to call the Command Information Center of the Metropolitan Police Department on 202 727-9099.

Original note:

Please be careful! Keep your situational awareness up at all times!!! If you use the parking garage at Best Buy/Hardware store please ask for an escort to your car if you don’t feel comfortable.

I was the 1st witness to a violent mugging of two elderly people in the garage below Best Buy at the corner of Wisc Ave and Albemarle. The two young males fled as I got out of my truck to assist and one was inches from my grasp.

Unfortunately, I witnessed the entire thing, it happened so fast I couldn’t stop them even though I did block their escape for a minute with my truck. But since I was wearing my crocs (floppy soft rubber shoes) on my feet I could not pursue.

I had noticed the the two young male(s) in the Best Buy acting odd, just didn’t seem right, something off. They had apparently stalked their prey and watched them buy an iPad followed them to the garage and when the old man was putting the bag into the back seat the thugs grabbed the old lady and threw her to ground (so hard she split her head and was bleeding) and pushed the old man into the car ripping the bag with the iPad in it so hard they tore his thumb and dislocated it. A third kid was acting as look out and they seem to have caught him.

  • Anon

    “Threw the old lady on the ground so hard she split her head…”

    Tell me again why we don’t have public executions of these young, predatory scumbags?

    • cookietime420

      Because although the “predatory scumbags” may be barbarians, and your and my base instinct is to want to rip them to shreds, I hope that our society will continue to strive to be something better.

      • steve

        removing them from society would make it better

        • scarecrows NOW


          • kin

            + 100

          • Dittle


          • cookietime420

            So ya’ll support death penalty for assault? Why are you in DC or the US when you could live out your blood lust in North Korea and Myanmar.

          • Anomynous

            The commute would be hell.

          • Anonymous

            And “Land of the Free” does not include the freedom to beat up old people. Maybe we should send the assailants to North Korea! Hey cookiepuss420, I think you’re on to something!

      • Dave

        Eff that meng. I think your tune will change the moment these guys make you the victim… I would go to public executions DAILY if they still existed here.

        • Bill

          wow, that’s disgusting. It’s one thing to advocate for capital punishment (for robberies even!), but another to wish to personally view people being put to death “daily”.

    • Anon


    • Bring The Pain

      See, I think they should have their hands chopped off and be forced to wear a sign that says “I STOLE.”

      Executions don’t make the scumbags suffer enough.

      • ah

        Indeed, it not only was a mistake to capture Sadaam Hussein, we should have brought him here to reform our criminal justice system.

  • carbs for all

    I blame Steve Jobs

  • Maire

    Terrible :(

  • Anonymous

    Wilson students playing hookie, unfortunately. Half great school, quarter thug refugee camp West of the Park

    • CA


    • Marcus Aurelius

      Good guess. Unfortunately (for your logic) Wilson High – the building across from the Tenleytown Best Buy – is currently closed for renovations. The students are at UDC right now.

      • Eric in Ledroit

        yeah, you and your crazy logic – wilson is currently relocated to a campus SEVERAL FULL BLOCKS AWAY. No way a teenage boy could possibly survive the walk

        • Eckingtonite

          Might explain the rash of bike thefts.

        • Marcus Aurelius

          Right. I guess they walked there from the temporary Wilson, which was closed, but which they probably were at anyway, even though it was closed for the day. Can’t play hookie from school unless you start at the school, even if it’s closed.
          And even though the post doesn’t even say they were kids, they must have been kids. And they must have been from Wilson. Only school in the area with skinny black males who wear skull caps. Can’t argue with any of that powerful logic.
          Nice story bro’.

    • 14th St Heights

      Actually, DC schools were closed yesterday for parent/teacher conferences.

  • Shawn

    Depressing…. I would love to understand what makes these people think they are entitled brutally attack others and steal from them.. World would be better off without them..

  • grumpy

    There have been other attacks like this where a newly purchased Ipad or laptop have been stolen, haven’t there? It’s pretty scary to think that the robbers are chosing their mark while the person is in the store making their purchase, this is definitely a good reminder to keep your guard up when you’re making a purchase such as this!

    • Elle

      Also, a good case for carrying your own shopping bags. It’s not so obvious you just bought an ipad, laptop or other electronics if it’s in a plain tote.

      • 14th St Heights

        Why the hell does Best Buy not have significant security in their garage? Obviously people are buying electronics that people want to steal. Shame on Best Buy that this could even happen. They should have at least two security guards patrolling their garage. It’s not like they can’t afford it.

        • Anonymous

          Best Buy doesn’t own the garage, and would not be able to insure any security guards who had to patrol the garage. The garage is owned by the building (best buy leases their space) and should be monitored by them.

  • x

    in case you needed another reason not to wear crocs…

    • steve

      +1. a scourge on civilized society.

    • Anonymous

      always wear shoes you can run in. always.

  • MichelleRD

    I am craving some kind of response from Mayor Gray on the violent crime. What the f*ck is he doing these days, anyway?

    Whatever the complaints about Fenty, I always felt like he was right on top of this critical factor to quality of life. Granted, he never missed an opportunity to get in front of cameras, but it’s something that let you know he’s out from behind his desk, on the street, making things happen.

    With Gray it just feels like there’s no one home.

    • yo yo yo

      I agree.

      But, why would Gray denounce these crooks? They and their church-going grandmas are his base.

    • Dittle

      To MichelleRD:

      THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT! Gray is never out and about when there is a violent attack on good citizens in this city. Fenty was right out in front quite often. It seems like Gray is just barely phoning it in…

    • Dave

      Wow, I completely agree…. Did you see his response to the Zoo B.S.? He basically blamed the zoo police for not being prepared and then a variety of other groups that have nothing to do with the criminal behavior. Gray is afraid to talk to the black community…he is a coward.

  • I’m sure Best Buy has a security guard in the store. Why isn’t there one in the parking grarage?

    • Jessica

      “Security Guard”. They have no power, and most of them are certainly not physically fit enough to pursue anyone that commits a crime and hold them until the police arrive. And I mean at pretty much every store with security. They are there to read your receipt to make sure you have only what you purchased – they don’t care about what happens off their property.

      However, that parking lot is not the easiest to get out of so they must have either 1) done it before or 2) practiced.

  • Anony

    Yet another reason to never wear Crocs.

  • Anonymous


    You mentioned wearing “crocs” in your initial missive. I have never heard of these items; could you please describe them, preferably in a succinct parenthetical?

    • Megan

      Funny. I laughed so hard my drink almost came out of my nose.

      • victoria

        Thanks – it felt inappropriate to laugh at the whole truck-driver-croc-wearing thing – but damn yes – it is funny.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see these dumbass punks pick on the wrong person and see themselves get pulverized.

    • Dave

      I hope to be that person someday.

  • joker

    That complex has cameras at the entrance, then again at the entrance/exit of the best buy and lastly (if they walked into the garage via te garage ramp) cameras on the garage entrance/exits.

    The police should have video of these kids and multiple photos of them. If they don’t, someone isn’t doing their job.

    • Marcus Aurelius


  • Anonymous

    Is there any tracking system on an ipad? That is, when these 2 punks go to activate the wi-fi or register the ipad, could the device be tracked back to the couple who purchased it? I don’t know much about the ipad, so I’m just throwing that out there…

    • yo yo yo

      If it was purchased with an AT&T contract, then yes. But, it’s still unlikely they’d get caught.

      To me, this is another reason I buy all electronics online and have them shipped to work. And, as others have noted, this is another reason to avoid Crocs. They’re ugly and useless.

      • whoa_now

        Crocs may be ugly, but I doubt they are useless. How about you keep you’re opinion about crocs to yourself and I won’t tell you how ugly that pink poodle is.

        • Clarissa

          Wow, Whoa. Unless the crocs are your mother, you’re coming out and swinging a bit hard.

      • Tres

        I like the poodle.

  • Ben

    At least they got one – hopefully he will squeal.

    • Slick Pullah

      Doubt it….
      if he does theres a chance he’ll be killed for snitching.

  • mark

    I’m intrigued that they conspicuously stalked their victims in the store. These are most definitely catchable criminals; and I presume that by leading off with some gratuitous violence, they’ve put themselves on a higher priority list for the police.

  • inwdc

    The US is far too lenient on these parasites. We make their lives here so easy (I’m referring to the judicial system and the organizations that will probably represent this detritus in court). I would love to drop them into war-torn parts of the middle east and watch how they survive then – they would be eaten alive. It would probably be more effective than jail, too.

    • Anon


      Does anyone know of any group that has done an analysis of the extent to which the DC criminal justice system punishes these guys? I know many people have the opinion that they get off lightly (I believe that), but I’d like to see some facts. And if the facts support my fears, I’d like to learn how to change the system.

    • GCK

      The USA has by far the harshest “justice” system of any of First World country. No country in the world puts a larger fraction of its people behind bars than America.

      Our problem isn’t that we’re not “tough on crime.” An entire generation of politicians has gotten elected by promising to be harsher than their predecessors … and they’ve delivered: today, we have 2.5 million prisoners, a 700% increase from 1970.

      Our problem is that we’ve let our country devolve to Third World levels of social inequality, income inequality, educational inequality. We are now a country of generational “haves” and “have nots”, to a far larger extent than any other advanced industrialized country.

      In the Third World, the few rich have to hide behind high compound walls to protect themselves from the many poor. The solution isn’t to build higher walls, larger police forces, and bigger prisons. The solution is to stop being a Third World society.

      • Anonymous

        That;s because we’re putting the wrong people behind bars. That’s and crime is glorified here. Stop busting the hookers and pot smokers. I’m not condoning either, but you could tax the crap out of them and keep them out of jail. It’d also calm the streets because the thugs would be too stoned to do anything but buy honey buns from the corner store.

      • Erik

        a painfully high number of those in the criminal justice system are there for non-violent offense. Thank our forty year drug war for allowing a system were possession can net you way more time than violent crime such as rape. Legalize pot, decriminalize possession of the rest, re-prioritize our limited police resources to something that matters.

      • Pickles

        Just curious GCK, should this happen to one of your family members (and I hope it never does) you’ll respond exactly the same way?

        • GCK

          I’d rather see public policy decided on a rational basis, on the basis of what is best for society, rather than by what a person in a blinding emotional tumult would choose to do.

          • Dave

            Again…once you have been a victim…your tune will change.

      • Dave

        We should all be equally poor, like the rest of the world…right GCK???

  • Anon

    This is awful, and makes me especially sad that it happened to seniors. WTF is wrong with people? Perhaps the appropriate public punishment is to let a gang of pissed off little old ladies have a go at them.

    I would also like to register my vote to have The Shoes That Shall Not Be Named removed from existence.

  • Bloomingdalian

    Have you guys ever been to Wilson??
    Just because it’s a public school does NOT make it a juvy hall (which Dunbar Senior High School and their escalator in leau of a main staircase really is).

    It’s one of the best schools in the area.

    As someone mentioned earlier, I would also like to find out how to change the judicial system in the district. This “slap on the wrist” stuff gives no incentive to deter the criminals or report the crimes. We need a Giuliani-style mayor to stop this perpetual cycle of criminal-coddling once an for all.

    • Morty

      any school that requires a decent police presence when it’s done with classes for the day has something wrong going on

      • Anonymous

        maybe youre the one to solve it morty.

  • bloom

    That dear couple. I feel for them.

    ‘Can’t even speak about the criminals…

  • RDDC

    Gray is focusing on what he does best…which is absolutely nothing…Between him and Kwame they are running the town back to Mayor McCrack days…

    Bring in Rahm…or whatever racially appropriate version and run this city with an iron fist..

    Maybe we need to chop a hand or two and see how much petty theft there is then…

    • yo yo yo

      I agree that electing Gray mayor is setting this city back 5-10 years. Sad to watch.

      • Anonymous

        doesn’t feel that way to me. also, we have the same police chief, yet you really think gray has something to do with increased crime?
        facts just don’t support it.

        • Anonymous

          The Chief doesn’t make the rules. She follows them. The rules should have been changed years ago.

      • Anon

        what the hell are you talking about? I dont like Gray, but you’re both idiots.

    • Dave

      We desperately need someone who will stamp out crime…I wish the I could snap and make people disappear.

  • yo yo yo

    No, the solution is public caning and cutting off hands. We may also put more of our citizens behind bars, but we spend more money on them while in prison than we did while they were in school (if they ever attended).

    The price for criminal behavior is too vague for most would-be thieves. They realize that for small crimes, they’ll likely get parole the first couple of times, maybe spend a few years in jail here and there (during which they’ll just get tougher and more involved in gangs). Our system just generates worse criminal behavior.

    Would-be criminals need to be more aware that their behavior will lead to pure misery. Maybe we should also start going after their families’ houses. Maybe the fear of taking grandma’s house would force the family to raise their children with morals.

    • Anononymous

      Or maybe the focus could change from punishment to rehabilitation. Figure out why and how people keep getting stuck in the system and what can be done to reform them/it.

      Clamping down further and further doesn’t seem to be helping anyone but the prison industry.

      • Outtahere

        That would be the common self-hating rich resident’s belief. But it’s false. In DC, particularly for juveniles, the chance of being incarcerated is NIL.

        Want to bet whether these boys have a better idea of how the system works than you do?

        Why is it that this happens in DC at a rate far greater than places, like SE Virginia, where the youthful poor urban black male population is roughly similar demographically? The same reason criminals boldly carry handguns in DC versus VA. Unlike you, they know the law.

        Wake up. Who do you service with this cognitive dissonance about violent crime? Certainly not the victims who, unlike these two folks, are overwhelming poor and black themselves.

        • Anonymous

          you sound like the kind of person no one will miss when they leave. but thanks for the advice to wake up.

          • Maymo

            He sounds like the type of person who doesn’t cling to clearly insupportable, hopelessly naive worldviews because it validates his own picture of himself as an open-minded, hip liberal person.

            No wonder you wouldn’t want him (her?) around.

        • Another guy named Chris

          He may be a smart ass but he’s no dumb ass….

  • Dino

    I wonder what would happen if a judge gave one of these scumbags the choice between hard time and having his hand chopped off?

    • GCK

      Yeah, because we want to use Saudi Arabia as our societal role-model, rather than learn from all the other First World countries that have somehow managed to keep their violent crime rate lower than America’s without resorting to mega-incarceration or medieval torture.

      • anon

        Most of them have far stricter gun control laws.

        • Another guy named Chris

          Exactly. Lose the Crocs, pick up a Glock.

          • Anonymous

            You’ve been saving that, haven’t you.

  • victoria

    This was not a snatch and run of a laptop at Starbucks. This was pre-meditated, calculated, predatory and vicious physical violence against vulnerable elderly people. According to the witness they did not threaten, demand or feign a gun. They started out with pure physical attack.

    Regardless of anyone’s idea of societal responsibility, these guys could have chosen to burglarize a house (no risk – easy booty) robbed a bank or any number of other crimes that go essentially unpunished here. But instead they chose to stalk and violently attack.

  • Dave

    I pray for the day they try to do this to me. I am always ready… mace in hand and a nice aluminum bat in the back seat. Do you think these guys have dental coverage? I hope not…

    • Anonymous

      may god grant you your wish then.

    • Justine

      Dave, what about glock instead of the aluminum bat. LOL I brought me a small aluminum bat at Walmart last year. So far, I haven’t had to use it, thank goodness.

      • Dave

        that’s definitely a good thing. I would spring for mace though 3 of em… one in the car one in the purse and one on the nightstand… its so easy to get…just order it online.

  • Justine

    I recently purchased a 22 inch flat screen at Bestbuy on Wisconsin Avenue, NW on 5/5/2011 and I parked in the garage underground. This information is alarming to hear because I always park underground at this Bestbuy. In the future, I must be on guard. Wow, you have to be on guard 24/7. Do the hoodlums every take a day off from crime?

  • FD

    Seeing as though the staff at Best Buy resemble some kind of prison release program, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was an inside job.

  • W

    Totally uncalled for FD. I don’t work there but shop there. I can only imagine that you feel that way about a major part of the city. And that’s a pity.

  • Dave

    Did you guys see the flash mob store robbery in Dupont? I think it is telling that a group of about 20 or 25 kids decided to pull together and steal 25k dollars worth of merchandise in about 2 minutes… Collectively they have established where their moral compass is pointing. If you think that these people wouldn’t steal your wallet while you’re choking…guess again. Mayor Gray…. Do you have any thoughts on the matter of crime in DC?


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