Update on New Taqueria Coming to 11th and Lamont St, NW in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth May 6, 2011 at 10:30 am 18 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I wonder if you’ve heard any updates or projected opening dates for 3313 11th in Columbia Heights? Last I heard it was going to be a mexican tapas like place with specialty tequila drinks owned by Jackie Greenbaum. I live around the corner and pass by it all the time and have never seen any activity. And now the permit/license thingy on the steel gate is almost torn/falling off.”

Sorry for those who may be nursing a tequila hangover but thanks to a reader for sending an update after this week’s North Columbia Heights Community Association meeting:

“Dear PoP,

Update on the vacant yellow building on 11th & Lamont (3313 11th St, NW). Jackie Greenbaum of Jackie’s and Sidebar in Silver Spring is bringing a funky Mexican cuisine to Columbia Heights. Even though the space is only 800 Sq Ft feet, it will have 24 seats downstairs, 30 seats rooftop and 20 seats outside. The menu will be simple as the kitchen will be small. Jackie also mention that there will always be a $5 margarita and plates will range from $2 to $15. She is also interested in utilizing the public gardens behind the building for restaurant use. All permits have been acquired and the building will start in the next couple of weeks with an opening some time in July or early August.”

11th St, NW keeps getting better and better.

  • Engrish

    There are garden’s back there? Who knew?

    Exciting news

  • Full minutes of the meeting, with more details from Jackie’s presentation among other items which were discussed, will be posted this weekend here (I am a bit behind on minutes generally, apologies, but will catch up with posting this weekend!):


    • Cait B

      On a different but related note – Where will the neighborhood clean-up meet tomorrow morning?

      • Clean-up will be at 9:30, meeting on 11th between Park and Monroe (meet at Columbia Heights Coffee).

        We may be short on picker-up things and gloves (although hopefully will have plenty of the latter), so if you have your own gloves and/or devices other than hands for picking up trash, please feel free to bring them!

        There will be a discounted community brunch at 10:30 at Meridian Pint for those who participate in the clean-up.

      • saf

        There’s also one in Petworth – from Shanel Anthony, via the Petworth listserve (typos corrected, and new typos probably added, by me)

        Free this Saturday? Want to meet your neighbors? Looking to have some fun in the Sun? Hate litter? GREAT!

        Join your neighbors, Commissioners Shanel Anthony, ANC 4C07 and Rob Mandle, ANC 4C10 us as we partner to beautify the 800 block of Upshur Street and the 4100 block of 9th Street this SATURDAY at 9am. This is the location of the Farmer’s Market. Activities include, litter pick up, landscaping, mulching and etc.

        The Petworth Farmer’s market is coming back on MAY 20th and we want the area to be nice and clean for the Market. If you are free, please join us.

        See you Saturday,

        Shanel Anthony and Rob Mandle.

  • andy

    It’ll be like a taco truck without wheels.

    • Anonymous

      Right. I wish. The $15 plates would suggest otherwise. Nice dreaming!

      • Those taco trucks are not necessarily cheap. My sense is that this place would be priced comparably, with very high caliber food. If you can get a good-quality meal for 7-10 bucks, which sounds like the ambition, that simply can’t be beat in the area …

        • Anonymous

          Yes, you’re right, although $7-10 is obviously much different from $15. DC food prices do indeed suck. well, unless you’re a fan of Peruvian chicken and empanadas.

    • 11th

      that sounds fantastic. mexican/salvadoran trucks at the korean korner (veirs mill and randolph) are fantastic. one parked permanently on 11th sounds great.

  • Todd M

    Definitely going to be Tapas. Too bad could have been something great.

    • Petworthy

      What’s wrong with tapas?

  • MAR

    While I didn’t really enjoy my one and only visit to Jackie’s…I’m hoping that this place will be great.

    P.S. – $5 margaritas=yay!

  • Kevin

    Great addition to 11th Street NW. I also like this trend of opening small restaurants/bars like this and Room 11. Being that most avail. space on that stretch is smaller, it’s neat to see folks making the most out of a tiny space.

  • Karen

    Great to see the ANC being so kind,Getting a rooftop on a bar approved that fast is usually very hard or even impossible.As long as the neighbors don’t mind the noise.

  • billindc

    Tapas are not what they are planning as of my last conversation with Jackie. The menu is still being worked on but the small size of the kitchen makes large number of choices difficult to carry out.


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