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Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth May 10, 2011 at 3:00 pm 28 Comments

This rental is located at 2120 18th Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“2 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit in the heart of Adams Morgan. Walking distance to shops, restaurants and nightlife. Hardwood floors, washer/dryer in unit, central A/C and heat. $1725 per month, plus utilities. No pets allowed.”

For those who want to live right in the middle of Adams Morgan this is an intriguing rental (right above Piccante Pizza. I know it’s a bit tough without photos but for a 2 bed/1 bath at this location does $1725 per month, plus utilities sound right?

  • WDC

    Sounds a little TOO good to be true, no? I can’t remember the last time I saw a 2br for under $2200 or so.

    • Polytasker

      Two words: Park View. You can rent a rowhouse close to the Metro there for $1900-2000 a month.

      • Anonymous

        and there are places even cheaper than park view.

  • Anonymous

    There’s gotta be a catch…

  • anon

    I’ll say it before someone else does. Everything in Adams-Morgan is way over priced cause you have to walk 22 miles to the nearest metro.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Anon – you must mean everything ELSE in Adams Morgan is way overpriced. This is the average price of a reasonably sized 1 br in Adams Morgan, not a 2 br. Frankly, it’s a steal but I’m skeptical….

      • Caroline

        I live in the neighborhood and I walk about a whopping ten minutes to get to the Woodley Park and Columbia Heights stops. Come on.

        • victoria

          Wow – fast walker! Madam’s Organ to CH metro is exactly one mile. General walking speed is 3 mph. So 20 min. for normal walkers.

          • Maire

            And this rental would be closer to Dupont Circle, I think. And still a hike. Bus service, but taking a bus to the metro kind of sucks… especially when you are doing the reverse to come home!

    • Anonymous

      it’s called the 42, douche, and it’s the best bus service in the city.

  • inwdc

    It’s right on Vomit Alley — I think that’s the catch.

    • anon

      +1 You will NEVER sleep…

    • Emmaleigh504


    • anon

      I live about a block up on Wyoming, and there are gangs of drunk people screaming crap at all hours of the night and morning throughout the weekend. Last weekend, some idiot sat in the middle of the street at 3:00 am and just screamed at the top of his lungs while his friends lauged. I was hoping someone had hit him with their car, but he was just drunk and got up and walked away with them.

      The comments about vomit alley and never sleeping are right if this place doesn’t have good windows. Also, the lack of photos makes me wonder if it isn’t a beer-infused hell hole.

      Of course, that African shop that sells wicker baskets is just up the street, so it’s sort of worth it.

      • textdoc

        Too true (alas) re. drunk people making lots of noise in Adams Morgan on weekend nights. :(

        A white noise machine (like the Homedics SoundSpa) can be a godsend for blocking out the noise so you can get to sleep and stay asleep.

  • aeb

    I pay $1850 for a 2-bedroom English basement on a quiet side street very close to here. (Please, no lectures on how I’m getting ripped off and English basements are the worst! thing! evar!) So, the price sounds great, you’ll just never sleep on weekend nights.

    I prefer living in Adams Morgan over most locations closer to the metro – the S1/S2/S4, 42/43, 90/92/94/96 & Circulator can get you all over the place, and you’re within 10-15 minute walks to Woodley & Columbia Heights.

    • Anonymous

      I think it sounds like you are getting a great deal, personally. I paid $1800 (included all utilities and stuff) for a 1 br with a den at Columbia and Mintwood. Didn’t think it was the best deal, but about average.

  • Pass the Penicillin

    Talk about a fornicatorium!!! Where do I sign?

    DISCLAIMER: I would not take a black light to the walls of this place under any circumstances–unless you want to see a flourescent map of the Aleutians . . . .

    • victoria


  • Anon

    Also, the apartment might smell like pizza.

  • textdoc

    The price doesn’t sound bad… but considering that it’s directly on 18th Street, even though it’s a bit south of the “main drag” with all of the bars, it’s going to be noisy.

    There might also be daytime noise, as it’s across the street from the school… and maybe even weekend morning/daytime noise (tennis matches?).

    Also, although this place is convenient to the 90-series buses, it’s more of a hike to the 42 bus, the Circulator, and the S1/S2/S4 buses.

  • Florista

    Could be roach-infested…if the restaurant sprays, the bugs will flee upstairs to your place.

    • Matt

      Bingo. Right above Piccante Pizza = infested with roaches and rodents.

  • Van Ness Guy

    If I were only 21 and single… It sounds like the ultimate party crash pad! Definitly worth it. If you go in with a group of 6 guys, that’s $300 a month or $75 per weekend, or $25 per weekend night.
    I figure you’d save at least $25 per person on the cab fare alone. Add the savings from not having to buy expensive drinks at the bar (it’s the perfect pre-gamer spot) and you’re golden. Roaches and rats? Who cares when you’re passed out on the floor you won’t even notice them.

    • textdoc

      Like a timeshare for a pass-out place? Or all 6 guys sharing 2 bedrooms simultaneously?

  • Lived There

    I used to live there, and it’s awesome. If you want something posh, it’s not for you, but there are no bugs and it doesn’t smell like food. The bedrooms are in the back, so there’s not really street noise. You won’t want to watch a movie on a weekend night with the windows open, but it’s really not that loud. If I didn’t buy a place, I’d move back in a heartbeat.

  • Phineas

    Lived two blocks up for 14 years. Once you hit 30, not so fun on Friday and Saturday nights so best to stay indoors but close to everything. I assume anyone who rents this would want the “perks” of Adams-Morgan and understand the “drawbacks.” Price seems really cheap.


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