Triple Shooting at 1st and Q St, NW Around 9:15pm Thurs. Night

by Prince Of Petworth May 13, 2011 at 10:00 am 39 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Somewhere on the order of 15 emergency vehicles responded to a number of gunshots on the 100 block of Q St., NW. I saw two injured individuals put into ambulances. DC MPD’s alert says three suspects fled on foot north towards Florida Ave., NW. Photo is before the vast majority of police and fire arrived.

Kudos to DC police for responding within minutes of the shots being fired.”

MPD writes:

“Shooting tonight at 9:15 pm in the courtyard of 201 Q St NW. Three victims–an adult female, adult male, and juvenile male–all suffered non life-threatening injuries while in the courtyard at this address.

Three possible suspects last seen toward Florida Avenue NW on foot.”

Was anyone at Big Bear Cafe (1st and R St, NW) when this happened?

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  • jch

    There goes the neighborhood!

  • Polytasker

    Hmmm. I was biking home around 8:45 last night (northbound on 5th St.) and heard a lot of shouting/fighting in the 400 block of Q as I rode by. Wonder if that was related, though I didn’t stick around long enough to find out :(

    • truxtonite

      There’s a crowd of guys that hang out and smoke on the 400 block of Q pretty much every night. They’re not friendly to neighbors or passers by (no responses to hellos and whatnot), but they also seem fairly harmless. The kids who hang out by the projects around 1st and Q have come across as a bit more hostile, in my experience.

      • Tres

        I’d put my money on kids, based on the seemingly haphazard shooting pattern. Some younger kids who cause problems also hang out at 4th + Q, at different times of the day. They hang out just behind the bodega, which is sadly a nexus for ne’er do wells, apparently. But really, shooters could be from anywhere. It’s not like the co-op doesn’t get visitors from MD. I see MD plates in there sometimes, and people double parked.

        Since it happened inside the co-op, I’d say there was little chance of BBC patrons or random passers-by on 1st there at the time (such as myself) being affected.

  • More fodder for those who feel that coffee shops attract “the wrong element” (i.e., people who drink coffee).

  • RS22

    I was right near Big Bear when this happened. Probably about 8 shots fired, didn’t see anything until a few minutes later when EMS and police started arriving. Hope they find the shooters.

  • Marlow Stanfield

    It was Avon Barksdale and his crew. Clearly.

    • MBA Thug

      He wants his corners back.

  • SoFloRez

    That picture was taken right outside my house. Lovely

    • BeBopNotRocksteady

      I took the pic. Sorry, neighbor!

  • Ace in DC

    Ha, “there goes the neighberhood” happened about 20 shooting ago near that intersection. Way, way too much section 8 housing concentrated on that block.

    • Anon

      20 shootings ago?

      How many years does it take to rack up 20 shootings there?

      You, my friend, are sadly misinformed.

      • jch

        Robbery with gun shows 21 for the Past year (5/12/10- 5/12/11) within 1500 feet of this intersection.

        • Anon

          You are aware of what the word “shooting” means in the english language, right?

      • Ace in DC

        Obviously some slight hyperbole – but certainly not far from the truth. Lots of bad stuff near here and North Capitol and Florida as well. Almost certainly attributable to all the low income housing there.

      • justin s

        20? jeeze. I don’t know how long that would take. The 1st week I moved into my place at 3rd and Q there were 3 separate shootings. Well, actually I think one was a stabbing. My guess? 20 shootings would take 1-3 years.

    • Grif

      This area has always been an incredible neighborhood. It is slowly getting safer, but struggles with the same crime issues that prevail throughout DC. Section 8 housing should not be blamed. Providing housing to low-income individuals is important. Pointing the finger does not help anyone. I guess it is easy to take on a NIMBY attitude with Section 8 housing, but I think that economic diversity is important to DC.

      • Matt

        Yes. Economic diversity is good. Concentrated section 8 house is not diversity (just to throw a little gas on the nimby comment).

      • Dr Pangloss

        There’s a difference between “economic diversity” and state sponsored concentrations of poverty. We’re using tax money to create mass concentrations of poor folks in the city, rather than in the suburbs. If we weren’t paying to corner the market on regional poverty, we’d still have poor people living in DC, but fewer, and not in the projects, and there would be more poor folks would be living in MD and VA.

        Has nothing to do with the natural order of things. It’s public policy.

      • Curious

        I know this is an old post, but I am curious. Why exactly is providing subsidized housing to low-income individuals important? Economic diversity — how does this benefit me? And really, how does it benefit them? The cost of living in the city is so high that you’re basically giving them a place to live without the means to utilize the market priced amenities around them (restaurants, gyms, retail, etc). I’m not saying that relative poverty is comparable to abosulte poverty, but it can’t be fun.

        Please, someone give me a well reasoned response because I can’t think of any justification for it.

  • Anonymous

    I biked past the scene on my way home. I think an officer was there, but most of the responding force had not arrived yet. There were a lot of people outside and I saw one man on the ground, but his head was raised and he looked conscious. I kept on going and turned onto First Street and saw three young males arguing in the triangle park across from Big Bear, all looked like they were no older than twenty, at most. Didn’t get enough of a look though to possibly remember any identifying characteristics. Not wanting to stop and linger, I headed home and heard tons of sirens and a helicopter for the next half hour.

  • ShawRes

    @Marlo Stanfield – clearly. Chris and Snoop would keep it quiet, and they’d end up in one of the vacants at 7th and P. But I suspect the haphazard nature of it has Cheese Wagstaff written all over it.

  • Mr. Rourke

    Smiles, everyone! Smiles!

  • BSinDC

    We should just arm everyone in DC. That would curtail the issue. I kid, only partly, but alas nothing of that sort will take place. We cannot blame Section 8 Housing but I also second the comment that you cannot concentrate Section 8 housing in one area. It only creates problems that we are all aware of so I will not expound on that point. We need more diversified housing or mixed income spread throughout the area. The Big Bear Cafe has turned that whole area around and we need to make sure it continues to be a safe area – that means the patrons, staff, and residents need to call in any BS they see around the area.

    • NE Groover

      “The Big Bear Cafe has turned that whole area around…”

      Ridiculous statement.

      • Anonymous

        agreed, that is ridiculous and misinformed.

      • Anonymous

        it has helped though. tremendously! there used to be a squadron of old guys in lazy boys sitting where kids now sip their latte’s. theses guys would harass women. yell at men. piss and shit on the corner.
        once big bear opened, more neighbors could meet up, younger people moved to the neighborhood. more (legal) street life.

        so while the cleaning up of bloomingdale is a very long and complicated process, big bear was a huge help and step in the right direction. denying that is ridiculous.

  • FH

    I disagree — it is not a ridiculous statement at all.

    I have lived in the area for nine years and remember when the Big Bear was a shady corner store, where someone was shot dead right outside the store. I remember the stuffed animal “memorial” outside the store.

    Haters gonna hate, but anyone familiar with the area can’t deny that Big Bear has had a very positive experience in this area.

    • NE Groover

      No hate at all. You’re talking about a cafe on the other side of FL Ave., two different worlds. Yes, Big Bear has had a positive affect on the area surrounding 1st and R.

      • FH

        OK, now I understand what you are saying and agree; once one passes S on FL Ave. things change rather quickly (as evidenced by the park S of FL Ave. across the street from BB).

        [Side Note: Those hating Big Bear should really consider how often BB lets the drunks from the park across the street use their bathroom; I imagine before that those drunks were going in the park or in alleys, so anyone who argues that BB is only for one demographic is simply wrong. And, frankly, sometimes I feel out of place there (mainly because I don’t own a Mac Book), but no one has ever been rude to me.]

        I know BB has been kind of a lightning rod regarding gentrification, but it does seem as though Bloomingdale/Eckington could benefit from more corner businesses that are so active in the community.

        • NE Groover

          My bad. I should have been more specific in my comment.

          I love the idea of more businesses moving into the area, unfortunately, these kinds of things are going to continue happen unless the root of the problem (i.e. 1st and Q projects) is addressed.

          BTW… I used to go to BB every Saturday morning for coffee before moving to Brookland. I do miss that neighborhood.

  • Allison

    I am so glad for Prince of Petworth!! I am on my way out to check out an apartment in Shaw right now which happens to be on the 400 block of Q street. The reason I am moving from Columbia Heights is because a bunch of hooligans live across the street and shout all night, and my landlord, who has never been here at night and doesn’t see what we have to go through, is raising the rent by 20%. However, thanks to commenter above for warning me about the 400 block of Q street! I am definitely going to visit the area at night and sit for a loooong time and wait to see how bad it is before deciding to move. I can’t get away from shouting, smoking, rude TEENAGERS!!! *Tears hair out.* In conclusion, thank you PoP Community for often being another set of eyes and ears for me.

    • NE Groover

      FWIW, I lived on 4th and P (a block down from Dunbar) for 4 years before recently moving to Brookland. I have seen more craziness in the last 5 months than I saw the entire time I was living in Shaw.

  • Brookland Rez

    I used to live near there, N. Cap and R. Lived there for a year. Lots of activity in that area. Someone was killed on Quincy, near Lincoln Rd NE when I was there. On multiple occasions, I came home to find my entire block taped off. I found stray bullet holes in my car one morning after an active night.

    I’m sorry to hear the area hasn’t totally cleaned up yet. That area (Bloomingdale/Eckington) has a lot of potential. Great housing stock, close to downtown. Eventually it will get cleaned up.

  • Bec

    I live right there and heard about 8 shots around 9:25 last night. i said that was gunshots my friend said no, fireworks… .about 5 mins later tons of responders to the area… I hope this violence does not get any worse but with summer around i have a feeling it will continue.

  • ree ree

    police was sitting rite there when thisn was going on crap game police sitting this city is a joke!!!!

  • anoynmous

    The police was sitting rite there on First&Q.St.N.W. what was he or she doing?? How can you let them folks get away its real upsetting because they still got the pistal and then its going to b another crime going on its getting hot and we need more fake cops out here in these sstreets for our safety so yall can b some real cops yall getn all this extra bucks get serious think of it if it was ur own life….!!!Dont meen no harm by it but it”s time to get serious police officers

  • angie

    The area at 1st and Q St isnt too bad with the exception of two houses, the one at 55 q st nw and the house directly behind it. I think everyone realizes that the ‘free for all’ is coming to an end. I live close to this intersection and devote a lot of my free time communicating to the police via text and pictures, calling HUD reporting section 8 violations and fraud, filing violations on the local liquor stores, etc… Many of my neighbors do the same, we are all on the ‘watch’ and most of the thugs have realized it and are trying to rebel but its too late. How stupid they all are thinking they ‘own’ a corner, dont they have anything better to do? Like get a job and contribute to society like the rest of us! Seriously!

    • You Rock!

      Angie, thanks for helping clean the neighborhood up. Much appreciated. I try and do my part, but you put me to shame.


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