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The 5pm Post – Roundtable to Explore Gangs, Cliques, and Crews in DC Thursday

by Prince Of Petworth May 3, 2011 at 5:00 pm 20 Comments

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From an email:

The Office of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) said today that the D.C. Commission on Black Men & Boys, chaired by Isaac Fulwood, former D.C. Police Chief and well-known mentor of D.C. youth, will hold a Roundtable hearing entitled Crews, Cliques, & Gangs: Are they on the Rise? on Thursday, May 5, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street NW. The Roundtable will feature formal rival gang members, violence intervention workers, and testimony from residents. Among the invited witnesses are Darius Robinson, a business owner and former member of “Simple City Crew,” who helped the Alliance of Concerned Men broker a truce between two warring factions of the crew; and Trayon White, founder of Helping Inner City Kids Succeed.

“In light of the increased number of recent shootings and stabbings involving young men, the Commission will try to help residents learn just what D.C. gangs, cliques and crews are, whether the rise of serious youth violence is related to such groupings of youth, and what can be done,” said Norton. “By hearing directly from young men who know our mean streets and from the audience who attends, the Commission hopes to increase public understanding and bring gangs, cliques and crews out of the shadows.”

  • MichelleRD

    “Are they on the rise?” REALLY???? Please, I hope their discussion has a deeper starting point than this.

  • Hank Chinaski

    What does one wear to a meeting of formal rival gang members?

    • Anonymous

      pinstripes, of course.

  • Anonymous

    This is good BUT….Ms. Norton…They are not “in the shadows” and we shouldn’t call our streets “mean”.

    How about not tolerating this behavior and changing the laws to lock up those caught with guns who commit violent crimes, especially all those who are under 18. And even stronger penalties for those adults supervising the thugs and giving them drugs and guns. There is no excuse for our city’s leadership tolerance of this ongoing travesty. DYRS is failing us, the Mayor is failing us, the Council is failing us. At least the police lock em up from time to time, too bad the prosecuters let them go.

    • Anonymous

      Amen my brotha’! They’re being failed first and foremost by the people who brought them into the world and who choose not to give a hoot what they’re doing at 2 am.

      • Chris

        + 1000000
        Sad but true

  • Anonymous

    this sounds fascinating actually. i can’t make thursday, but i hope someone can go and give us a write up.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure it’s a good idea to hold a meeting of rival gang members, even if they are formally organized.

    • Anonymous

      Make them attend naked.

  • Anomynous

    We need Joe Arpaio. Shame them, work them and shame them some more. Make them clean streets, rake leaves. Enforce GEDs. All while wearing orange and green polka-dotted jump suits. Have thm wear sandwich boards describing the crimes they have committed. “Hi! I steal iPhones! Perhaps you’ve seen me before?”

    Might be a nice time to voice one’d frustrations, but when it comes down to it, it’s all a bunch of talk.

    • cs

      I couldn’t agree more. If they committed a crime make them work, no matter how old they are. Make them get off the streets and be bored. There is a ton of trash that can be picked up.

    • Anonymous

      It’ll never happen. We can’t afford to damage their fagile egos and sense of self worth.

  • Maire

    Yikes, I hope this all goes well but it seems like it could be a bit unstable.

  • cs

    Who gives a damn about who these gangs are?
    And I am sorry but there is really nothing I need to understand about criminal behavior other than that it is criminal behavior and should be punished. But no rather than doing that we need to hear from these poor kids and learn from them about what the difference is between a gang and a clique …

  • Morty

    We should deploy SEAL Team 6 instead, if they can get Osama they can get some gangbangers.

  • GDC

    Solution: Send in the Navy Seals! If something works – go with it!!!

  • Anonymous

    These roundtables are useless. Norton is powerless to affect any change. She’s just an elected pacifier that can get into some pretty cool offices, nothing more.

  • Dave

    Step 1…buy a steam-roller
    Step 2…Hire a blind Steam-roller driver
    Step 3…Cancel round-table due to lack of attendance.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Is there really a useful point to be made in differentiating between a “gang,” a “clique,” and a “crew”? Is there any serious debate that the rise in serious youth violence is related to a rising number of violent groups of young men, whatever you choose to call them? I am all for understanding a problem but this forum seems geared to avoiding the most obvious and important answer to this particular problem – more and better law enforcement and punishment. Let’s talk about how to keep kids from joining a gang, clique, or crew, but let’s also talk about catching and incarcerating for a long time those gang, clique and crew members who have decided on a life of crime.

  • PT Varnum

    But they are all good boys. They’d never do anything wrong.


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