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Tempting Scuttlebutt for Woodley Park/Adams Morgan – Steak’n Egg to Open a 2nd Location?

by Prince Of Petworth May 18, 2011 at 10:33 pm 35 Comments

I got a very tempting tweet saying:

“owner of steak&eggs in tenlytown is vying for a 2nd location in old rug store at intersection of connecticut and calvert by the bridges”

Osman & Joe’s Steak’n Egg Kitchen currently has a DC location in Tenleytown at 4700 Wisconsin Ave NW. You can see their menu here. When we discussed their murals back in Feb. ’10 there were a few fans.

The rug store that the tipster is referring to was Jamshid’s Antique and New Oriental Rugs located at 2313 Calvert St, NW which closed in March ’11. Another reader had heard that CVS would be moving into that space. But the mere fact that Steak’n Egg is looking for a 2nd location is good news. Do you think a 2nd location in the Woodley/Adams Morgan area would do well?

I’ll be sure to follow up on this particular location or whichever is ultimately chosen. Stay tuned. And pray that it is true!

  • Anonymous

    We need more breakfast places! Please say it’s true. How can we lobby for this? haha

  • Greg

    I wrote in about the cvs. I hope I’m wrong. Would much rather have this.

    • Anonymous

      CVS always get what it wants because 1) it will pay any price and can make money at any price and 2) they’re considered a high credit quality tenant by landlords and lenders.

    • jess

      The cashiers at CVS told me 2 weeks ago they were moving into Sherry’s space. They were not sure what was happening with the existing CVS space. But the new CVS space will have a pharmacy.

  • I gotta ask: has anyone ever paid full price for an oriental rug?

    • anon

      I have. Oh wait, rug. I thought you wrote “tug.” Never mind.

  • Justine

    Wow, I am trying to go on a diet and look good in my clothes during the summers months. I hate going to the gym and exercising. I can see myself visiting this steak & eggs establishment soon in the near future.


    • Anonymous


  • jmc

    It’s definitely CVS. Sherry’s Liquors moved around the corner too, to make room.

    • Anonymous

      So, I haven’t been over in Woodley Park for a little while, but isn’t there a CVS right next to the Metro? Why would they want two locations so close to each other? Did the first one close?

      • Anonymous

        The CVS next to the metro is TERRIBLE, so I’d imagine they’re replacing it with a larger space.

        Also, Jamshid are the ones who said it was a CVS. They sent a mailer saying that CVS had pushed them out.

  • Dan

    I would go to Steak and Egg so hard if it was there.

  • Speaking of Steak and Eggs, they have a living social coupon this week!!!! check it out..

  • andy

    Interesting synergistic possibilities with the old rug seller. Could fry and sell old inventory as steak and/or eggs to drunken post-Adams Morgan revelers.

  • Rand

    STEAK AND EGGS PLS!! I am a fat man and live nearby. CVS does nothing for me.

  • Shaun

    It’s quite possible that CVS isn’t taking the entire building, just the parts that housed Sherry’s and the real estate offices.

  • MichelleRD

    Would be nice to have another breakfast/brunch option when Open City is full.

    Nicer still if the next Steak and Eggs has more than 12 seats.

  • Anonymous

    PoP- I think there used to be another rug store in Woodley Park along Connecticut- perhaps that’s what they were referring to?

  • Chris in Eckington

    Wasn’t there a second Steak and Egg on 9th Street in Shaw that ended up closing because it attacted a criminal element that the management refused/was unwilling to address. I think there was a murder out front that was somehow connected to customers of the restaurant.

  • crin

    Building Permit #B1104657 at 2601 Connecticut Ave NW for “construct a tenant build-out for a new retail pharmacy. INTERIOR WORK ONLY.” Currently under review by DCRA. No permits for any of those Calvert Street addresses.

  • Kev29

    Instantly discredit any rumor monger who thinks the name is “Steak&Eggs”

    • Anonymous

      they are the same people that say “toys are us”

    • PG

      You mean it’s not “Steak’n Egg’s”?

  • Brookland Rez

    LOL. Now all the drunks from Adams Morgan will have a place to get drunk food on the way back to the metro.

    • Riggs

      omg admo drunks original

  • Denizen

    If Steak & Egg can’t get this space, you know Petworth is really hurting for a breakfast spot like this and I for one would give them plenty of business.

  • anon

    This place will give you an instant heart attack! Seriously – ONE bite will kill you. It should be banned!

  • DC Foodie Luvah

    Woodley Park zoning overlay may prevent any Steak & Eggs opening – http://dcoz.dc.gov/info/overlay.shtm

  • Prince Of Petworth

    NBC says they are looking at 2nd location in Georgetown. Stay tuned…

  • Anonymous

    24 hours steak & eggs?

  • Anonymous

    whoa, just looked at their menu. their prices would make open city blush. 90% of dishes are > $10. skip!

    • Anonymous

      nevermind. didn’t see the second page. still…

  • E

    I understand the restaurant overlay is quite strict and therefor difficult for a non-restaurant space to be turned into a restaurant space. However there is an empty 2nd floor storefront a few floors down that was a French cafe that didn’t last long. Maybe that’s the space they are considering, if a Woodley Park location is truly undernconsideration.

  • Gennadiy

    @ Brookland Rez & @Andy: You just had to bash Adams Morgan. Adams Morgan is a wonderful place except during good weather on Fri/Sat nights after 10 until 3am. This means that 95% of the hours of the week Adams Morgan is an excellent destination with diverse cuisine and nice for shopping and strolling.


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