Shawafel to Open Late May/1st Week of June on H St, NE – A Note from the Owner

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2011 at 10:15 am 33 Comments

“Dear PoP,

This is Alberto Sissi, I am opening a lebanese shawarma and falafel quick served restaurant, the name comes from the two words combined “Shawafel” we will be serving chicken, lamb and beef mixed shawarma the traditional way which is made from scratch. we will be buying all our meet from local farmers cutting it,marinating it, and then skwered on the vertical spit same goes for the chicken shawarma. we will be serving spreds such as hummus and baba ghanoug. salads tabouleh and fattouch,for vegeterian option we will be serving a coliflower sandwich that is topped with lettuce, tahini sauce, pickels and fries inside the sandwich. for the night goers the french fries sandwich should be satisfying it is a signature sandwich that we will be offering, topping remain a secret.Our hours of operation will be opening every day at 11:00am and closing sun,mon,tue at 9:00pm and weekend open till 3:00am.

My expertise in the restaurant business comes from a long journey with Jose Andres and Think Food Group their excellent customer service and attention to details taught me how to treat a guest and make them come back, also on the cooking side i was given intense training in the shawarma making at Rimal restaurant in Paris (rimal.fr) which is owned by the Khoury brothers, Growing up in Lebanon and moving to Washington I come to realize that not one place offers the real shawarma that’s what made me decide to be a pioneer in making people relate to the countries they lived in or visited through the experience they will get at Shawafel.”

Sounds awesome! Looking forward to hearing what folks think in a few weeks. Shawafel will be located at 1322 H st NE.

  • WDC

    Given the name, I had really hoped that this was located in Shaw.

    • Anonymous

      Same – what a disappointment!

    • truxtonite


  • Anonymous

    Until I saw this was on H St, I thought this was a falafel place coming to Shaw, which would have still made it a terrible name. After reading the logic that really went into it, I’m even less impressed. Hopefully its good.

  • LisaT

    FRENCH FRY SANDWICH? Hello, lover!

    • Anonymous

      a lebanese french fry sandwich is seriously one of my favorite sandwiches ever.

  • Dan

    Hopefully it will not be Shawful.

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Two years from now, a rogue employee from Shawafel will quit and open his own restaurant named Falarma two doors down.

    • GDopplerXT

      lol. well played.

      • textdoc


  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Plus… You’d think that in dropping Andres’ name, the owner of Shawafel at least consulted with him prior to deciding on the restaurant’s name. I’m pretty sure Andres would have suggested something different. For example, “Zaytinya” is not called “Meditapas”, and “Oyamel” is not called” “Cricketacos”.

    • another guy named Chris


      Alberto if you read this please reconsider the name!

  • 1216

    Sounds great. Can’t wait.

  • EW

    Another reason to be exciting about my upcoming move to H St.! I guess I’m in the minority here, but I think Shawafel is cute.

    • MsNesbitt

      Me too! I can’t help but say it over and over again and laugh. It just rolls off my tongue – shaaaawafel!

    • Anonymous

      i like it too.

  • KT


  • Anon

    What a shawafel name.

  • textdoc

    The name “Shawafel” keeps making me think of waffles.

    Mmm, waffles…

    • Kev29

      I don’t care what it’s called, if they can serve me a proper lamb shawarma with a side of fries post-Biergarten Haus then I’ll be happy.

  • Anonymous


    Break up with these H Street ingrates and come to Bloomingdale! They’ll never love and respect you like we will! We’ll treat you shawanderfully…

    • dt

      Bite your tongue!! I live two blocks from there, and I will grow fat and happy at this place if the lamb shwarma is any good.

  • christina

    Sounds amazing! I’ve been waiting for Alberto to open up a place like this for months. I know it’ll be delicious and I can’t wait.

  • Dan

    I don’t know how you pronounce that name without having it rhyme with “awful”…

  • Rebecca

    This sounds amazing! I can’t wait. I love love love Lebanese food.

  • andy

    Somebody should open Shaw Waffles.

  • phil

    Not sure why everyone seems so offended by the name. It’s not a sit-down restaurant and isn’t trying to be upscale just serve good food. Someone mentioned the apparent brilliance of the name “Zaytinya”. That just means olive oil. Not too clever and not much significance. I am ready to judge this place on its food and not its name. Very excited.

  • mmm

    sounds great to me! And I agree with Phil — it’s a falafel and Schwarma place, not a trendy tapas bar. The name works — you know exactly what you are getting.

    And also, it is common to put french fries on a sandwich in the middle east…pretty normal (and good)

  • RachH

    Sounds awesome. Any chance they’ll think about providing hookah as well?

  • MikeinDC

    No shawarma place in DC? Try the next block over, Souk’s at 1208 H St, and you don’t have to wait until June.

  • H St. Biz Owner

    You people making comments about the name of the business are freakin’ idiots with a lot of time on your hands. Go back to your desk jobs. Alberto is bringing a quality product that doesn’t currently exist in DC. He’s done serious planning for this, so let his product speak for itself.

    And to MikeinDC. Souk is Moroccan, and they don’t serve the same type of shawarma at all. That’s like saying a Philly cheesesteak is like any other cheesesteak.

    He’ll have a great product, and he’ll be laughing his way to the bank.

  • Anonymous

    i have been waiting for a place like this to open in DC when shawarma king opened i was the first in line but what a disapontment, Alberto I know you will deliver the product that we are all waiting for. keep the name sounds GREAT

  • sgs

    You know when you’re all in the mood for shawarma or falafel, Shawafel is going to be the first name that comes to mind. I can’t wait.


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