Washington, DC

Photo courtesy of @DCPundette

From various twitter reports about incident at Columbia Heights metro Tuesday around 5:30pm:

@MrTinDC I saw a cop fall off his Segway leading to taunts and a bunch of teenage girls screaming and shoving.

@acdha Just rode past: 5-6 squad cars + officers on bike on sw corner. a large crowd watching a guy being cuffed

@kenzemack High School Girls getting in a fight and screaming at each other

More info via email (I can be reached at princeofpetworth(at)gmail):

“About the situation at the CH metro tonight that you have been talking about via twitter. The group started fighting in the ally behind the victory heights building on Irving around 5:45ish. Looked to be a bunch of teens beating the crap out of each other. People were all just standing around watching. I went into CVS and informed the cop there and he radioed it in. As I was walking back down Irving the group was coming out of the ally and continuing the fight. I assume the cops showed up shortly after that.”

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