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Pesto Ristorante Becoming a (Seattle’s Best?) Coffee House in Woodley/Cleveland Park

by Prince Of Petworth May 1, 2011 at 10:32 pm 13 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Have you heard any murmurs about the old Pesto Ristorante space on Connecticut, between Woodley Park and Connecticut? I constantly see people in there working on the space, but wasn’t sure if they had found a new tenant!”

Pesto, located at 2915 Connecticut Ave, NW, closed back in Sept. 10 (and before that was Mrs. Simpsons). I also noticed a bit of construction and a permit on the window a few weeks ago but I couldn’t tell then who was going in. But I think I finally have the answer – it looks like it’s going to be a coffee shop. Peering in the window I was able to make out a sign advertising Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Any fans of Seattle’s Best? Think they’ll be able to compete with Starbucks just up the block (3000 Connecticut Ave NW)?

Sorry for the bad photo but the sun wasn’t cooperating. Though if you squint a bit you can see a series of Seattle’s best coffee choices.

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  • bloom

    That is a grrrreat idea for that spot.

    It will have patio too. Lovely. Finally someone is getting that Conn. Ave. needs more coffeeshops for all those apartment dwellers to hang out in.

  • Rosie

    Starbucks owns Seattle’s Best so “compete” might not be the right word to use…. Monopolize? yes.

    • Dr Pangloss

      Wow. I was wondering why the coffee at both sucks equally.

      • David

        Uh, yeah. I’ve never understood this sentiment. Starbucks is the capital T man, BUT aside from Quartermaine’s or Caribou Obsidian, it is better than most other coffeehouses.

        Indie coffeehouses generally have watery/not strong enough coffee.

  • Andy(2)

    As far as the quality of the coffee – Seattle’s Best is kind of the Maxwell House of the Starbucks group. Now it could be an independent licensee of the SB so the atmosphere could be decent.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Seattle’s Best isn’t really all that good, but it’s better than nothing in that space.

  • Allison

    Yea, too bad it’s corporate, and it’s a Starbucks subsidiary, BUT I’m glad they are coming. Good for them that they figured it out. I wrote to small biz coffeeshop owners suggesting more cafes in Cleveland Park. They don’t bite. I wonder if they tried.

    It seems rather obvious that the Avenue is ripe for coffeeshops. CP Firehook and Starbucks by the Zoo are completely jammed on weekends. The Starbucks in CP failed not because of location; it was never a nice space — small, dark, and always crowded.

  • John

    With the size of the space and the sweet patio it could have really shined as an indy coffee shop. Nice couches and local photography. Tasty food and sweets. Maybe even some beer and wine. But no. Given it’s a chain the likelyhood that itll be cozy and cool or even mildly welcoming is zip. Mrs Simpson is rolling over in her grave…

  • Kev29

    I don’t think Seattle’s Best really has their own branded chain shops here. It will probably be some other place – like a crappy deli/bakery – that serves Seattle’s Best brand coffee.

  • Count Crapula

    One assumes that if there’s a Seattle’s Best there is also a Seattle’s Worst. How come you never hear about them?

    • Chris

      Because they’re actually the same.

  • Greta

    This is great for the neighborhood, particularly since Cafe International by the metro has closed. Now if we can just keep all the tourist hoards confined to the Starbucks the rest of us can enjoy our coffee in peace at the new place.


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