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New Park at LeDroit Opened on Friday

by Prince Of Petworth May 31, 2011 at 12:30 pm 42 Comments

Photos by Tim Breem

“Dear PoP,

After a loooong wait by many young families in LeDroit/Shaw/Bloomingdale, the Park at LeDroit opened Friday, May 27, with little fanfare in time for kids and families to play Memorial Day weekend. The dog park and a few little things await completion, and signage and an opening ceremony are expected in the coming week, but the playground is now officially open.”

The park is located on the site of the former Gage-Eckington Elementary School at 2025 3rd Street, NW in LeDroit Park.

Thanks to Tim for sending the photos.

  • Anonymous

    what was the big police pressence around here this weekend?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It was a hostage/barricade situation that was resolved without injury.

      • Anon

        There were a bunch of folks saying a body was found, is that not true?

        • No body at all. This is self promotion, but my blog has details. A friend is going to email me more photos especially of the snipers on people’s roofs.

          • Anon

            Sorry, maybe I’m stupid – what is a sandbag situation? Why were there snipers? Was this woman armed?

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Hmm, I had heard it was resolved peacefully – anyone else know if a body was found?

        • Why did the DC police get the fire co to show up and used the ladder trucks to put two snipers across form her house? Probably the same motivation as having 25+ guys with automatic rifles and in full battle gear for an old woman with a kitchen knife.

          I will let you draw your own opinion on that.

          Regardless , in the end they talked her down , no shots were fired, no one tazed or the like.

          I live right down the street and was having a big party. The cops originally barred our visitors from the walking down the block but then one cop took it upon himself to escort our quests down. Very cool. We tried to give him jello shots for that but of course he just took water.

          • Anonymous

            if i was a hostage, i’d want snipers.

  • Anon

    When proponents of this playground and the farm talk about them, they always talk about Ledroit/Bloomingdale/Shaw residents, but not Eckington. Does the NW just want to pretend that NE doesnt exist?

    • Anonymous

      it’s because that’s what immediately surrounds it. don’t take it personally.

      • Anon

        Thats pretty much why I thought it was bogus. Since Eckington is 2 blocks away, Bloomingdale is 2 blocks away, and Shaw is 5-6 blocks away, I thought the PR on this has been a bit strange.

        • Anonymous

          eckington has harry thomas rec center which has a nice playground and is much closer to all of eckington than ledroit park.

          the pr isn’t really that strange, you’re just being sensitive.

          • elizqueenmama

            You seriously think HT Rec Center has a nice playground? Nice if you like your kids to climb up broken graffiti’d play equipment around a bunch of teenagers getting high, all while risking falling on broken glass, or perhaps picking up a condom or one of those ubiquitous little ziploc baggies. . . otherwise, not so much.

          • Anonymous

            it looked nice yesterday.
            but if you think it’s bad, you want to walk over to elm and 3rd instead? organize a parent playground cleanup. take back the park.

          • elizqueenmama


            In fact, we ARE organizing to better the park at HT Rec Center. We have a meeting with the rec center and someone from DPR this week. But seriously, you think you can compare the HR Rec Center park and this one? light years apart.

        • Anon

          I dont understand your point. There’s a playground (which consists of a swingset and a slide) at the Rec Center, so when everyone has been talking about the new one and includes SHAW which is several blocks away, but they dont even acknowledge all of the neighborhoods that are actually near by?

          Doesnt make sense, except possibly by the very isolated incidence of haughtiness from a very few LeDroit and Bloomingdale residents. Unfortunately, some of them are outspoken.

          • Bloomingdalian

            Let’s take out a map…
            Bloomingdale and Ledroit Park share the border where the Park lies. Eckington, which is about to get an amazing new park across from Big Bear and the New Firhouse restaurant, should NOT feel left out in the cold.

          • Anonymous

            across from big bear isn’t eckington.

          • Anon

            Neither of those locations are in Eckington.

            Furthermore, as I’ve said now, for the 3rd time, Eckington is way closer than Shaw.

            It makes no sense. The only thing I’ve ever heard, and I dont know if thats what is at work, but there is a set of bloomingdaliens and Ledroitsters who find some sort of exclusivity by living in NW, as opposed to the dirty masses across North Capitol. Maybe this logic led them to not want to talk about Eckington, as it would make their new little playground sound less hospitable. They even took eckington OUT of the name (it used to be gage-eckington, if you remember).

            Same thing happened with the garden, they went out of their way to invite bloomingdale, ledroit park, shaw and even TRUXTON residents to join the garden, but, as far as I know, never made overtures in NE.

            You might think I’m a tinfoil hat wearing cry baby with conspiracy theories, but I think I’m onto something.

          • Anonymous

            awww. the ne inferiority complex.
            here’s a bone, the firehouse is in the 20002 zip.
            claim it ( if it doesn’t suck, that is)

          • Anonymous

            actually shaw is closer.

          • Anon

            Its not really an inferiority complex as much as pointing out how provincial folks are. There is a vocal minority that act like we’re not neighbors when much of Eckington is closer to the amenities of B’dale/Ledroit, than much of B’dale.

            Also, the Firehouse IS technically in B’dale. Dont worry, those same folks will be massive jerks about that too.

          • Anonymous

            how can bloomingdale and eckington not be neighbors? in what context do people say those things? that’s not “provincial” thats just crazytalk. the boundaries are just imaginary, except for berlin wall anyway.

          • Anon

            I agree. You’d be surprised at the conversations I’ve had.

            Other: I live in Bloomingdale at 1st and R.
            ME: “oh cool, I live right near you”
            Other: “Oh, cool, where?”
            Me: “The unit block of R, NE”
            Other: “Oh you dont live in Bloomingdale, you live in Eckington”.
            Me: ???

            I’ve had the variations of this conversation multiple times.

          • Anonymous

            yes, the kids can be silly about that kind of thing. things were easier when both your hood and the southern half of bloomingdale were both considered eckington.

  • I wonder how long it will stay this pretty.

    • bagels

      Depends on who uses it.

      • Jay


        • Jaynuze

          I believe that was bagels point

          • anon

            That would be my concern. The park near is usually pretty good. But sometimes, it doesn’t get locked up when the family nearby that is
            “in charge” is out of town. On those nights, the park can sometimes fill up with teens, and in the morning, you’re left with cigarette butts, broken bottles and used condoms.

            Oh, silly DC teens!

  • Adams Morgan (not AdMo)

    Hopefully some of the last-minute things they are waiting on are a couple of canopies for the tot lot area like the ones they have at Stead. From the photos anyway it doesn’t look like there is any shade and that’s going to diminish amount of use that area can get.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think the New Diner opponents will send out scary letters saying that this park will raise property taxes and encourage loitering?

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Not to mention that it will kill parking from outside residents – you see how much space those minivans take up? This is going to kill the character of the neighborhood.

      And based on the demographics of the family in the first photo, this park doesn’t have the right “fit”.

      • Anonymous

        it alters the “mystique” of the neighborhood.

      • HouseInTheRear

        Our neighborhood doesn’t work that way. It’s a fairly peaceful place. Please don’t comment when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Denizen of Tenallytown

          Speaking of which… we were ripping on an alarmist flyer that was the subject of another PoP post. I’m sure the neighborhood is just fine.

  • 14th St Heights

    Great photo of my good friend and her daughter. Hey Pambella!

  • KG

    So excited about the park! Just want to mention that even those of us without children and/or families are excited about the park as a great place to take a walk, have a picnic, play a game of frisbee, and see our neighbors, too!

  • J

    I liked having a school better.

    • Anonymous

      did you go to school there?

    • inBD

      Yep, that bunker, oh I mean “school,” was such a great institution. Someone vied for a KIPP charter school that would have renovated the building but it got shot down by certain councilman. THat being said of all the other alternatives, the park was the best. Just be happy DC department of real estate didn’t seel it to PN Hoffman for high-end loft-like condos.

  • Anon

    It looks nice but roasting hot.
    I don’t think you Bloomies need to worry about anybody intentionally slumming in your neighborhood and taking up parking spots, unless they are visiting friends.


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