New Home and Gift Store, Trohv, Opens in Takoma by Jessica Bonness

by Prince Of Petworth May 3, 2011 at 11:00 am 22 Comments

Jessica Bonness runs JGB Interiors

I was thrilled last week to hear that Trohv, a new home and gift store, was finally opening at 232 Carroll Avenue NW! It’s just one convenient block away from the Takoma Metro stop on the red line, and it’s open Monday – Wednesday 11-7, Thursday – Saturday from 10-8, and Sundays from 11-6.

Trohv carries all kinds of home goods that run the gamut from reclaimed to whimsical to mod to eco-chic. So often I walk in all-the-rage home stores and leave thinking, “I could pick these things out and find a far more interesting range of items.” Well, I left Trovh last weekend feeling like it would be such a challenge to put together a store with as many awesome, one-of-a-kind, reasonably priced and neat-looking items as they have crammed into their space. It’s a store with an incredible range of tastes, and items that many varied budgets can accommodate. I can’t wait to take my clients here AND recommend it to some of my starving artist friends.

They offer furniture — from sofas to occasional tables, decorative accessories, books, kitchen gadgets, art, stationary, some clothing, and they even have a sizable kid and baby section. I wasn’t kidding about the decent prices: this super comfortable sofa, as pictured, was about $1,200.

When you walk in there is stuff galore, but because the space is so large and gloriously warehouse-y you don’t get anything close to that claustrophobic feeling you get in some overstuffed home stores. I could have walked around for another hour looking at their little trinkets and accessories. Here are some of their offerings that I photographed on Sunday:

If you find yourself up in Takoma, or feel like taking a 15 minute ride up the red line from downtown (yes, it’s really that close), I’d definitely recommend swinging by. I should mention that the owners of Trohv have another store in Baltimore that now goes by the same name but formerly was called Red Tree.

  • lei

    I love that couch……..

    • My thoughts exactly.

  • Lady

    I was just going to ask POP to marry me, but then I realized this was a guest writer. Her excitement about this place matches mine.

    • jgb

      Your comment made my day! Glad to see everyone likes this store, too!

  • MAR

    I’ve been wondering about this place for a couple weeks now…looks like I will need to stop by!

  • Count Crapula

    Ok, I wasn’t going to do it because it’s the kind of nitpicky crap that I can’t stand, but what the heck it’s a Tuesday so why not.
    The store is in Takoma not Takoma Park hence the title of the post should be “New Home and Gift Store Opens in Takoma.”
    Yep, that was petty b.s. on my part, but the store looks fun.

    • Anonymous

      we should jus annex takoma park.

    • New

      You know its funny that doesn’t bother me but when people add an “s” to Silver Spring and call it Silver Springs-drives me nuts

      • Richko

        Drives me nuts when people confuse its and it’s.

    • Nick

      I just moved to Takoma and it frustrates me that people don’t know it exists. Even my landlord said that the previous tenant moved to DC. I LIVE IN DC! There needs to be more awareness that there is a neighborhood called Takoma that is in DC. Maybe then we will see more development.

      • Anonymous

        start a blog.

      • djdc

        What’s the story with Takoma Station Tavern? A nice place to get a drink?

        The store looks great.

        • Anon

          Takoma Station Taven = nothing but shady to me. There are cop cars there on the regular.

          • djdc

            Thanks. Maybe I’ll move that down on the to-do list. Or off the list.

      • anon

        I live a mile from there, and can still never remember which side is Takoma, and which is Takoma Park. Doesn’t really make a difference to me.

  • mca

    I was running by the store on Sat and stopped in. They have a lot of fun stuff, the couch is even nicer up close and live.

    The ladies running the place were very nice, and hope the store does well.

  • Count Crapula

    Hey, thanks for the quick response to my post! Sorry to be so petty.

  • Ms. Pac-Man

    Yes! I am a huge fan of the Baltimore store, so I am thrilled one is now within walking distance of me. The owner/buyer has great taste.

    • Tad

      Agreed! Psyched to have one in DC.. I kind of liked the old name better though.

  • TakomaGal

    I live within a 3 minute walk to this store and have been eagerly waiting to open. The store and it’s offerings do not disappoint! It’s great to have modern, affordable furniture (most importantly: that I don’t have to assemble!).

    I am so happy it moved into our neighborhood and reclaimed an ugly building into a beautiful retail space. yay!

  • AnotherTakomaGal

    I am really thrilled about the opening of this store. I am also a short walk away so I can’t wait to check it out.
    As for the Takoma name, I always, always say I live in Takoma DC. I never just say Takoma.

  • MK

    I’ve been staring in the window for weeks. I’m so happy it’s finally open.


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