Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

Today I found a letter in my mailbox voicing some concern about the new diner at 11th and Monroe St, NW. Personally, I couldn’t be happier about the proposed diner, but apparently not everyone feels the same way. It appears an anti-diner contingent is organizing. Based on the last post and the showing at the ANC meeting, I’d say the PoP community generally favors this. How do those who support the diner show our hands?”

A sample:

My favorite part is “a capacity of 1/4 of a thousand inside”. Quarter of a thousand? Really? Why not just go full hog and say a tenth of 2,500!!! Or even better a 1/100th of 25,000!!!!!!

But to answer the readers question – I’d say if you support the new diner contact the same people provided:


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