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by Prince Of Petworth May 27, 2011 at 11:45 am 35 Comments

From many emails:


· 6 feet tall
…· 165 pounds
· White male, Blue Eyes
· Dirty Blond Hair/Light Brown

Last seen: Tuesday, May 24th, 10:30 a.m. leaving Chinatown

Last seen driving: 1996 BLACK Honda Civic LX

DC Plate # DT-2747

PLEASE CALL: Officer McClam (Metro Police): 202-730-1903

To get more information, please contact Dave Russell (his boss at Capitol Hill Baptist Church) at [email protected] or 336-207-8874

  • Age?

  • anon

    If you have informaiton, it’s probably best to call MPD’s command center at 202-727-9099, which is staffed 24hrs/day, instead of a single officer’s number.

    • Anon

      Seriously? Or just follow directions and dont take advice from anonymous posters on the Internet. This is a serious issue, I think that giving out advice that is contrary to what the advice is from the organized effort to find this guy is counterproductive.

  • My2Cents
  • MS

    That is totally uncalled for.

  • woah

    That could be me. Description fits me exactly, though his photo doesn’t really look much like me.

  • Sherlock Homes

    I understand people not subscribing to someone’s faith, but I really can’t stand when an atheist decides to openly mock someone for their belief.

    Suck it atheist for a cold, callus, and uncalled for comment.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I deleted Atheists’ comments. Sorry for the confusion in the follow up comments.

  • you’re a horrible person.

    • anonymous

      meh, hard to blame a guy for pointing out the obvious ridiculousness of believing in god. it’s the internet. postings like these shouldn’t be open for comments anyway.

      • nooooo

        This is true! If anyone has any worthwhile information, they should contact the cops, not post snark or non-snark. Closing something like this to comments makes the most sense.

      • Sherlock Homes

        “Obvious ridiculousness of believing in god”

        People use different motivators for governing their actions, and the belief in God shouldn’t be viewed as ridiculous.

        Your comments are based out of a real hatred for faith that is far more ridiculous.

        • Sherlock Homes

          I’ll also say my thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family and I hope for a happy ending.

        • anonymous

          that’s your opinion. I don’t hate anyone.

          • Sherlock Homes

            I didn’t say you hated anyone. I said you hated the belief.

          • anonymous

            finding it ridiculous doesn’t mean I hate it. certainly, I think life would be happier, healthier, and more sane if nobody believed in god, but I don’t walk around stewing in hate about it. atheists are very often the victims of unwarranted hate and are therefore generally pretty reasonable about not propagating it.

          • d

            time.. place.. not it.

  • Shaw Parent

    Screw you dude.


    One of the millions of non-religious, agnostic types who think that miltant-atheists-like-you are no better, and often worse, than Westboro baptists.

    • Shaw Parent

      The comment this replied to has disappeared! Magic of the intertubes.

  • nooooo

    None of these comments make sense anymore with the offending comment missing.

    I’m not a huge fan of mean comments, but it’s better to leave them than play uber-censor. Slippery slope!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I have no problem deleted comments like that. Imagine if you were a relative or good friend of the missing. Totally not cool. If the result is me being called an uber-censor – so be it.

      • D

        Just close the post to comments. Makes more sense. Do you think a friend or relative wants to see any of this crap?

      • good for you, PoP…..I always trust you.

  • anonymous

    hey, any updates on what was up with that lady disappearing a while back? the one who was found on the mall at 3am after being disoriented?? while certainly the family deserves privacy, I’m really curious.

    • Dave

      she was found eventually…disoriented this isnt the first time its happened to her. nt sure what the exact problem is, but she is safe.

  • Robinson Clemm

    Damn, these days the agnostics/atheists are far scarier and crazier than the fundamentalists!

    • anonymous

      what a statement. do explain.

    • That’s right…tar with the broad brush why don’t you. Certainly adds a lot to the comment thread.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s all just pretend the guy was legislative assistant instead of a minister and move on…

  • Anonymous

    Let’s all just pretend the guy is a legislative assistant rather than a minister and move on…

  • FH

    Perfect example of what the comments sections of this site have become; someone goes missing and because of his job it becomes a pissing match about the existence of god. Sheesh.

  • bloom

    This is sad. I don’t care about my religious differences with the missing man right now. That’s not the priority. This is sad. I hope someone here can post something helpful to finding him.

  • CM

    Per the FB page set up for this young man, it is confirmed that he has been found alive and unharmed.


  • Ian C

    Update from Twitter:

    @FindMattHill only true & confirmed details are A: Matt was found live and unharmed B: He left under his own volition

  • MichelleRD

    I heard over the weekend that this person was found alive and well somewhere in South Carolina and that he’d departed by free will. Pity, because it sort of reinforces the need for that 48 hour wait before police will start actively looking for someone


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