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  • This is why I love this park there is always something exciting to see/do.

  • Anonymous

    and you didn’t call 911????

    • Anonymous

      Seriously! Those people were trapped in a box and you did nothing. NOTHING!

  • Stavros

    Mime is money.

    • Anonymous

      If you’ve got the money, I’ve got the mime.

  • PG

    The horror…the horror.

  • Dr Pangloss

    Nuke from orbit, kthxbai!

  • caballero

    The only thing worse than mimes are jugglers. And I happen to juggle.

  • DCster

    I’d like to see a Malcolm X mime – now that would be ironic!

  • logic

    but how does the instructor give directions?

  • Anonymous

    i’m speechless.

  • Anonymous

    i wish my neighbors were mimes.

  • Smokey

    Mime sex is HOT!!!!

    • Anonymous

      i’m still skeptical.


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