“Mary Poppins Umbrella” Found and Reunited with Owner

by Prince Of Petworth May 15, 2011 at 10:04 pm 10 Comments

Back in April ’11 a reader wrote in about a beloved “Mary Poppins umbrella”. I can’t believe it – but a reader found it at the Raven over the weekend. I forwarded that message to the OP who sent the picture above and wrote:

Of course it was pouring as I walked, umbrellaless, to The Raven to track down your reader’s lead. I walked in, rain dripping from my hair, asking for my Mary Poppins umbrella. It was a check mark in the Karma column. They said everyone at The Raven had enjoyed it for a while. There were a few puppet shows… a few dances… a few intimate bartender/parrot moments. I said I was happy to have shared the joy of the Mary Poppins umbrella. Maybe someone returned it a day or two after taking it… or maybe it was there the whole time, hopping from bar stool to booth, and the few times I went back looking for it, the bartenders just didn’t really know that it was there. Regardless, I wouldn’t have gotten it back without you and your readers!


  • H Street Landlord

    Wow, quite the story! Glad it was re-united with its owner.

  • Eckingtonite

    I’m glad she got it back!

    Also – thanks for the update. It’s one of those things where in 4-5 years all of a sudden – completely out of nowhere – I’d have wondered if she ever got it back.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Me too, although I’ll probably forget about this update and in about 3 years suddenly wonder if she ever got it back.

      I’m glad she got it back and I’m glad it was loved and enjoyed in the meanwhile.

  • Scott

    mary poppins is hot

  • K


  • Cockster

    Hmm.. I agreed with Scott too! :)

  • dan

    smokin’ hot!

  • Lady

    I think you should make Raven pay for your umbrellas therapy. The poor thing.

  • yo yo yo!

    Reader request: I would like the last 3 minutes of my life back. If anyone finds it, please e-mail PoP.

  • Che

    Mary, care to celebrate over drinks?


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